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  1. Blueandwhitemike

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I thought last night it was said we played 4-3-3. If TM meant two up front why would he say nobody through the middle? TM has mentioned Liverpool before and also tried Dack in the false 9 position before (to little effect). It's hardly a mad formation or wild conclusion and more like than 4-4-2 unless you count Dack as a striker. It's quite possible we will have Downing Johnson Travis in the midfield and Armstrong Gallagher wide forwards a Dack a la Firminho. Given we looked poor when Dack was played there before and mostly only good as a 10 or second striker then it's understandable people might be concerned. If we do try it I hope we've really thought it out as we don't really have the full backs but we aren't necessarily trying to exactly replicate Liverpool's so hopefully they have found a way to make it work.
  2. Blueandwhitemike

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Can't help thinking TM wants us to play like Liverpool and have Dack/Brereton like Firminho, not sure we're up to that. Graham has been shifted out to the right a couple of times over the last two seasons, would be better as a plan B for when DG is off the pitch in my opinion.
  3. Blueandwhitemike

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    It's one way of reading it. Another is that Mowbray would have liked him but he's planning on signing another CB anyway and one that is hopefully better. I imagine that without giving guarantees he's given Downing the impression he will, depending on form, play quite a bit but wasn't quite positive with Bauer. That makes more sense to me, I don't think it is quite as black and white. Of course Preston may have valued him more highly and offered him a little more money.
  4. Blueandwhitemike

    Stewart Downing Signs

    I think if Downing played a lot for Boro last season he will be expecting to start a lot here too and TM must have given him the impression he would. It seems a decent signing on the whole, he did well enough last season to expect he can still do it this even though there is a risk he will lose a la Murphy. The interesting thing is to see where he will play, perhaps not so much wide of an attacking 3 but more centrally. If so can he play as part of a 2 in midfield or are we going to see a change of formation Downing will be on the left side of a middle 3?
  5. Blueandwhitemike

    Fixtures 2019/2020

    wrong thread
  6. Blueandwhitemike

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'd be very happy if we got Hanley. He was head and shoulders above everyone in the team in his last season and as @roversfan99 pointed he was excellent in his first season at Norwich. With him and Lenihan we'd be much improved at the back. I haven't seen much of Bauer but wasn't particularly impressed. I'd put centre back as my number one priority and would prefer GH as a permanent signing.
  7. Blueandwhitemike

    Rovers V Bristol City

    I thought Bennett had some of his best games when he played there a few times in 2017, it might even be his best position. For sure he’s very different to Dack and wouldn’t provide the same kind of creativity but his energy and pressing also can create opportunities for others. If Nyambe has been in the bench I’d have put him on for Dack last Saturday.
  8. Blueandwhitemike


    Regarding negativity, I think you see what you want. Personally, I see a wide variety of views as per usual.
  9. Blueandwhitemike


    The big question about Gallagher is whether he has improved or not, he was ok the last time but there was potential in him to make big strides. I haven't really seen him play since he left more than 18 months ago but I presume TM has so if he reckons SG is the answer we will have to hope he is right.
  10. Blueandwhitemike

    Rovers v West Brom 1 Jan 2019

    Like others have said Travis looks good, he's quite similar to Reed, nicking balls off others' toes but also knows how to pass forward more than Evans or Smallwood. Armstrong hasn't done much this season but did use his pace well a couple of times, I think Rothwell offers more. West Brom have threatened occasionally and will score if we don't, need a bit more urgency and a bit more quality second half.
  11. Better mobility and passing today, still could go either way but Travis Palmer doing well, good and bad from Rothwell and Brereton.
  12. Blueandwhitemike


    Last game before heading back to China and what a game. First ten minutes were very good and Rothwell had a great shot hit the bar, Armstrong forced the keeper into a good save and it looked like we weren't going to miss Dack too much. Then disaster, Lenihan was messed up and Raya didn't save him. Darragh had an absolute mare first half and was making Bodvarsson look a star. Reading looked pretty decent all over and we looked shellshocked particularly after the second goal. Second half we got back into it more on effort and desire than skill or tactics, though Reading helped us by going onto their shell and we played the last 20 minutes or more with 3 at the back and really went for it. Of course, Dack and Palmer's absence plus the injuries hampered us but we lost this game more by poor defending. Great to see that passion and hard work in the second half, Nyambe and Evans did well, as others have mentioned Rothwell looked the only one with real quality so well done TM for bringing him in. Good to see Lenihan do so much better in the second half too rather than be affected by his really poor heading in the first. Overall we should have won as we created a lot more chances than them but feels like a good result after that first half shocker.
  13. Blueandwhitemike

    Loan Window

    I'm not sure if we can get Brereton or not and I've not seen enough of him to say he is better than Jerome this season. I don't think that there are that many out there that have had 2 high scoring seasons in the championship in the past 4, so I don't think we should be too quick to dismiss him, that's all.
  14. Blueandwhitemike

    Loan Window

    He scored 16 goals in the Championship season before last, unless you've seen him recently you can't say his pace is on the wane, Jason Roberts, a similar player, was 34 when he went to Reading and played a big part in their promotion to the PL. If it is just a loan and we're not paying too much out on wages he'd be decent backup. Not saying I'm a big fan but we shouldn't dismiss him so quickly.
  15. Blueandwhitemike

    Loan Window

    Please tell Tony next time You could be our Lorient/Ligue1 scout.

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