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[Archived] Doncaster vs Rovers

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Know the simple default tactic employed by Wilcox and Ripley to supply Shearer so successfully.

Control it, shift it, gain half a yard and whip it in early. Shearer started moving as soon as they shifted it as he knew the cross would come soon after. This caught many on the hop as we did not need to get in behind them or reach the by-line and often crosses came in from close to level with the 18 yard box.

I think you are doing Den a dis-service.

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'Win the personal battle against your opposite number in the first 10mins' was the doctrine in my day. Doubtless it's all changed now and Majiball will put it down to eating the wrong kind of pasta. ^_^

'Win the personal battle against your opposite number in the first 10mins' was the doctrine in my day. Doubtless it's all changed now and Majiball will put it down to eating the wrong kind of pasta. ^_^

Correct, I played either right or left back. Number one job, no opposition crosses come in from your wing, ever. Number two job, your winger doesn't get outside you at any time. Number three job, see how he likes the physical side of the game as soon as possible, ( not many did but sometimes you'd get a nasty surprise ). Number four job, get forward and support the midfield

-strikers as much as possible, do not get caught out of position.

Nothing much has changed really.

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I was a winger Tyrone. Bullied as a slight 14 year old teenager in the Blackburn Combination by many a grown up right back. From 18 on after I'd grown about a foot and put on too much muscle to play wing I moved inside and quickly adapted to 'kill or be killed'. There were some right nutters back then. Must admit I did some really nasty and dangerous things but nearly always in retaliation (even from the season before :tu: ) ..... a bit of retaliation being allowed back then of course.

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After watching their 2nd goal a few times it is a bad error from Kean. Whether he crossed or shot a goalie wouldn't be beaten by that unless he is out of position. That's 2 games in a row he's given a goal away. Wonder if Robbo will get back to fitness and if he does will be the size of Fatty Faulkes?

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Donny match was my first in a while, after a few days to reflect, this is my take:-

Kean - Not inspiring confidence. Rovers fan nearby thought Kean could have come to claim free kick that led to 1st goal & I agreed.

Kane - Didn't look comfortable in possession of the ball although did try hard.

Spurr - Solid enough.

Dann - Played the best throughball of the match when thrown forward at the end. Looked comfortable in possession although clearly should have been more organised with Hanley for the first goal.

Hanley - Okay generally but with the underhit backpass & organisation for the first goal, was this too soon after Eng v Sco?

Lowe - 10 mins onwards I did see Lowe passing the ball forwards a few times (something I was looking for after reading this board). Lowe was not the weak link here. Either this was a good performance for him maybe helped by a 5 man midfield or maybe he generally plays more conservatively in the first few minutes to help try and establish Rovers in the game which might be when those on this board make their judgements and don't see how he improves as the game goes on.

Cairney - Best of the midfielders that I saw, understandably subbed on a yellow.

Dunn - Only really affected the game from 30 mins to half time (maybe when he came deeper as per Parson Blue's match report).

Taylor - Generally get a good feeling about him but nothing spectacular in this match apart from should have scored his header.

Judge - Plenty of effort, will be okay but no end result here.

Rhodes - Lack of early balls & Donny being allowed time to set themselves defensively resulted in Rhodes being largely a peripheral figure. Did not look happy at the final whistle.

Evans - Didn't look as good as Cairney although he was just coming back from injury in an away game where the team were not playing well so will reserve judgement.

King - If Josh King is the answer, I don't want to know the question. In my opininon showed a lack of effort when he lost the ball to try and regain it when this was realisitic. Pace but with no idea what to do once any advantage gained. Not on the right wavelength in and around the box either.

Best - Okay but not amazing. To be honest, I forgot he came on, hence last on this list.

GB - I like GB and think he should be given time. The combination of new players (mainly younger & therefore naturally more inconsistent) & the international break affecting Rovers more than Donny could be factors in this result. 60% possession away from home (as per BBC stats) is something to build on, naturally with a few tweaks to get the ball forward earlier at the cost of a bit of possession (as we need more than 1 shot on target).

Maybe I'm taking them too literally but I'm not keen on GB's comments about Hanley not letting GB drop him though, as who is in charge? Sounds a bit McLaren-ish.

I am also concerned that maybe the gameplan this year was built around Rochina so we are still adjusting to that loss.

In this game, Rovers appeared happy to let Donny organise themselves defensively before trying to attack, Rovers then passed the ball around without threatening although occasionally lost the ball in bad areas. Donny had much more snap in their passes and overall deserved the result.

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Some guy on twitter asked Branson to buy Rovers and give it back to the fans. No really a rumour.

Thanks for that guess we keep living in hope!

Right now I'd allow myself to get carried away and believe the government were going yo buy us out - yes I'm that desperate to see Venkys go!

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