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[Archived] Songs Where The Title Is Never Sung

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There is a radio advert in the North West which there are two blokes and one ask's the other to name number 1 songs where the title is not sung, they mention.

Bohemien Rhapsody- Queen

Space Oddity- David Bowie

Unchained Melody- Righteous Brothers

I think they may have mentioned another but I can't remember, anyway I'll throw it open for any songs not just ones that got to No 1.

One's I can think of are:

Song 2- Blur

The Riddle- Nik Kershaw

Barba O' Reily- The Who

How many can you get before you resort to the magic of Google.

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hmmm ill resort to using my itunes

Panic! at the disco (most if not all their songs


alot of fall out boys

Feeder just a day

My Chemical romance-Dead!

a few of sum41

thats all i can come up with without listening to every single song

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