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[Archived] Boycott Bolton

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Oh come on guys, give the Bolton lads and lasses some credit. I'm sure they wouldn't want to sit and talk about how they are still in the FA cup, UEFA cup, how they once won the premiership, how their team is entertaining to watch, their prices are fair and how they have famous derby matches in their recent history. Obviously prefering to talk about how great their cinema is.

We should just accept that, unfortunatly, instead of going to watch I love my sister on the big screen, we have to settle for UEFA cup football tonight.



P.S didn't Blackburn just have a whole new cinema complex built or did I dream it?

possibly the best first post ive read :lol:

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I know that The Sun have started an online petition against ticket prices.

I think a good idea would be to create a big banner to drape over the empty seats saying something along the lines of

"If the tickets were £15 these seats would be full"


"This is what happens when you charge £32 a ticket"

The media would def pick up on that

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Who's gonna contribute towards buying me a ticket for the game then? considering I was one of those who emailed BWFC ;)

Ask eurosport if they'll sponsor you :rover:

Great to see them dropping prices especially after the prices we gave them.

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well just txt my ex to see if my little lad can come..not at mine next weekend..but with /without him thats me going for a ticket tomm ,if there sold out i wont be paying 32 ...theyve done that before cheap tix downstairs and when i got to window the bloke in front bought the last one and said dearer tickets in top bit were availabe ...i didnt pay it.

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