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  1. A decent performance following on from the other day and I'm sure the Tony and his supporters will use it in earnest but let's just keep this in perspective - it's (currently) a bottom half team. Let's not pretend it shows any change from the norm at all. We've always been decent at punching down under Tony, we just have no idea how to perform against teams around us.
  2. I got 2 minutes in before I got too annoyed to go on. This team doesn't have a soft underbelly? They collapse under pressure with alarming regularity 🤬
  3. Any manager with respect for his club apologises in this situation. Not Tony though, oooooh no, can't possibly admit that yet again he's been shown up as a fraud. An apology and a reaction and you could at least make the argument that he would try to turn it around. HE DOESN'T CARE - hand him his p45 and make him get a cab home.
  4. After that I honestly couldn't care less. He doesn't care, he never has done - I just want someone who wants to win games in charge, someone who doesn't waffle about the "journey" and toot his own horn about his football acumen when his team can barely reach the top half of the league. At least Gary Bowyer cared, and did a lot better in arguably worse circumstances for a while.
  5. Surely, surely even the happy clappers can't go along with this?
  6. And Venky's sacked him very soon after. I expect the same for Tony.
  7. We conceded 6 or 7 to Arsenal and United a few times
  8. He needs to be fired before he even reaches the dressing room. It was one thing getting beaten by cricket scores in the Prem by the big clubs, but this is AT HOME TO FULHAM FFS
  9. Butterworth getting thrown on to show his worth when 4-0 down at home... we'll concede 2 or 3 more and he'll never be seen again.
  10. Competent managers make it more difficult when down to 10 men, because they become more compact and work for one another. Tony has never made us defensively competent and it's the biggest reason why we can't compete with anyone half decent.
  11. Except we don't even do this - we misuse them, and then when we have to use them it turns out they're actually decent but we can't fully cash in because their contracts have run down and they have no desire to sign a new one for someone who doesn't properly value them.
  12. The amount of ego it takes to just pretend that your genius will stop the best striker in the league by not even trying to is astounding.
  13. You mean he was massively mismanaged because we have a clown in charge who instead of using players to their strengths has to mess around "countering" every other team?
  14. I forgot we were even playing tonight but there was no way we were ever going to compete. West Brom took us apart and got unlucky with finishing - Fulham are a level above them.
  15. 3 points in the bag despite the best efforts of our complete clown of a manager. This league is there for the taking bar one or two teams and we are absolutely being held back by that dinosaur.
  16. Half our team has been booked in the last 10 minutes because we have offered NOTHING and just keep asking them to come back in waves. So unbelievably predictable.
  17. Poveda managing to get booked for time wasting immediately... literally the most he's contributed all season.
  18. Is there a manager in the league who doesn't outdo Tony with their half time team talks?
  19. Well we better hope the starting 11 get the win because that bench offers literally nothing.
  20. Letting Rothwell go on a free will actually be criminal. He's the only midfielder we have who is capable of producing anything.
  21. Nyambe injured as well - him and Ayala priming Tony for the best possible excuses for not winning in our next 10 games
  22. https://twitter.com/richsharpe89/status/1450579441944498179?t=X1R8h3hh9KIW32tYwMgIyA&s=19
  23. We are somehow level with Forest now. It's actually pathetic.
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