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  1. Just to expand on my brief post earlier. If the over 40's were vaccinated then I would suggest that would be enough to keep us out of lockdown and protect the NHS. All the age groups would enjoy the same 'freedom', as it appears the under 40's seem to be able to cope with the virus. We can vaccinate the 39 and under with a little less urgency once the 'at risk' groups are vaccinated as they appear, mostly, to avoid serious illness / hospitalisation, they would not be left in lockdown, they can carry on where they left off before the first lockdown. The issue is the 'at risk' pe
  2. Vaccine passports are the only way back to some sort of 'normality' if we are to accept that people can refuse to take a vaccine. Bolton is currently one, if not the worst area of the country for cases of the new variant, and if you look at he demographics of the 'worst' affected areas of the town it is overwhelmingly obvious why we are in this situation. Just been into Bolton town centre and new testing stations are in place so hopefully infected individuals will be self isolating and the 'R' rate starts to come down. It must be made mandatory to take the vaccine unless there i
  3. Terrible decision to send off the Southampton player, football is going downhill....fast
  4. Very poor half from us. Dolan and Travis Breeeereton on at start of second half please
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