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  1. A lot of those clubs (Blackpool, Bolton etc.) have a feel good factor and I believe have rebuilt their connection with the fanbase. Rovers are emulating a lot of the Premiership where the fans are treated like cattle to be used and 'owned', not loved and cherished.
  2. This is a really tough one for me, after 35 years of season ticket purchases I relocated to Bradford for family reasons and found myself switching to Bradford City, not because I'd fallen out with my beloved Blue and Whites but purely to try and build up stronger relationships with my 'new' Bradford family who were all committed Bantams fans. The truth was that it was a bit like using methadone to get off heroin, it filled a Saturday afternoon but didn't give me the buzz I always (even on the worst days) got from attending Ewood. So, I found myself wandering back across the Pennines to Ewood, albeit on a sporadic basis. So will I get a season ticket this time around? Probably not, purely on two counts. Firstly in the depths of winter it's a real drag to get over the hills when the snow and ice hits so I will of necessity miss a few games. Secondly, my finances are now tighter since I retired and the prices for seniors are higher than I feel I want to pay. That's probably due to me finding other things to do and spend my money on over the last year. Rovers have ceased to be an addiction for me, I want to enjoy the experience and I've stopped getting the feeling I had when I was younger. If the close season signings create excitement maybe I'll change that view but Rovers management couldn't be arsed to release the season ticket details until weeks after most other clubs. So no season ticket and occasional games on a match by match basis. I'm no longer a Rovers addict, I'm a paying customer wanting a good day out. I don't think Waggott has twigged that the world has changed, the pandemic has changed the relationship a lot of supporters have had with their clubs and tickets are now an option, not a necessity.
  3. True, but at the moment I'd have Jim Smith back and he's dead. He was a proper manager though, I remember him geeing up the Rovers fans on the pitch at Turf Moor, loved him, Mr. Angry.
  4. Ok, let's face it, none of us here know what is going on in Tony Mowbray's mind about the situation or what is going on in India. We do know what we think though. The truth is that Mowbray arrived and allowed the furore of the ownership to calm down, to put some happiness back into our lives with the escape from League 1 at the first attempt and seeming to show a way forward. Whatever happens we should at least thank him for his earlier contributions. Now we are faced with a stagnating team and an unwillingness to modify a possession-based system, that seems to be due to the fixation on how the top clubs dominate teams. The reality is if we were playing any of the top Premiership sides we would have low percentages of possession and get hammered. The possession numbers work when you have players capable of doing that, both in terms of fitness and quality, it also needs reliable playing surfaces. If you don't have those only a delusional character would believe that was the way to go. So we face a close season where the squad will be massively changing. Personally I'm not sorry that a number of players are at the end of their tenure, we all could list out the disappointments. We do have a flourishing Academy team and full credit to them for an outstanding season so some hope there. However the management are acting like zombies, shuffling forward, repeating the same words , getting the same flat, error strewn performances on the pitch. Any team can have huge possession if they don't enter the opposition's final third. I don't know how we will change the leadership but I hope we do. A lot of Rovers fans hated Sam Allardyce but he knew how to get results. Mark Hughes also knew that you needed characters with fight in the team. Tony Mowbray is a nice man, nice people rarely win. There is a steel and drive that is needed in the whole structure. CHANGE IS NEEDED!!!!!
