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  1. This is just my luck, decided to do some home maintenance rather than watch...... first game I've not watched and we're winning. Our bad run must be down to me!! Keep going Rovers
  2. I know, I think I'm his biggest critic deep down. I'm just hoping he 'evolves' one of these games. We are so poor at the back, can't remember a worse back four than this one.
  3. Interested to see how Evans and trybull play, bell can't be worse than Douglas... Or is my memory playing games. Dack and Travis have been shadows of their former selves recently. Come on Rovers, let's have a decent performance please!! 🙏
  4. Why is Rothy subbed so often, he's fitter, quicker, more attack minded, technically miles ahead of most of our midfield, drives me mad. He's one of our best players IMO.
  5. I know that deep down but at least I can dream, what a player and a great engine.
  6. Please bring Sparky and his team in asap.....and offer a fortune for Elliot as he will never play for his owners.
  7. Breeeeereton on for Arma, Dolan for Dack I know we aren't allowed to sub these two but we have to do something!!
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