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  1. sabino

    Reading at Home

    I do!! We can still finish above the WillieShites. And that matters where I come from.
  2. How do you watch the highlights? It keeps asking me to subscribe?
  3. sabino

    Season Restart

    I find all this astonishing, and quite depressing really. Rovers are my 2nd team ( but the only one I have had a season ticket with since 1972). My first team are The Pars. They have had their season finished early. Although the club made an offer to the fans, so far not one fan has asked for it back. In fact they have been actively raising money to keep the club alive. I just can't get my head around all this.
  4. Matt83, I assume you're not 83 year old called matt. Your 10 dead has doubled overnight to 21!! Spain has had a further 37 deaths in 24 hours. Italy has 17000 cases and 1268 deaths. We are all heading in the same direction. This is SARS not 'flu. Wake up and think of others, especially the many high risk out there.
  5. I'd rather they started by putting hot water and soap in the toilets. And I wrote to them about that before this SARS outbreak.
  6. https://twitter.com/danroan/status/1238410100785766400 What is annoying is that it took a few fit footballers to get it and then they act. To hell with the rest of the population! Remember. "Many more families are going to lose loved ones"
  7. Yes, I have made my decision. I prefer my educated guess (to be safe early as the WHO recommend) to the 3 stooges on TVs guess (they are following the "many of our old will die" policy). There are positives in South Ribble, Chorley and Bristol. You may find people attending from those areas. Again, just one of my guesses.
  8. I am definitely staying away on Saturday. I hate walking across the lower concourse at the BBE on a good day. I have Asthma and my wife has Bronchiectasis and, unlike the esteemed Prof. Chadd, I have a healthy dislike of this particular virus.
  9. BIG BIG decision to come tomorrow. Could be rest of season behind closed doors. Here's hoping, or I have 4 home plus Wigan to suffer. Come on Boris, do something for the North like you promised!!
  10. sabino

    Other Football League 2018/19

    And a cheetin' divin' t**t. https://youtu.be/ERNt0ai50l8?t=149
  11. sabino


    The move to Friday has just cost me buying 2 child "Final 4". No way a 5 and a 6 year old are staying up. Shame, really.
  12. sabino

    Credit where credit's due

    The bus is a great idea. And at the Swansea match we brought my 2 grandsons. If the are bringing out a 4 match ticket, I'll probably get 2 as they are all Daytime ko's so ok for the children.
  13. sabino

    Swansea City home

    We also noticed the change on Wednesday. It has been taken down an exposes the previous signage. Or it at least looks like that is very old painting up there. Maybe the have plans for different images to go up?
  14. sabino

    Premier league to launch hall of fame

    I hope the bath was cold!
  15. sabino

    Stoke City home

    Having listened to all the experts professionals over the years, apparently there is one team we don't want to be playing on a cold rainy night:)
  16. And more importantly than more importantly, .....Is Williams fit yet? Can we ask Darragh to not get booked until DelBoy is fit again?
  17. sabino

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    The question is really simple. CAN we make the playoffs. Of course we CAN!
  18. sabino

    A rare opportunity

    Just enquiring, sorry if it sounded odd. I'm from Dunfermline, support the Pars and live down here ( for nearly 40 years now).
  19. sabino

    A rare opportunity

    Do you speak with a Fife accent and have you convinced him to also follow the Pars?
  20. sabino

    A rare opportunity

    You really chose your site name remarkably well.
  21. sabino

    Lewis Holtby

    Get outta here! That was what we were hoping would happen. He had a long way to go to be indispensable.
  22. sabino

    January transfer window 2020

    He already has. He got himself a well paid job and is hoping things work out.
  23. It says "Pre-arranged". Was this before or after the Birmingham cup display??

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