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  1. Blueandwhitemike

    Great Stewart Downing article

    It's a good article but great audio, almost 40 minutes and Sd talks about Rovers a lot, very high praise of Mowbray and DJ. I think it gives a really good insight into behind the scenes.
  2. Blueandwhitemike

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Regarding the question and the answer at the end it's interesting to note you picked the top two teams. It's no coincidence that the teams with the best keepers got automatic promotion. It's a no to Walton from me. I'd prefer us to get the very best keeper we can as I think it's a crucial position. I hope we allocate a large chunk of the summer budget to get someone much better.
  3. Blueandwhitemike

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Couldn't that be viewed as a positive? We are still mot far off despite that and it would be easier to fix than the opposite problem.
  4. Blueandwhitemike

    January transfer window 2020

    Didn't City go 442 on Sunday with Aguero and Jesus upfront? Won 6-1 away and all.
  5. Blueandwhitemike

    Preston (home)

    Should be ahead and Gallagher on the wing apart we've played quite well. PNE have been awful, goal part, 57% passing accuracy! We need to keep on them, don't let them into the game second half.
  6. Blueandwhitemike

    Player of the year (so far)

    I do worry that in trying to make him more positionally responsible Mowbray has taken something out of his game. I remember TM saying Travis wants to get up and down like a traditional box to box but he wants to hold a lot more, make him more of a defensive midfielder. I'm paraphrasing and perhaps being unfair to TM but his first few games last season I thought he was great and he has rarely hit those heights since, though overall I think he's been decent and occasionally very good.
  7. Blueandwhitemike

    Preston (home)

    The thing is Preston aren't very good, we saw that in the first half at Deepdale. Also we aren't very good, we saw that in the second half at Deepdale. Both teams are in poor form and we have as much if not more chance of winning than they do, it depends on which Rovers turn up.
  8. Blueandwhitemike

    Player of the year (so far)

    For me Dack has been our player of the season for the first half of the year, he can't be brilliant every game but he's been responsible more than anyone else for our good games and generally I think his effort has been good. Downing has been quite good but I think a little overated as I don't think he's been great. I think it's more that he's exceeded expectations and those around have not been very good. Evans and Tosin were both great during our good run but Tosin came back jittery after a few games out just as he was starting to look Premier league class. If Evans could play like that consistently for the rest of the season he'd probably be in there as I thought he was crucial during the team's purple patch but he's been here years and has only ever managed to play well for a few games at a time.
  9. Blueandwhitemike

    January transfer window 2020

    Smallwood doesn't need replacing, he was already replaced and hasn't played, he should have gone in the summer it's just been delayed.
  10. Blueandwhitemike

    Forest V Rovers

    There's definitely something in this game for us now, Forest looked really nervy after conceding, how are they 5th? Rothwell was awful until a brilliant pass for Armstrong to set up Downing for the goal and then an excellent effort that 100% hit the defender's arm (though it was close to his body it was on target). Stats give us almost 60% possession and better passing accuracy. Walton and Bell were poor for both goals. There's hope as there is potential in this formation just hope it isn't false.
  11. For anyone in China (is there anybody else?) it's not on follow but it is on ssport.com though you may need help navigating through the Chinese unless you can read it. I believe it's free with local commentary and about 65p if you want English (6rmb) http://ssports.iqiyi.com/live/876579392.html?defRoom=en_room_2
  12. Blueandwhitemike

    Rovers V Birmingham- St Stephens , sorry Boxing day

    I made it to the game thanks to a kind fellow Rover. Hoping Brum try to play a bit and Gallagher and co can force some mistakes. It’ll be really interesting to see how Buckley does if he’s playing as a ten, big responsibility but a big chance to show us what all the staff see in him, could potentially be the start of something really good. That said I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a bit deeper in a central three with Johnson and Bennett. praying we can pass a bit better than on Monday otherwise it’ll be a long ninety minutes. Personally a bit disappointed not to see Rothwell but I’d have been telling him to stay a lot wider at least half the time, too frequently he’s in poor positions without much space in the middle.
  13. Hi all, I'm on a flying visit over Christmas week back from Shanghai to take in a couple of games and see my parents/family. I'll be going to the Wigan game and have a ticket for the Birmingham game on Boxing Day. I have a problem though, I'm staying with my ageing parents near Eccles and Boxing Day transport means there is no way to get back after the game. I was wondering if any of the good folk here would be travelling back in that direction on that day and might be able to help me out (I'll be on my own). Anywhere in the vicinity of Manchester central or north, Salford, Eccles, Swinton, Worsley would be great, even Bolton would be a lot better than trying to get back from Blackburn. Or if anyone knows of any coaches or whatever that would also be great. Thanks
  14. Blueandwhitemike

    January transfer window 2020

    I haven't seen anything that impressive in Buckley myself but it seems like the coaching staff and at least some of the players are expecting big things from him. Cunningham, on commentary duties the other day, was saying how much he rated him. I do get JoeH's point though, some regular football would do him good so from the outside I would send him on loan for half a season. He's at best fourth choice for centre mid and maybe Davenport can cover him there. I had high hopes for Davenport coming from City and apparently being impressive in the Championship for an albeit relegated Burton. He's had injuries but has been fit for a while and should be ready. On the right JRC sounds like a better fit and his versatility would seem ideal for the bench, from the little I have seen of him he has a nice cross on him. Brereton is another who needs game time and to get his confidence and although I didn't think he was that bad against Bristol City I can't see him getting a lot of minutes ahead of Graham Gally and Armstrong up top and I don't want to seem on the right so I'd loan him out if there are any takers.
  15. I just hope Brereton isn't on the right, I think he's been poor there every time and it hasn't helped his confidence at all. Don't want Gallagher on the right either. Can understand the consternation on here regarding the amount of changes but if these two do play together up front at least it will be interesting to see how they do together.

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