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  1. I thinks that’s Peter Dobing nearest the ball but not sure who the other two Rovers players are.
  2. Charlton Athletic away on 26th April 1958 and Rovers win 4-3 to return to the Top Flight. A photo I’ve not knowingly seen before and one Infound recently on Facebook. I was 26 days old, still in Queens Park on an incubator, so couldn’t make the game..😆
  3. Football clubs always used to be referred to in a plural sense rather than in a singular one. - Blackburn Rovers ARE situated in Lancashire - THEY are one of the oldest clubs in the league - WE are the most successful town club in England Not sure if it’s because of foreign players or managers who, in their own language, refer to clubs as is/it etc. but a recent trend has been for increasing instances of references to clubs in the singular. - Blackburn Rovers IS situated in Lancashire - It is one of the oldest clubs in the league - It is the most successful town club in England I notice these things 🙂
  4. Well, a St Johnston cup double. Wow. Callum Davidson their manager. Na then...
  5. Wrong. It says Rangers have the won the Scottish Championship 55 times to Celtic’s 51. Winning the European Cup, when it was a knock out competition and not fixed for the big boys like at present, trumps that by a country mile. And then some.
  6. Seville, 2003. Three quarters of the stadium looked like this. Eighty thousand travelled to the city. It was (and still is) the largest overseas movement of fans ever.
  7. That’s a first class post RoverInverness. I’ve just spent half an hour penning a post and then deleted it because I just can’t be arsed any more trying to explain the situation in Scotland. I’m glad I did because you have put it down in black and white in a much better way than I could have done!
  8. I’ve had leanings towards Celtic since the late 60s and lost count of the number of times I’ve been up over the years. Only missed a Rovers game once, mind, when I managed to get hold of two tickets for an Old Firm game in 1991. The Hibs fans’ rendition of Sunshine on Leith after the 2016 Scottish Cup Final was absolutely spot on, one of those ‘hairs standing up on your neck’ moments.
  9. I was at that game with my Norwegian mate, Pennyduff, who used to post on here. One of our best ever performances. Spurs who, whenever they play us, think they just have to turn up to win, were lucky to get nil. We looked like we could score at will and the scoreline should have been six or seven nil. The sight of their lot lobbing their season tickets onto the pitch at the end will stay with me for ever.
  10. It seems only a matter of time until the Scots leave the Union and go their separate ways. The Union Jack design incorporates the red cross of St George for England, the white saltire of St Andrew for Scotland, the red saltire of St Patrick for Ireland and nothing for Wales. I wonder if the flag will be redesigned and/or modernised in some way. It would be a shame as it’s probably the most iconic and instantly recognised flag in the world.
  11. Family commitments mean I can’t be there this morning but best of luck to those who attend. Let’s hope there is some positive media coverage in our favour (I won’t be holding my breath re the woeful Lancashire Telegraph, a complete and utter shadow of its former self) and our point gets across. Coventrio out!
  12. Can’t stand either of them and I won’t be watching.
  13. If it were to be an all English final, you’ve got to laugh.. - Both clubs owned by foreign billionaires - Both clubs’ first teams coached by foreigners - Both clubs’ squads filled to the brim with foreigners - Both clubs’ academies filled to the brim with foreign youngsters - One of the two, sponsored by a foreign company - The other of the two, sponsored by a plethora of associated foreign companies. The only thing ‘English’ about Man City and Chelsea is the fact that they’re both situated in English cities.
  14. Yeah, my favourite is the 1960 cup final shirt, essentially the same but with the badge. I think I’ve had three and they all needed binning because the colours ran after a few washes. One from the club shop and two from Toffs.
