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Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

Mowbray: Back or Sack  

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  1. 1. Forget what Waggott will or won’t do, based on his performance as manager to this point, should Mowbray stay or go?

    • Stay
    • Go
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My first reaction on hearing of Tony Mowbray's appointment was, what has he done to deserve managing our club?

He'd been sacked from his last job by then very lowly Coventry after losing about 10 games in a row and seemed a busted flush. Nothing really has changed since then to alter that view.

There is a case for giving him one more try next season but I really don't think we'll get anywhere with him.

As for a replacement, if Neil fails to keep Boro up in the next few weeks I'd give him a call. 


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13 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Who on this board would have appointed any of Kean, Berg, Appleton, Bowyer, Coyle, Mowbray on a permanent basis ? I wouldn't. Most of them were completely off the radar as far as I was concerned. I would have appointed Lambert, so I'll stand by that one.

I wasn't necessarily against giving Bowyer a go after he brought some stability to a ship that looked like it was sinking towards back to back relegations and had gone through 5 managers in a season. Also Bowyer like Mowbray did a good job of stabilising the club (although in his case he didn't need to take it down to do so) and getting us on the right track. But like Mowbray once he reached the top half of the Championship that was his ceiling and he didn't have the ability to take us any further and he ended up overstaying his welcome just like Mowbray has.

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21 minutes ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

Who on this board would have appointed any of Kean, Berg, Appleton, Bowyer, Coyle, Mowbray on a permanent basis ? I wouldn't. Most of them were completely off the radar as far as I was concerned. I would have appointed Lambert, so I'll stand by that one.

35-1 i'll say no more.

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9 minutes ago, Mashed Potatoes said:

Look on their record. You trust 'em !!

Are you just being argumentative for the sake of it now? Amo explained why it was a bit rich to say you don’t trust Venky’s to source a replacement, but you clearly trust their judgment in backing Mowbray....

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1 hour ago, Riverside under the drip said:

Mowbray's own approach to the club's progression, as explained at various meetings and interviews, is to gradually improve the squad whilst going more towards a possession-based game. So that is what I must judge him on.

After 3 full seasons, we are faced with a total squad rebuild. Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis, Evans (at a push; he is not consistent enough for me), Dack and Armstrong are the players I could see in an automatic promotion team. Downing is one of our best but definitely past his best and should not really be a starter every game. Graham is still our best 'big man' but is at least a season past Championship standard. We need at least 5 quality first-teamers for peanuts. Will it happen? No.

Our play is on the turgid side but, more importantly, does not work with the skill sets of our players in the positions they are played in. Is it therefore the correct set-up? Clearly not.

Let's say we're not signing a new team of quality players. The examples of Burnley, Huddersfield (under Wagner), Norwich, Sheffield Utd and now Leeds show how quickly a great manager can transform mid-table also-rans into world-beaters. Average players were coached to promotion. What happens after that is another matter. Dyche and Wilder have done a better job of renewing the momentum than Wagner or Farke. Do we see Mowbray ever improving Gallagher? Or Williams? Or Buckley? Will be bring the youngsters on this summer? Has he really done anything with Chapman or Brereton to get them going? Travis was forced on him if you remember at a time when we couldn't see past Smallwood. In fact, there is a pattern of promising players having to fight past aging dross. Reed was criticised for not being enough like Smallwood or Evans whilst being 10 times the midfielder of either. Nyambe v Bennett. Raya v Mowbray's constant criticism...

For these and a few other reasons, time to retire him back to his beloved 'Boro in my opinion.

I don't know why he wants to turn us into a possession based team, what's the end goal? 

Why waste 5 years having a pet project to turn Rovers into a possession based team? What purpose does it serve? It doesn't mean for 1 minute that it will produce better results at the moment we can't even score a bloody goal doing it.

His job is to win football matches. He should have a clear game plan for every game with the full intention that we are going to come away with the 3 points, not try and get the team passing it about a bit more at the back to up the possession stats.

Even with the players signed to try and get it working, Holtby, Downing, Tosin being more technically gifted players 1 isn't ours, 1 can't stay injury free and the other is defo the wrong side of 30. So I guess we are starting again, again.

Frustrating as hell that he won't play to our strengths and just try and get the best out of the players he has. Gallagher and Brereton certainly don't tick the boxes for a possession based game or his fabled inside forward crap. Brereton struggles to stand up FFS.


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