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[Archived] Fowler Gone

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It doesn't actually say he's gone, just that he hasn't agreed a new contract yet.

The fact that Ince hasn't been allowed to give him a new deal yet may be a decent pointer to what JW is thinking.

Probably not though.

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The players love having Robbie around says Ince. Players are happy and behind Ince. Thats all that matters, Ince the great socialiser.

######! Any fool will know that those players are anything but happy. The manager is flushing their careers down the pan.

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Well I think it's fairly safe to say he'll be going now unless we bring in another crazy manager!

Another good point there Double D and sums up my view on this..

I hope this useless lump scuttle's off to another 'pay day' elsewhere in Football. The chances of Fowler playing in the US or in the Middle east, even seem totally remote at the moment…

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So, now he's gone, I have two questions:

a) Will the people who were supportive of one of the most obviously doomed signings admit they were not just wrong but culpably wrong. No-one gets it right all the time but, as I say, this one was BLATANT.

B) Where do we file him in the rank of terrible short-term signings? Below Yordi - of course, above David Yelldell...?

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