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  1. Not too far from Ewood. That's Bolton Road, just coming up to Ewood WMC. Don was probably nipping in for a quick pint and one of his 'lucky' fags.
  2. India V India? I'm definitely having a bet on that!
  3. I've just about reached the point at which Elvis has left his 60 year love of the Rovers, David. For the first time since I don't know when, I didn't follow the match against Watford. Didn't even know the result until I read the paper the next day. And you know how fanatical I used to be. I never thought it could happen but I've finally lost all love for, and sense of identifying with the club. My club. Thank you for that Venkys. And Fuck off.
  4. And some say 'No, nay, never....'
  5. I'm just off to sort the tea out. It's left-over Indian takeaway and I'll be frying a few additional poppadums and some terrific roti that I get from an Asian shop. Or are they called chapatis? Or is it naans? Then again it might be parathas. I'll leave that one with you. Night night.
  6. How dare you! Born and bred. Haven't lived there for 45 years though, so maybe pastry-product related terminology has evolved in my lengthy absence. I still laugh at the fact that one of the first times I visited my local corner shop here in Sheffield and bought a couple, the woman behind the counter said "two breadcakes, OK love." I said "Is that what you call them." She replied "Yes, what do you call them?" When I said barmcakes she sighed and said "You'll be from Lancashire, then."
  7. Here in the benighted region they call york***re they call barmcakes 'breadcakes'. Can you believe it?! Let's start a barmcake discussion, I've given up on the footy.
  8. Don't we usually stick in four or five when playing against ten? Not holding my breath, though. PS Back on the good old Lidl 'Premier Cru' lager.
  9. I've only got three of those. When I went into Seed and Gabbutts to get the fourth I was told 'Harry's photocopier has broken down'.
  10. I can't remember when I last saw a guy who was so obviously lying through his teeth - just look at his facial body language. Also love the way he talks about 'Jack', who he obviously never met and is clearly not fit to lace the boots of. Arsehole.
  11. I wish I knew what my first game was. All I can remember is being with my dad, sat on our next-door neighbour's shoulders at the back of the Blackburn End. Must have been 1960ish. Reading this back I should point out that we weren't both sat on the neighbour's shoulders. Just me.
  12. I went to watch us play away at Watford on a Ribblesdale coach around 1970ish. For some bizarre reason it left Foundry Hill at midnight on Friday (after most fans had just tumbled out of the Veteran) and landed in Watford at at 6 o'clock in the sodding morning. Has anyone else ever spent 9 hours wandering around Watford, bored shitless, waiting for kick-off time? Of course we lost, and of course most of the coach windows had been bricked when we got back to it. Bloody freezing drive back and got home about midnight. Working the next day as well. ps Just checked and it was the first m
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