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[Archived] In a world without Muslims, there wouldn't be a 911

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It was a terrible pun I found on reddit that uses a clickbait headline to set your expectations up for one thing (blaming the Muslim community for 9/11) and gives another (pointing out our numbering system was based on Arabic numbers and without it we'd still be using roman numerals).

It kinda loses something when I explain it.

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10 hours ago, bazza said:

The British way of expressing that date is 11/9

So 119 = CXIX ?

Also, did the Arabs invent their number system before Mohammed came along or after?

And it isn't actualy Arabic. The system developed in India in the 6th/7th century and was picked up by the Arabs and introduced to Europe around the 12th century.

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6 hours ago, MGPensioner said:

So what do people think about the latest sex grooming gang up in Newcastle ? Seems they all have native English names... continuing the usual theme (no I am not being racist !!!!! I am observing fact.)

They reckon "this is happening in every city in Britain"... 

Is this a cultural difference ? education ? what is it exactly and how the FK do we stop it ?

It seems that because these native English paedos specifically targetted non-white children that it's also somewhat of a race hate crime. Another one that will get covered up by the white loving media.

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