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  1. Some Trumpesque stuff about shame and lies on here, I think the big fella's visit is having an influence. Gallagher was a player with potential when he was here, he has talent and but although he had some games he didn't quite do enough for me. If he's coming as the lesser of two incoming strikers on a cheap loan then he's not a bad option though I'd prefer him on a permanent. He is about the age that he really needs to start fulfilling his potential if he wants to make it in the premier league but if he hasn't improved much and is coming in as the main striker to challenge Graham I would hope there might be better out there.
  2. My opinion probably doesn't count as I only saw a couple of games in person and watched the rest on ifollow but whilst he was regularly targeted in the championship he wasn't in league one. He has a lot to learn, which Mowbray has said but he clearly improved last season annd his athleticism does help make up for some of his shortcomings. He did cost on the odd occasion but he also had some really good games.
  3. Might be jumping to conclusions but considering that Bennett played right back versus Hibs and a fair bit at the end of last season added to the fact that TM has mentioned about 8 players and not EB when talking about central midfielders could it be that TM thinks EB, with possibly Travis as well, is adequate as cover? In fact, if we did sign say Maddison and Armstrong and play them on either wing might it be that EB is TM's first choice right back. Whatever happens, I do wonder how Mowbray is planning to use Bennett this season as it is hard to see him being dropped.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uN1uBGnIOK4&frags=pl%2Cwn I don't know if this has been posted elsewhere but it's Maddison's best of video from the 17-18 season. Obviously, you don't want to judge a player just from a highlights reel but it's all recent and there is quite some talent there. Some of the through balls are fantastic, some good crosses and set-piece deliveries. He's a real footballer and although it's league one he, like Dack, obviously has the ability to play at a higher level, whether he has the application and desire I don't know but I can't help but be a tiny bit excited by the thought of signing him. Somebody is always going to question information no matter how much a poster does or doesn't say, that's just the nature of a message board, it's nice for the majority to get a little more information than Callumrovers put out but it's up to him and we will see if he's right.
  5. It is possible to give a little context without giving too much away. I've not seen a lot of Maddison and wasn't hugely impressed when I have but if he's got some pace, a bit of trickery and can pass as well as his assist record suggests then it seems like a great signing as long as he's happy left wing (and TM doesn't try and play with two number tens again).
  6. Blueandwhitemike

    Pre Season Matches

    I know it's a little controversial but TM did mention Travis the other day when talking about centre mid competition and playing him there in this game would point to him seeing him there going forward. Having said that he might be right back next game.
  7. I think that is not exactly true now, is it? Dack was their star player and even if he hadn't had the best season before we signed him he'd been L1 player of the year beforehand. He was much better known and more highly rated and also had accomplished more. There was far more reason to be excited about Dack, especially with us being a division lower then. I'm happy enough with the signing, it's a risk but I presume fairly cheap so fairly low.
  8. On Rothwell, the stats don't do him a lot of favours and the comments on the Oxford board are mixed at best so they can't really be used to say 'good signing'. The factors in favour of him are that TM and the scouting team have had a long-term interest in JR and therefore must have scouted him thoroughly and believe he will be an asset. He sounds like he is a footballer as opposed to more of just an athlete or grinder and we need more of those so personally, I'm looking forward to seeing him play, though I do hope he is better than Gladwin who has been rubbish so far. Given that he hasn't been a regular for Oxford I don't expect he will be here at least for the time being. I think we do need 2 or 3 to go straight into the first team but there is plenty of time yet.
  9. Blueandwhitemike

    David Raya (and general youth squad talk)

    Delighted by both of these, particularly Raya whom I've been a big fan of for a little while. I think he was probably better than Steele last season (he seemed to get worse during last season. Raya has cost us a point or two, and come close a few times, but I think he's saved us a few already and although he will continue to make mistakes hopefully with experience they will be fewer and fewer.
  10. Blueandwhitemike

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I don't get the constant bitterness towards him. Personally, I hope he does well. If rumours were true and the club offered him a poor contract why wouldn't he go to a premier league club? Why would he be regretting it now? He's had half a season training with better players and presumably better coaches and if he moves to Barnsley and play half a season in the championship, if it goes well start of next season he'll (probably) be at a premier league club with a chance of getting on the bench and from there who knows? If he believes in himself he'll back himself to do it. I thought he did pretty well when he came on in sometimes, TM seemed to indicate in interviews he'd have played a big role in league one if he had stayed, Bournemouth and others thought he showed enough potential to want to sign. I really like that he had to good feet and could go either way and enjoyed watching him. He left but I see no reason to want him to do badly like some.
  11. Blueandwhitemike

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Great player, great captain, makes the odd mistake but who doesn't, Dack and Smallwood have been very good but Charlie's our best for me. Only bad thing about him is that he occasionally inspires Rangers/Celtic crap on a Rovers board, it appears sometimes some members can't forget their other allegiances.
  12. Blueandwhitemike

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I'm hoping that the following is true. The two sets of accountants came in and told Venkys the only way to improve the finances is to invest some money and get the team up, so TM has been backed in the summer and has been so far in this window. They have put their trust in TM to spend that money so will trust his judgment on the best time to sell players too.
  13. Blueandwhitemike

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I basically agree with you here but it is bloody minded ignorance, almost willful it would seem, to dismiss the idea he could be sold because TM says anything. These owners have done it before and could quite easily do it again, JHR even provided examples, but there's none so blind as those who will not see. On the other hand if it is to be believed that Dack was 750k but with add onsof up to 1.75m I doubt that they'd sell for 2m. Pritchard is obviously a very good player no matter what some people think and although 11m is a lot, transfer fees have been rising ever more rapidly in recent years, therefore I would imagine it would take 5m or more, like Posh's Marriott, to make anyone even contemplate it. If TM really has their trust it shouldn't be hard for him to make the case for Dack being worth more next season or the seasson after that.
  14. Blueandwhitemike

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    I'd like us to play that as plan B if we need to go to up front if we practice it enough in training rather than the at times shapeless gung-ho approach TM occasionally goes for.
  15. Blueandwhitemike

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    It's one thing making occasional suggestions coming from knowledge of the players, like Dunnfc does and others but it is pointless the just keep throwing out names all the time and asking others to do the same. There's bound to be a lot of speculation on here and that's how it should be but sometimes it seems like Chaddy just throws as much mud at the wall as he can so later he can say look that stuck!

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