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[Archived] I Need Your Vote

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Alright boys and girls, I'm about to make a request that will lower my sparkling reputation on this messageboard. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this before...but I work in a bar. Having been well on my way to a landslide victory in the online favourite staff member competition, the vote has been restarted in a Mugabe-esque turn of events and the game is once again on the line. The competition runs for a week, I'd like a big victory and pride is on the line. Please do your bit and vote for me.


(to the mods and admin...I know that this is a pointless topic, but it's only for a few days...)

Oh and everyone who votes for me is invited to Paris for drinks.

Flood the site boys.

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Sorry Eddie, I voted "Blonde/ Big boobs" (well you have to).

Looks like you're going to win it methinks. Although I'm sticking my neck out with that one.

Fair enough...although Dolly has the larger boobs :D

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