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[Archived] Doomed, We're Doomed


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I'm sure I remember Souness getting some award or other. What was that?

Well done Mark. Great stuff! In Lee's article, Mark mentioned the 'curse' and said he wondered if Sir Alex had refused it in favour of him in the hope that we would lose to his team! He's obviously over the moon with the award!

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Nothing but class. Hughs deservies it hands down. Hes done well with the team and the team have shown what we can really do, Its great. I think the greatest part of all this for me is watching the nightly footy reports here in the states and having the comintator say that Fulham have 3 VERY tough matchs coming up next, Pool, ROVERS!!! and manure. UP ROVERS!

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That Hughes has been superb for us is beyond doubt and his award is well overdue; however, I do feel we tend to forget just what Souness achieved with Rovers when we talk about turning around from the Souness days. OK, it was time for him to go as he had done as much as he could and he is not a top coach nor are his team, but remember he:

Got rid of the driftwood

Turned around the team

Re-established a team ethic

Got us promoted

Won a cup

Qualified for Europe - twice, once due to League position

Had us playing good football until he lost Duff & Dunn

Bought some players whose services have been enormous to the club - Freidel & Tugay anyone? (oh, and some bloke called Hughes who controlled the Worthington cup final from midfield)

I admit he was far from perfect in some ways but he could well have been the right man at the right time who also knew the right time to leave

Other than that well done, Hughesy - I find myself wishing Alex Ferguson continued good health and (limited) success so the inevitable call does not come for a while yet.

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I don't forget what w achieved under Souness. His problem was that he was a short term manager because he couldn't man manage in the way that some other managers can. Without getting over friendly with his players (read articles on his management style) Hughes obviously knows how to handle their different temperaments and to hold all those egos in balance. That's why Hughes has so much credit from the fans and now finally the press, who have been very complimentary about him recently

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just shows how much appreciation we are getting now!!

Only from syrupy bandwagon jumping journo's who were dissing us at every opportunity until the last few weeks! <_<

Truth is we are playing well and certainly exceeding expectations. Hughes has performed superbly and made excellent signings but I'd rather we didn't ditch the competative / combatative tag yet. That attitude has served us well and especially so in away encounters. For only the second time in the last 50 years we have a team that is not afraid of playing away to anyone. imo every successful team that I can ever remember will cut up rough when things are going against them. In chronological order the top teams of recent years LUFC, Liverpool, ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea etc all had more than their share of hard men / dirty bstards.

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