  5. Still want a Rovers win and hopefully an entertaining game. Always good when two of the three relegated clubs come from Yorkshire, shame we can't swap Wycombe and Birmingham. COYB
  6. The planned European Super League is an inevitable extrapolation of the push to turn football into a Franchise business, that is a standard design in American sports with numbers of clubs kept artificially low and the emphasis on generating income through TV. However this is distorted in the proposal unless they can drag in at least three more 'permanent' members, I think they hope that will be PSG plus a couple of German clubs. The thing is that they clearly believe that they can ride out and deflect any retaliation through the courts and they have the added advantage that there are no embarrassing fans in the grounds. However, it's nice to see that Spirit of Shankly are getting their banners removed from Anfield. As an impact on Rovers? The disproportionate earning power of the top clubs in the Premiership already bias the playing field. Personally I'd like to see the back of all of them and let the kids who might have followed them play FIFA. Clearly the owners give little attention to their UK supporters and look at TV revenues from the Far East. What retaliation could be done? Ban their players from representing their countries (hard on England but at least an excuse for failure at the next World Cup/Euros). Throw them out of the Football Pyramid, promote the top 6 Championship sides to the Premier and do a similar thing for each of the lower leagues. Ban them from any Cup competitions. Get the UK government to refuse work permits for non-UK players (what would be the business reason to support those applications anyway?). If that means that football takes a financial bath so what? If that means owners have to sell off their clubs to others, if that means we will be watching a Rovers team of kids on much lower wages I don't care. I only care if it drives Rovers out of existence. Just think though - what incentive is there for the Venky's to keep financing the Rovers if there is not a potential financial benefit.
  7. Not great, littered with mistakes, a win though and thanks to Kaminski. Pen at the end? I think we would have thought so if it had been the other way round. Mind you they dodged a possible red card as well. Can we terminate this season now. I put the win down to horse shit.
  8. Rothwell shining, made a difference replacing Holtby.
  9. Love Elliott going forward, loved his goal, loved his t-shirt sentiment YNWA 96 - hate how he does his defensive duties. Leaving Nyambe exposed.
  10. The one thing I'd say is that Gallagher actually looks like he can head the ball, almost unique for a Rovers winger.
  11. Rooney and Derby have completely negated Rovers so far and there seems to be a complete lack of creative thought. Mowbray should be ashamed.
  12. If you look at this team, good losers? Bloody near perfect!
  13. Pitch looks in good order given where it was before, can't say the same about the defence, I wonder if they are under pressure from Everton in regards to the loan agreement requirements - if there are any.
  14. Whilst I must be a little crazy I've just lashed a tenner out to watch the game. A bit of desperation and no significant hope that there will be some entertainment and a favourable result. Whoever sits in the dugout I will always be cheering the team on. Besides, who knows what the formation will be, heavens I might even see us score from a corner, although it is more likely that the sadly passed Duke of Edinburgh would be wearing Blue and White tonight. I'm sure Tony can find him a slot in the squad, after all he might pass a medical ahead of Ayala. Jeez, now I see the line-up with the Calamity Kid coming in for Lenihan ...........
  15. For some unknown reason I am feeling optimistic about this match. I did managed to tread in some horse droppings on a walk today and that is supposed to be lucky. As an aside how come horse riders don't have to pick it up and put it in those black bags dog-owners do? Still, I suspect they would just lob it over the nearest wall once they think they are out of sight like the dog-owners I know. I don't care that we are all naffed off with Mowbray, we need to collect a win as soon as possible otherwise we will be worrying about trips to Stanley next season. Having to watch Yarkshur TV over here on the wrong side of the Pennines I am sick of how they are bigging up Rotherham and their potential 'great escape'. Then again the idea of sending Derby down is almost as tempting as seeing Ratboy and the Blues disappear.
  16. I can't believe how flat I feel about this game, my predictions? Dominate the possession 60-40 - Have less shots on target - Fail to score from a set-piece (as usual) - Concede from a corner. Manager pointing to some good performances and how close we are to winning whilst bemoaning his paucity of attacking talent available. So 1-0 to Cardiff, I definitely hope to be proved wrong. Hopefully the teams below us will stumble, we just have to end up with three below us come the end of the season ............ At least Shane Duffy isn't in the team
  17. Another game where the possession stats favour Rovers, shame that the stat that matters is based on goals. I'm beginning to look below us in the table and hope results go our way. The one record that looks like being set is the poorest performance by a team that didn't lead to a change of manager .......