  15. Just seen this on a Facebook site. Dave Whelan and Ally MacLeod, August 1959. Great photo.
  16. Not been missed by most on here. I have ‘un-followed’ myself from a couple of Rovers Facebook sites because I was sick to the back teeth of reading pro Venky’s and pro Mowbray stuff. We either :- (1) Try to engage with Venky’s to get them onside and build some sort of meaningful relationship with them where we can move the club forward working together or (2) Take action if that engagement cannot be done. Doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of a protest by supporters outside the ground but something needs to happen or (3) Do nothing. Let the status quo remain. Have effectively absentee owners, with little interest in the club together with a non functioning executive group of middlemen operating from within. The vast majority of our fan base have neither the intelligence nor the wherewithal to grasp the situation and take action, in whatever form that may be. In short, we (and our club) are royally fucked.
  17. You could be right but, there again, could be wrong. If I were a betting man, I would also say that dialogue between them and us won’t happen. If that turns out to be the case, they need to be outed from the club. Protests need to be started to get the ball rolling. One way or another, something needs to be done or we’ll be in the same position in five or ten years time. I say the same position but without any upward change in the calibre of charlatans running the club from within, we’ll probably be in the 4th Division.
  18. Fans queuing for tickets at Ewood for the FA Cup game v Citeh, February 1969.
  19. Brilliant that Stuart. In fact, substitute Blackburn Rovers for Liverpool and it would be entirely appropriate for us. Gets the message across perfectly. Any protest at Ewood could be done in two entirely different ways :- (1) if we want them out, full stop, then an angry type of protest backed up by messages like the above and a serious campaign to let them know they are not wanted or welcome here. (2) if we want one last throw of the dice, then a peaceful type of protest with banners and placards saying stuff like, ‘let’s meet’, ‘ we need to talk’, ‘why don’t you visit us’, ‘you’re welcome in Blackburn’, and so on. Either way, it needs numbers to be effective. The second option would have to include invites (well in advance) to the local rag and Radio Lancashire to ensure wide coverage.
  20. Good job they didn’t take over Millwall. A snowball would have been the least of their worries. 😆
  21. The protests against Venky’s and Kean ten years ago were futile. Only a tiny percentage of our support turned out to vent their feelings and to be honest, it was an embarrassment. Credit, though, to those that made the effort. I said at that time, we now have the wrong type of supporter base. The Sky tv, Premier League ‘corporate bullshit and prawn sandwiches’ years have made us soft. Up until the late 80s, our fans would have turned out in big numbers and got a result. Not any more. The fans of Millwall, Stoke, West Ham and the like would have made a scene. It pains me to say it but Burnley would have done as well. Even Blackpool fans kept chipping away at the Oystons, they stuck true to their task and, finally, won. Whilst Venky’s are the main problem here, I’m with Nick on this one. They continue to fund us and have, on average, put in around £20 million per year to keep us at this level. The money is there. We have owners with money and who will part with it. I don’t want to say too much on here because I don’t want to jeopardise things that may be going on in the background. We need to engage with Venky’s and open dialogue with them. In short, we need to get them to fucking well speak to us. When I say ‘us’, I mean the fans, not the Coventry Three. We need to get their feelings, get them to outline their plans. Do they have a plan? Do they have plans? Ten years down the line, I have absolutely no idea why they bought us and what their intentions are. We need to speak to them on a regular basis so we can get to know them and build up trust. By on a regular basis, I mean monthly. This should be the last throw of the dice. Who wants to be here in another five years saying exactly the same things? Why won’t Venky’s speak to us? Why won’t they let us know their plans? Why don’t they come to Ewood? Fuck me, I’ve almost forgotten what they look like. My opinion is that if we can’t get to at least speak with them and start to engage with them, we try and oust them, starting with protests. We’ve got to start somewhere. How long do we give it?
  22. It would be nice if fans of all the other clubs give the so called big six absolute hell when they play them. A universal chant of ‘you effing greedy barstuards, you effing greedy barstuards’ throughout each game should suffice.
  23. Keep looking for the name of Birmingham City as one of the so called Big Six. It’s not there for some reason. I’ll have another look.
  24. The first time I heard the prefix super was when I visited a mate of mine in Texas in May 2015. He had lived in the States for twenty five years and was coming out with super this, super that and super the other. It was a wtf moment and I’m surprised it took a year or two to catch on.
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