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  1. Ben Frost

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Because - When the 1st team squad is mainly youngsters, Graham, Downing, Smallwood have gone, Mulgrew is out of the picture, you need characters like Bennett in the dressing room. Even Lenihan is young for a captain. Mr 99 doesn't seem to understand this. Williams looked like he was being sold (hope we now keep him - don't see where a better back up is coming from), Holtby has only been here a year and Johnson blows hot and cold. Bennett is a consistent senior squad member in the dressing room now the likes of Graham and Downing have gone.
  2. Ben Frost

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    You can write as many multi-paragraph several hundred word critiques as you want against the players you don't like, but that statement suggests to me that you haven't the faintest idea about the ethos of football in particular or team sports in general. Now that those three have gone, Bennett is one of the most important squad members. Not ON the pitch but off it. If you don't understand that (you clearly don't because you suggested above that he should be shown the door asap) then I would politely suggest that you stop pretending you know anything about football and concentrate on sudoku or something.
  3. Ben Frost

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    V12 take the risk, ie Rovers get all the money up front and if someone stops paying the installments it's V12 who lose out. The Premium Credit back up option last year was offered after V12 were rejecting people but was done on the basis of Rovers taking on the risk. I can't see that being offered in these circumstances. I'm not sure how V12 assess people because my credit score is far from ideal yet over the last couple of years they've financed me a new washing machine, a new laptop and last years ST 🤷‍♂️
  4. Ben Frost

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Not only that but of the 5 corners we forced in the last 8 minutes of the game, we took 2 of them short and never had enough outfield players in the box never mind the goalkeeper! FFS!
  5. Ben Frost

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I do think that people forget that in 2006-7, a Blackburn End adult Season Ticket was priced at £425, for a 19 game season so £22.37 per game. The first big Sky TV money subsidised reduction saw that drop to £299 for 2007-8, and of course they dropped it to £199 a few seasons later again on the back of TV cash. The fact that 14 years later the price of an Adult ST in the Blackburn End still isn't back to what it was before those price cuts says everything about the risk of going down that route at the time, even if it did have the desired effect of creating a significant boost in ST numbers in the short term. The Sky money which in effect paid for those price cuts is long gone. So whilst a 50 quid increase is never going to be met with fans cheering from the rooftops, in context the prices are reasonable both in comparison to the early 2000s at Ewood and to other clubs in the division today.
  6. Ben Frost


    Vote Leave didn't break the law. The corrupt, remain-biased Electoral Commission made allegations that the police were asked to follow up. But they couldn't because there was no case to answer. Russian interference??! Haha you'll be telling me to check under my bed for spies next. Of course it was legitimate. Only remainer extremists who wanted a different outcome would try to fabricate lies designed to undermine the democratic will of the majority.
  7. Ben Frost


    Desperate stuff. The case was dropped because there was no case. You need to take your head out of the sand and stop spreading lies on internet messageboards
  8. Ben Frost


    philipl wrote "I don't accept the referendum as legitimate" Do you agree with that statement, yes or no?
  9. Ben Frost


    Why would you link news articles from 2018 when in 2019 Central London County Court overturned the Electoral Commission fine imposed on Darren Grimes, and earlier this year the police dropped the investigation into the alleged breaching of spending rules by Vote Leave. The EC has been exposed as yet another part of the corrupt remain establishment and the allegation that Vote Leave broke the rules is null and void, because when properly investigated by the police they had to drop it.
  10. Ben Frost


    And there in one throwaway remark is the entire problem with the remain idealists. Don't like so don't accept.
  11. Ben Frost

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    Apart from beating Doncaster. Which is why we're even playing Newcastle
  12. Ben Frost

    Summer Transfer Window

    David Dunn is one of our own. David Raya isn't, despite his amazing progression through our academy system into the first team. Too many mistakes, and of course all keepers have a catalogue of howlers. I can still see the Collymore / Flowers bobble 😨 If Raya does move to Arsenal for the money being talked about and we take a cut then it's an absolute result imo 🤑
  13. Ben Frost

    Thomas Kaminski

    Comfortable with the ball on both feet, good distribution, pushed the defence further up the pitch by coming so far out of the box at every opportunity. Didn't really get tested today because no human could have saved any of the 3 goals. First impressions = certainly better than Walton. Probably better than Raya.
  14. Ben Frost

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    In that interview clip he refers to Season Ticket pricing being higher in the Jack Walker Upper than in all of the lower tiers. With no reference to corporate. I think someone set a rabbit away this morning and caused several pages of unnecessary chaos!
  15. Ben Frost

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Quote from the LET article : "and the Jack Walker Upper to be for the corporate angle, because we’re looking to get the number of people in we can using the lounges and there will be tickets for people up there who want to buy on a season ticket basis. “The lower tiers are going to be one price, including the Riverside, and I want those to be filled before we start to look at the Blackburn End or Darwen End upper tiers.” Am I interpreting this wrong, because to me that bit in bold reads as normal Season Tickets will be available in the Jack Walker Upper. Which would make sense because if it's going to be open and stewarded for corporates then they may as well sell tickets in there. Confused. Needs clarification.

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