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  1. Our transfer strategy seems to be fielding calls from other clubs/agents touting unwanted players around the division. John Park - stealing a wage
  2. 2 phone charges today to end up with Oliver Burke at 10pm.... Reminds me of the Aynsley Pears signing. Late on. Not required. And shit
  3. Had to search back for this when I remembered. Probably a good time to re-post.
  4. Recent overview from his time in Holland - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sussexlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/inside-track-no-nonsense-brighton-4798687.amp Another young, raw defender. Just what we need.... "Van Hecke is a strong, capable central defender, he's vocal for his age and is tall, and has a good physique'. "His passing is decent, and he's not shy to go into duels both on his feet and in the air. He's not the most technically sound player but he is definitely not incapable of dribbling, has a reasonable first touch, and he isn't slow. He has no major shortcomings". "He still needs to read the game better though and play more cleverly. He does make some fouls here that are not smart fouls, although they are physical fouls more than errors due to for example positioning".
  5. 333 pages without a signing. Graham Gooch would be proud
  6. Top of the league - look at it while you have a chance
  7. A play-off spot should never be an ambition. The target is automatic promotion and a play off spot is the runner-up safety net. It sums up Mowbray's acceptance of mediocrity, and it permeates through the team.
  8. The kind of result that makes the world of difference come May. Winning ugly. Giving ourselves a chance. Despite another substandard performance, can we keep Arma in January??
  9. Full strength team, all fully fit, what front 3 do we go for in a play-off final at Wembley when all the chips are in? Elliott-Dack-Arma interchanging? Dolan on for the last 30?
  10. With recent memories of Petshi, Chris Brown, Samuelsen, Koita, Varney, the list is endless, I'm going to enjoy this one. For the first time in a long time (barring L1), we can properly feel that we belong in the hunt for promotion. On paper, some really shrewd business this window Well done Tony
  11. Still only 3, come on lads. 3 mins without a goal....
  12. Under normal ownership, I'd say that was true. I'd be shocked to hear they even knew we were playing today.
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