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  1. Not seen it myself and I won't bother watching it but it believe Ward was in another boring fight last night. Never quite got the big deal about this guy. Yes I know he's technically quite good in terms of being a defensive fighter and picking his scoring shots but I've always thought he was a bit of a spoiler. Like an American journo said 'most Americans if Ward was fighting in their back yard would close the curtains'. Me too, hope Kovalev nails him but I see that being similar to the Froch fight and Ward bores his way to another decision.
  2. We don't know that though do we ? Maybe the order came through from India move the gantry then Cheston had to find ways of saving money just to carry out the orders from above ? Like I said everything that happens now is part of the bigger picture and as for jobs well the tunnel still exists and the people in the closed section were still needed so if it wasn't closed they'd exist.
  3. It all ties in though BlooBoy for example closing a section of the ground which has at least 5/600 hundred people in it every match to save money and presumably laying off the staff in there. Then redirecting those savings into needlessly a new camera gantry on a whim from those in India. Come on .............
  4. The argument about the gantry is that it was planned before ST's went on sale so it was happening anyway before the realisation of a fair reduction in sales. Maybe it should've been shelved once they realised, work only started a couple of weeks ago.
  5. That's next on the agenda according to Cheston, he's been on the roof you know ! All about priorities with these lot though isn't it. Arse about tit priorities.
  6. The players come out of the tunnel regardless of who's in the ground. Maybe they'll shut that next and they can just come in through the gates in the corner of the JW ? BBE. There is no justification for wasting money on the TV gantry whatsoever during these tight times. Like has been said that's a few peoples wages, people who are still needed. Maybe they want one of those electronic advert hoardings I heard that was in the pipeline so possibly it can only be at the JW side but still we are hardly on the box anyway. This kind of stuff is what you do when you get back to the Prem ! We know
  7. Except these plans for the gantry were in motion way before ST's were on sale !
  8. Should have been done years ago when we had spare money to do it. No sense whatsoever wasting money we haven't got now doing it just so a set of idiotic gimps in India can see the main stand. You do realise people are getting laid off right ? How much wages has that cost ?
  9. 80 mins ? I presume you mean that's for the post match brew in the car sat in traffic, this is the riverside we're on about
  10. Whilst chaos ensues in there on Sat as thousands jostle for the best available seats left a lone apologist turns up. He finds his seat he's sat on for nearly two generations not obstructed but removed completely along with those either side. A metal pole and stabilisers are now bolted to the step where his seat once sat. Shrugging his shoulders he sighs "oh it's a shame they've had to reconstruct it like this so they can see from India. They didn't mean it it's all an innocent mistake the Venkys just have no understanding of the English scaffolding system, they've been duped again" Off he sh
  11. But surely with cost cutting measures in abundance we can't afford this. Factor in Cheston said ticket money goes towards running costs of the ground and that's going to take a big blow because of the stayaways. Then they lay some off who've worked there for years then hey presto they spend money on something as pointless as this. So lack of income doesn't apply to stupid whims then ?
  12. Great effort from Frampton he's a real pressure fighter and to do it over there he's proved the real deal Barry McC always said he would be. Whyte and Allen on the other hand proved what I feared, a pair of cloggers. Disappointed with that and the best thing Whyte will be is a poor mans Chisora I think.
  13. As far as I know Whyte v Allen is on the bill on Saturday.
  14. Yeah I'd like to see Burns have a go at him again but he's got a serious test first. I like Burns although he frustrates to watch sometimes it's impossible to dislike the guy, needs to ditch the pink stuff though Really looking forwards to Santa Cruz v Frampton, potential firecracker and I probably lean towards the home boy basically because he is just that. Another I'm quite looking forward to is the Whyte v Allen scrap, both probably a bit limited but nothing better than seeing 2 HW's trying to knock each others blocks off !
  15. Removing the top tier we don't need them anymore apparently and won't need them where we are going. Everything has it's price
  16. Lay off staff then waste money on this farce, what a unique set of disgraceful muppets run that club. Cheston is on course to be in Shaw like despised territory, well done.
  17. 2 years with option of a 3rd I think but that means nothing. Lambert was here for 2.5 years until he bailed and we found out that no he wasn't actually.
  18. They better not point it at the subs bench, every chance that'll be empty as well !
  19. Graham remains in the shop window here to an extent, score plenty and get good reviews in the first half of the season and an ambitious club around the promotion spots may take a punt. Half a mill plus add ons might do it or even just a better wage and a loan deal. Either we are paying him a heck of a wage or there must have been other incentives to come here unless he just wants to put some roots down and play first team footy. No player at this club who's viewed as an asset is safe though.
  20. Yep just seems to be scaffolding although maybe they are running the cables in the roof or something or building a walkway for the new gantry. More likely just changing light bulbs !
  21. What a complete waste of money but I supposed this will be passed off as generous owner investment ! Cut vital costs with one hand then window dress and waste money with the other.
  22. If you wanted to be cute about it you'd say there's been a delay then start the work when the season starts and say it'll have to be closed for a while. Get people in the JW then say there's more problems and it will have to remain closed a while longer, job done. Like everything else at Rovers these days you can almost write the script !
  23. Good ones, although I won't be offering them If it was at home I'd really back Smith but in front of frenzied Alvarez followers and the USA reputation for judges I can't see him pulling it off.
  24. Sept 17 at Dallas Cowboys stadium. Think Smith has bitten off more than he can chew here, still he'll make a few quid.
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