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  1. Nate


    I would of loved to see him say that to Freddie
  2. Nate


    It is a weird situation. People that love him, gush over him. Then on the other hand...
  3. Nate

    Rugby League

    It will be an interesting final with Australia looking for payback. I'm only starting to get back in to League. My team, North Sydney, were forced to merge with their bitter enemy, Manly, during the breakaway Super League - NRL period. Imagine Rovers and Burnley merging. I really love seeing the Burgess brothers playing, so I have a bit of a soft spot for South Sydney.
  4. Nate


    Hardly reverting to a stereotype. I would of said the same if it were South Africa, Sri Lanka or even Australia. I don't get your point, if there even was one. I don't do stereotypes. I have a close relationship with the motherland, one which I quite enjoy. There are very credible journos here that want to do their job and report to genuine cricket fans. I find it hard that the actions of one, albeit terrible newspaper would draw such a reaction. I don't know if Anderson said what he said, but if he did, it smacks of double standards on his behalf. Anyway, an Australian win has made it interesting.
  5. Nate


    I think both sides have gone over the top in the past. It was disappointing to see the English team not answer any questions as they were leaving Brisbane Airport, it almost bordered on arrogance. Just goes to show that they like to play the game as well. Anyway, get on and play the damn game.
  6. Nate


    I'll never feel safe with this team until it's done and dusted.
  7. Nate


    Don't want to dwell on the Broad thing again really, but I think because it was such an obvious decision, it makes a ridicule of the game for him to stand there waiting to be given out. I've seen players stand their ground for less obvious wickets and rightly so, as there might of been the slightest knick (such as Haddin) or not sure if the ball carried for a catch etc. Anyway, today was an enthrawling game. England on the ropes, then fight back, then lose a few wickets at the end to slightly favour Australia. Great stuff.
  8. Nate


    Haha, sorry. Clash of cultures here. Yeah, basically a chav. But when it comes to sporting pursuits, they are just biased beyond belief and their favourite pursuit is the "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi" chant.
  9. Nate


    I think you will see a better overall performance from England. I'm surprised how much an impact Lehmann has had on the Australian team. I really do think that under Arthur we would of lost that earlier.
  10. Nate


    Great game. Not one for my nerves though. My future father-in-law, normally a gloating, cricket loving Yorkshireman, sent me a message telling me how relieved he was. I think they didn't expect such a close game. In saying that, England had the superiority throughout the whole match. As for my comment in regards to pg's statement, I just think that with such an obvious edge not many Australian's would defend their player in doing so. I'm not including those bogan "fanatics" or whatever they're called. I'd like to think that the majority of Australian's would applaude what Gilchrist did, especially after we always get lectured from the motherland about sportsmanship.
  11. Nate


    That looked like one relieved team. Hopefully this gives Clarke and and some of the other top order batsmen a kick up the bum, as they're not performing.
  12. Nate


    That's crap. With a decision that was so obvious, not even an Australian would defend one of our own doing the same.
  13. I've been following Rovers, from afar, since 1988. The start of my infatuation with Rovers is nothing inspiring, or even interesting. I was ten years old at the time and had just played a game for my school team, St. Bernadine's against Blackstone Utd; a game we ultimately lost to fierce rivals. As we pulled up home in my mother’s old Datsun 120Y, I opened the glove box. Inside the glove box were some fixtures for games that had already been played. They were left there by my late grandfather who liked a bit of a bet on the football pools. The one fixture that stood out was a game involving Blackburn. My grandfather had circled them for a win. So just on a whim, I started following them. To do that in Australia at the time was nigh on impossible. The only way I could was in Monday's newspaper with all the results and tables from the UK, also another newspaper publication called British Soccer Weekly or something. So with the advent of the EPL, Internet and Pay-TV in Australia a few years later, following Rovers was made a lot easier. I have only made the trip to Ewood once, in 2000 when we played Wolves at home with Kidd in charge. I think it ended 1-1 with a Dunn penalty being saved after Kevin Muscat saw red for a deliberate handball in the box. Even though Rovers are my major love, I support teams from each of the leagues around Europe. I just love football that much. I have a soft spot for Millwall, as the first ever game of football I had ever seen involved Millwall, also I lived near the area for a bit. But that's another story. I've been on this board for a while, without being a major contributor. Maybe I should contribute more, but with what's going on at the club at the moment...well, you know.
  14. Nate

    Gary Ablett

    RIP. illegitimate of a disease. My father had it and passed.

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