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[Archived] Your Top 5 TV Tossers

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1. Davina McCall

2. Davina McCall

3. Davina McCall

4. Davina McCall

5. Davina McCall

If he car broke down outside chez Colin her knickers would be in the washing machine the next day.

Did I just write that?

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Yes yes and double yes! Every time I see or hear her I want to scream. I'd be overjoyed if she and anyone even remotely connected to reality tv and talent shows were removed from this planet for good :)

Ferne Cotton's only redeeming feature is that she is Holly Willoughby's best mate..and she is just a feckin shagfest...what wouldn't you do with that.... :wacko::blink:

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Agree with most of these, Willoughbooby is ace but Cotton does my head in. For me I have to change the channel if Diana bloody Vickers comes on.

And don't get me started on old duck face:


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