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  1. Well done Rovers, decent second half. Two good goals and a clean sheet. 😁
  2. What a second half so far!! like watching Brazil 😄😄
  3. If only we had two more midfielders that could be as involved as much as Travis and Rothy. We looked all over the place at times yesterday with players too close to each other leaving them lots of space out wide. I watched the friendly against Leeds and was impressed by Garrett but it seems he isn't deemed ready for the challenge. Overall we had Kaminski to thank for keeping the score respectable, but I was impressed by the effort and Chapmans moment of magic was great to see although he probably got a bollocking for doing it!!
  4. Much better second half, good spirit if not quality football. West brom will go up and we had them worried for a short while. Looked less rovers fans on than against Swansea which is sad. Rothy and Ayala were good, Kaminski outstanding. We are desperately short of legs in midfield. Enjoyed the game. 👍🏻
  5. What a good result, just got in and feared the worst when I logged on. Well done Rovers , will be a different game on Saturday though. Two defenders scoring so I'm presuming set pieces? Far better start to the season than I ever imagined, avoid defeat against WBA would be a seriously good result.
  6. Well, as this is the match thread, my starting 11 Kaminski Nyambe Leni Ayala Ronnie Travis Davenport Dolan Rothy Diaz Gally We need legs in Midfield and although Bucko showed some good touches last week I don't think he did enough. Come on Rovers.......Surprise Us!! Note: Posted without knowledge of any injuries.
  7. Please do not spend £5m - £6m on an unproven, injury prone striker, will we ever learn!!
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