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[Archived] Stoke City Preview 18th April

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Rovers could do with a hero today, step forward Carlos!

Ill be happy with a draw, provided Boro lose today and Newcastle tomorrow. We will then be 5 clear of them, with them having very tough games to come

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This is horrible to watch, and if we go down we only have ourselves to blame. We playing a team who we should be playing off the park, yet we cant string a few decent passes together.

Bit harsh that Dan, as Moko has been better than a few of the others on show today.

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Typical Rovers, usual no midfield meaning that there is constant pressure on our defense. There is no creative spark either and we don't look like scoring.

Looks like Diouf is up front now with Carlos behind him.

Where's Benni, don't tell me there doing two for one at Maccie D's lol.

so we're lobbing it up front again then, great!

Come on Rovers, I've spent a small fortune getting an internet connection, you owe me a goal!!!!

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