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  1. Ironically it would seem the Blades fans put this Kean lad way behind Jack O'Connell. Sounds a Derick Williams type signing - will do a job in a couple of positions but not outstanding in any. https://www.sheffieldunited.news/opinion/why-sheffield-united-should-say-goodbye-to-kean-bryan/?amp Only 6ft 1 as well. We have enough defenders around that height. Need some one 6ft 5ish to add a bit of aerial power.
  2. I've no idea. Just would think with Jim being on our doorstep he should have been picked up by us. Although another poster says he's been at Liverpool since he was 6 so fair enough.
  3. If this lad is better than anything we have, comes from Clitheroe and is a big Rovers fan, is there only me wondering why he wasn't picked up by our academy?
  4. Excellent. That should help add the goals we need from midfield.
  5. It wouldn't be the worst thing, given his contract situation, to let him go if a decent bid came in.
  6. They are predominantly lads who are either very young or injury prone. You would hope, given the influx of some money to spend, that the new chief scout or what ever he is, would have a few aces already up his sleeve. Otherwise, what's the point getting him in? It's not like he's new to the game.
  7. That LT list is pretty uninspiring. Clearly not much contribution from our new recruitment chap.
  8. Let him go on loan in January if he isn't needed. Daft letting him go out now.
  9. I'm surprised that the big lad Cooper hasn't moved from Millwall. I'd have him in a heart beat. Also surprising that Bannan still with Wednesday. No idea about transfer values of those 2 in these times but if we have some cash, they would be up on my list. Mate in Scotland raves about the lad Ali McCaan. Can't say I know anything about him though.
  10. He got the run around second half v shrimps. Subbed today. Those two above set a very low bar.
  11. Early days but it appears Pickering is not looking great at left back.
  12. Decent point that. Millwall have been a solid Champ team.
  13. Not to mention the quality to come off the bench and effect the game.
  14. I'm in Spain and don't get the option of a live stream 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Yeah I get that...but 6 from one club seems a bit excessive. Only the first season from Smallwood and half a first season from Downing is the only value we've had from that lot. Piss poor really. Pretty much all the players you mentioned above (except for soft lad Ferguson) ranged from decent to exceptional. Difference in calibre of manager I suppose.
  16. Smallwood Pears Ayala Downing Chapman Leutweiler Anyone I've missed that has Boro links?
  17. Why would head of recruitment be scouting opponents? Can't possibly be in his remit.
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