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  1. I don't think I've ever given less of a damn about a last minute equaliser.
  2. Yikes, that's a team really lacking in any form of attacking threat. We'll pass it around at the back, our defensive midfield trio won't get anywhere near our forwards and we'll create next to nothing. Though I could say that for pretty much any team under TM right now so why not I guess.
  3. Imagine using the word "passionate" to describe a man who sits at the side unmoved every game, admits he doesn't take part in the training of football fundamentals, and sounds bored out of his mind at every interview. Please just give me a manager who at least looks like he gives a damn when we're behind.
  4. Half an hour into the second half and this is the sum total of the updates on the Rovers twitter account - says it all. The clown has to go tonight.
  5. We had the option to extend by a year. We didn't need to do anything.
  6. As much as I love the guy we should never ever have given Dack a new contract until he'd proven he could stay fit and get back to his best. Yet more money pissed up the wall whilst complaining we have no money. Hope it isn't as bad as it looked but if it is I don't see a chance of him coming back from it.
  7. We look better but good god do I hate watching this sideways tippy tappy crap. It just allows the opposition to sit at the edge if their box knowing we won't do anything useful with it and then they counter. So easy and predictable.
  8. Actual wingers on the wing... and we can actually create chances. Literally the only person shocked by this is the one that matters most.
  9. The idea of Tony being in charge as we sell our best players to reinvest scares the hell out of me considering how ineffective the £12m duo on the wings are on a regular basis.
  10. The problem with that is TM refuses to play actual wingers and instead plays tall centre forwards so it's literally the only chance of getting some width. Let's be honest, as bad as the squad can be, they could thrive with actual structure in most cases. The clown on the touchline needs to go, and until then you can forget about ever getting remotely close to promotion.
  11. Held the ball up, created chances, earned free kicks up the pitch... basically three things that our front three have failed at on many occasions. Add to that his goals this season and I really don't understand why that is even a debate.
  12. I am. It was soft but there was contact. We've known for long enough that those kinds of decisions will be given against us and yet repeatedly we give them that decision to make. Lenihan is one of the main culprits and in my opinion has been a liability at the back for a long time now.
  13. Lenihan has been a liability for so long. Never a defender in a million years and would've been much better used in midfield in my opinion.
  14. Brereton on the right, Gallagher on the left - really trying his best to make his garbage strategy as ineffective as possible. How on earth can the players go along with this nonsense?
  15. We need to get rid of the clown ASAP. After all the whining the other week about people pushing him to play players who weren't fit he throws Gallagher and JRC straight in for Millwall away? Out of interest have we won a single game with the "winger as a false 9" formation he keeps trying? Even Barcelona don't play that formation anymore and they're the only team on the planet who has a player good enough to be pulled into that role. Completely bonkers, I'm incredibly tempted to throw a fiver on us going down just to soften the blow when the inevitable happens.
  16. If I were in the office I'd love to cycle to be honest - however if I were to do it it would be partially for exercise reasons but we have nothing in the way of showers or anything. There's a few of us trying to push for things like that to get the office to be more environmentally friendly but this will take time as our management can be stubborn at the best of times! One thing I would like as I have to do a lot of driving when I'm not working from home is to replace my car with a hybrid but that won't happen until I have a budget that can accommodate the expense, especially as I have to
  17. I imagine the majority of them were here the first time under Coyle but I could be wrong.
  18. He's right about wanting a team that fights for every ball etc... but does he think that's what we are? Because I can count on one hand the number of times I think this team has been up for it.
  19. I was on the fence about this game but I'm done. You know full well they'll complain about people not paying for ifollow and buying season tickets but who in their right mind is going to pay to watch that? Send Tony home separate from the rest of the team, send the message that there is something to play for under a decent new manager and push on with an identity.
  20. Whilst Elliot is class on his day it has infuriated me that Dolan was really doing well and we just brought a loan in to push him out of the team. Same every time, player breaks through from the academy, gets a young player from another team and they get pushed back.
  21. If TM is still here if/when we get caught by the bottom 3 it's all over. He doesn't have the cajones for the gritty stuff.
  22. "They've responded well to going behind.... dangerous in attack.... so attacking" WTF are you watching man? We've done absolutely nothing of note all game long. Every time we're on sky it's like they have Tony in their ear feeding them soundbites.
  23. Giving Dack a new contract before knowing if he was ever going to be able to play at a decent level again could be one of the worst decisions this lot have made, however popular that decision was.
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