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  1. andyroversmad

    Thursday deadline.

    So how can Wolves spend £15 million on Rueben Neves and £13 million on Helder Costa with no transfer ban?
  2. andyroversmad

    New captain

    Making Lowe captain last season was a ridiculous choice, not respected by fans or the players . I would choose Mulgrew or Lenihan.
  3. andyroversmad

    Individual performances

    One i always remember was being at Fratton Park and seeing Bellamy run from the halfway line and score a worldie with his left foot.
  4. andyroversmad

    Transfers Part 2

    We might of made cash offers but I doubt 500 Rupees and 20 chickens will make much difference.
  5. andyroversmad

    Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    We were relegated the moment Owen Coyle was appointed manager.
  6. andyroversmad

    Derby Away 24.09.2016

    I'll go with 2-0 Derby
  7. andyroversmad

    Protest Ideas...

  8. andyroversmad

    9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    Please can someone email me the docs and the additional content? Received the docs and additional
  9. andyroversmad

    Transfers Part 2

    When Rhodes moved to Boro did we have a promotion clause and if so have we received the money yet?
  10. andyroversmad

    New Song To Walk Out Of The Tunnel

    AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill
  11. andyroversmad

    Transfers Part 2

    And they were reporting the other day in the LT that we are receiving £1.25 million from the Rochina sell on clause.

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