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[Archived] Who is roverinsider?

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I'm 90% it's two people. One of which has lied to me about their involvement, the other is pretty obvious.

Just finished pulling the fingernails out of my number two suspect, pretty sure it's my number one.

Confess now or see me and Mr. Needlenose momentarily.

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I'm 90% it's two people. One of which has lied to me about their involvement, the other is pretty obvious.

Be nice if you could solve it, cause I aint got a clue who it is,

Thought it was Niko First, but then if he has anything to say he just puts it on here

Andy Cryer would be interesting as its obviously someone who gets close to Rovers early in the morning, but he continually appears to never ask the right questions and is a million years behind the news.

Dnt know much about the posters on here, if they are Anti or Pro Venkys, and it appears lots can't wait to get their fingers into gear and post what they know on here, so that would pretty much rule em all out.

Had a think about Vbers users, and only myself Joe, BomBom and Tombo appear to have sources at the club, Joes and Mine are both directly involved in running the club, whilst Bomboms are multiple , whilst Tombo has a few on the coaching side and has befriended one of the Rao family. As I talk to the Vbers with sources quite regurally some of the stuff this insider is saying they had no knowledge off, and if i remember correctly I think we have all give him jive on his twitter account lol

So it could be someone none of us know, which is a possibilty,

Or the only other option is its someone which visits every rovers site, newspaper, and is good on a computer at doing search engines and then puts all he finds together and uses twitter to put out what could be believable gossip,

Much of it is on here already so he just re-words it???

Be interesting to see who followed him first cos there may lie a clue, cos not sure how a new tweeter actually gets followers when they dnt follow anyone else?

Puzzled though how You Glenn and Niko know who it is??? To me it be like finding a needle in a haystack, be nice if you could share it us too, cos its been doing the Vital teams head in and we have thought baout doing something to smoke him out lol,

Oh well rabbited enough :-)

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Just to add more oh well lol, reading back through the mons tweets,

he refers to no more than 10% will be paid to agents of transfer fee plus a certain agent getting £3Million for doing the 2 loans and 2 transfers in January, WHO would know that? Perhaps this is why the plug is now being pulled on Pavone?

Again he knows the full breakdown of the Jones deal including sell on clause, Not seen this anywhere before or is he making it up?

He refers to agents hating each other i.e Kalinic's n Andersen

he added Samba's twitter account to one of his tweets, that must rule out anyone from club?

But then he says he knws whats in the bank refering to £1.1 Million

Inquest into transfer list being given to Niko, I doubt he got the transfer list as he has not named quite a few players I knw for a fact enquiries/Bids were made for.

The dig about Riberio would be aimed at Niko and would be a Cryer dig, as he has been licking his own brow since that one was got wrong

He refers in one of his tweets about defoe but uses the word WE, which would indicate supporter, which rules out Niko and Cryer again

He has tweeted about ROVERS turning down two betting firms as sponsors, who would care about that, or even ask?

He says he has has bad information and he is waiting for it to be confirmed which IMO rules him out of being an employee of rovers

He refers to accounts being put on BRFCS.COM Didnt know you have the clubs accounts on here?

After reading all his tweets a few times i'd say it sounds like a disgruntled Agent/Fan but most rovers fans i know would not refer to Burnley as Clarets but Dingles

Pointless post really but quite an insight I think to catch the rat, if anything it has ruled quite a few out of the running

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There is no doubt in my mind roversinsider has excellent inside and that there are posters on here who are, shall we say, encouraged to toe the Venky's party line.

That said roversinsider does get things less than 100%.

Whether that is he like myself and others get caught posting things which were already over taken by Rao dithering (otherwise known as events), his sources give him duff information or that he is a genuine roversinsider (ie inside Ewood) and needs to put things up to throw the Venky's bloodhounds off his scent, I have no way of telling.

I was certain I knew who it was having spotted roversinsider using phrases that somebody else uses and information that person's sources would be likely to know but I have been told by many posters I respect that I am wrong on that supposition.

So I guess we should enjoy the ride and accept that at best roversinsider is 75% correct.

Given the cartastrophe enveloping our club, that is well worth having and I hope he keeps on tweeting.

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