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  1. I'll bet he wept bitter tears all down his tailored suit. Creep.
  2. Eh? The Barnet Fat Boy?
  3. Very depressing reading the comments from the die-hards on here tonight. Approaching five years since the Wigan relegation night and nothing has changed.
  4. Dunnfc Can you clarify what you're talking about please? Have you got new information?
  5. Senior was in Pizza Hut earlier apparently with a pale, ginger-haired man answering to the name of Gary. The frightening thing is this story came from three sources, and none of them has previous for wind-ups.
  6. Deary, deary me... What did Derek Shaw put in those hob-nobs 1864?
  7. Dunnfc, you seem pretty nailed-on about administration coming in March. Is that truly your reading of it?
  8. Has he gone yet?
  9. Good man Len. I actually traipsed around Dublin's fair city looking for one this afternoon. Got me a beauty!
  10. Had anyone got a spare whistle??
  11. Put it this way: Is there anything Venkys could do that would make you want them to stay as owners? Not a chance. They must go, end of story, and I would say 99.9% of those protesting on Saturday feel the same way. With this in mind, with there being no way back for Venkys, the protests have to run and run. There can be no backing down if they (in a highly unlikely scenario) sack Coyle and bring in a decent manager, or Pasha meets the fans and assures us that things are going to change for the better. No. No more talk. No more false promises. No more spin. No more lies. We are pitted against them now and any easing off will look like weakness.
  12. You never know, this could work in our favour
  13. The Fox from 3? See you there.
  14. Your greatest ever post