  18. It's not the first or the last time a manager is thought by his players as being a 'good' bloke, England u-21s have a similar problem with Adie Boothroyd who is equally inept and equally unsackable. The loans have been a mixed bag, Douglas has been a huge disappointment to me, Harwood-Bellis and Elliott have been good, Branthwaite is no better than the lads we have out on loan, Trybull has yet to show consistency. Brereton and Gallagher have the misfortune of being shoe-horned into a system they will never shine in, I'm not convinced they are as bad as Mowbray is making them look. Ireland have the same idiotic approach at the moment, high intensity, possession football demanded by the manager without the quality or fitness levels to achieve that. Same results, players burnt out and making mistakes with opposition managers working out simple tricks to disrupt and gobble up any mistakes. Finally, how the heck can we be so inept at either defending set-pieces or fail so miserably on our own set-pieces. Thjat all smacks of either crap coaching or letting players get away with repeated errors. Either way that is a management problem.
  19. So, does this sound familiar - Dominate the possession 69% Have just 2 shots on target (same as Wycombe) Concede from a set-piece. Same old, same old. Sod possession and focus on effectiveness. Lots of people hated Allardyce and his game plan but he worked on what delivered results, this isn't Strictl;y Come Dancing where points are awarded for style. It's about putting the bloody ball in the back of the bloody net Tony!!!!!
  20. Do you think Gareth Ainsworth would swap spots with Mowbray? Much cooler guy and a Rovers fan.
  21. I don't know why everyone is so negative, we have had 64% possession - isn't that how the result is decided on ........... Oh, it's something to do with scoring more goals than the opposition is it?
  22. Tony Mowbray's preference for a particular style is the downfall at the moment. He repeatedly follows his high intensity, possession, passing structure despite the lack of quality, either in the team or the pitch (to be honest the pitch at Barnsley was just as bad) to effectively do that. Add that to the lack of physicality in the team in the midfield or attack and other managers clearly targeting that predictable approach and his inability to read the signs. The team is being burnt out by the number of games and the effort needed to follow his game plan. I am unsurprised by the collection of injuries, let's face it he is choosing to play players like Dack and Travis who are not at the races after coming back from serious injuries. The game against Watford summed it all up to me, he knew he had to play two green as grass young centre backs but chose not to change shape to add in a more defensive midfield. He was determined to play Dack come what may and has happily loaned out what few young defenders we have in the academy. That means the bench has no options to pull either CB off if injured or having a stinker. He then compounds it (as usual) by hurling attackers on as subs, the squad is lopsided through injuries, yes adding Branthwaite and Harwood-Bellis looked logical but surely he knew the risks when he added Ayala who has been out of action for months at 'Boro? He lacks the guile or the intelligence to adapt his chosen style to the players he has at his disposal. Most managers on a run as terrible as we are in would plan to secure the structure of the team and to minimise the exposure of kids in the team. Watford are a very good side, I'd suggest one of my favourites for promotion, surely Mowbray needed to be more adept at setting the team up for the challenge they faced? Games come thick and fast and we are now looking down the table at the teams below us. Barnsley are flying (helped by our gifts to them) and on a pitch equally as bad as Ewood. Branthwaite has proved to be a timebomb, poor judgement (dodged a deserved red card) and last night did what I hate, screwed up badly and then let his head drop, he dragged Harwood Bellis down at the same time. How angry am I, I don't know really, just sad. Mowbray has done wonders in rebuilding our love of the team, built some bridges between the fans and India (unfortunately we need the Venkys money at the moment and they are the paymasters) and got us out of League 1 with the addition of some favourites like Dack and Armstrong. However is stubborn clinging to a particular way of playing is continuing to damage the team. Branthwaite cost Everton £750,000 from Carlisle, they can afford to make bad decisions at that price tag, we can't. Rant over - for now ........
  23. Typical, I turn the TV off in frustration and Elliott scores. It is still men against boys though and TM ought to look at the stats, Rovers are being outshot 2 to 1. Two young kids at CB look a good two divisions below the Watford attackers. Can't see anything but a defeat unless there is a dramatic change at half-time.
  24. Another day, another defeat. All in a days work for a Rovers fan, give me strength.
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