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  1. Glancing at the data on the article below I would say our pricing is pretty much in line with the average cost in the division for both season and marchday tickets. Had tickets been £20 yesterday we'd have needed to sell a further 4500 tickets approximately to make the same income, but with that comes increased income and expenses for a potential larger crowd. It's a very tough balance for the club to try and strike. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/efl-championship-expensive-season-tickets-24759569
  2. Rovers have historically had an income to wage ratio of 100+%, even in the pre venky days I believe. If the current regime had put an end to it, how many fans would be in uproar with the poor quality of player that would likely have meant at the club? As for the offer to Arma, they admitted it would have broken the structure, but on the reasoning he would have commanded a higher fee either this year or in future, assuming he continued to score at a good rate. All this discussion goes to show is that running a football club is a balancing act and far from easy. Yet some seem to think it easy and don't consider all aspects.
  3. I don't think it's the weekly wage budget per se which is the issue but the structure. Otherwise the Arma funds could easily add a few grand to each offer. Apologies for going a bit Football Manager, but if player A is rated at an Important Player we might only offer those 10k a week max, because that's the limit for an Important Player. If you suddenly cave in to 13k a week, all the others at that level will want an increase. We work at much lower levels but look at Barca. By continually increasing Messi's wage, all their other signings and contract extensions also pushed for more. As much as the regime is hated by some here, they're trying to show a degree of financial control. Lest we forget the days of Murphy, Best, Etuhu.
  4. Whilst I agree it's early to be reading massive amounts into league position, would you say or feel the same if we were bottom? I doubt most would be claiming it's early etc and be calling for Mowbray to be sacked even more than they are now. Therefore it's only fair to say we've had a good or at least very solid start, which probably defies the expectations of most on here.
  5. Mulgrew was such a disaster. Further back - what a joke Tugay was.
  6. If you're determined to have an anti TM stance then I likely won't be able to change that. However I'm trying to look at this with a degree of balance. Arma had earned his prem chance, he couldn't do any more in the championship. Also don't forget he reportedly took a pay cut to sign for Mowbray - as did Gally. Irrespective of your opinion of Gally, he signed again for Mowbray, on less money - hardly screams a boss you don't want to play for. Dack I seem to recall signed back up before getting injured again, he may have thought he owed the club after the first injury. But again, do you do that if you don't like the gaffer? Chapman reportedly had interest after his productive loan spell - why sign up for Mowbray again if you don't like him? You're entitled to dislike Mowbray, but the actions of a few fair of our players, recent past and present, indicate he is a decent bloke.
  7. If this is correct why did Arma sign for him 3 times, Gallagher return, Chapman re-sign, Dack extend when he could have soon moved on for free? By all means criticise what happens during matches, we're all entitled to a view. But unless you've been party to a decent number of Rovers training sessions and player meetings, this is pretty baseless.
  8. I don't think anyone can deny we need to extend Brereton's contract, especially if he goes for free. But had we extended his contract last summer, before the performances of last season and Breretonmania, how many would have branded it ludicrous, undeserving etc? I imagine a good fair few. If you extend too early, you're likely paying a higher wage and then stuck with the player if they don't come good. On one hand we're trying to be more responsible and sustainable, you can't carry on at 190% ratio of income and wages. However the very nature of being sustainable means we can't give out the wages these players and their agents think they deserve or can get elsewhere. It's a big balancing act.
  9. Not even last year as such, that was the period with 3 months of covid. I expect the full covid season figures to be massively higher, 400% perhaps?
  10. Is it the manager's fault a contract wasn't signed earlier? I'm not sure it is these days, don't think they're involved in that side of things anymore. Same with the sell on clause - and if it wasn't agreed, we probably couldn't have afforded him. What TM did do is create enough impression on Arma for him to sign up again twice for us. And it was in a TM team that he scored a boat load of goals to get a prem move. Deny it and spin it however you see fit, but the facts are Arma clearly takes to Mowbray and Mowbray took a player from 1.75m to at least 15m in a few years.
  11. Whilst I am inclined to agree, you never know. Would have thought the same about JRC but not long after the option was taken by the club, he signed on. Perhaps Brereton out of all of them will appreciate where he has got to under TMs management and commit a few more years.
  12. Amarii Bell any time he had the ball in the opposition half.
  13. I agree it's not in our interests. Few players continue to perform well in their final year, particularly if they wanted to go. Gamst and Tugay come to mind of players who continued to put their heart into Rovers whilst in their final year, but few and far between.
  14. Donnarumma went on free this summer as did alaba. Mbappe and pogba contracts in same position as Armstrong.
  15. The first half from Bucko was brilliant, as good an all round 45 I can remember from a rovers player. Lost count of how many times he nicked the ball or intercepted it, superb pass leading up to the goal, which we know he has in his locker. Lost his way in the second half, I think I once heard Tugay, on the rare instances he lost a ball, would spend 5 mins just playing simple passes to rebuild his rhythm. Bucko could have done with that.
  16. Possibly not but I think he read it and put his name to it, which makes it his.
  17. This just shows how you can't please everyone. Some fans weren't happy they don't communicate enough. When they do, they get savaged. Some want them to attend games. Others, aggressively, state they're not welcome at Ewood.
  18. A profit on player trading alone doesn't matter if you're losing money elsewhere. That 190% wage to income ratio accounted for income from transfers.
  19. Craig Conway. David Dunn/Damien Duff. Anymore for any more?
  20. I believe the transfer of the other player actually counts as a separate 'transaction'.
  21. If it allows us to tie down Brereton, lenihan, nyambe and maybe Rothwell, I'll settle for it. For me the biggest issue over recent years and why we're in this mess is a lack of player trading. Raya aside, we've not any significant transfer fees coming in, and when you lose money like we do, that's the one thing to keep you running. Buy cheap, sell high, repeat.
  22. BBC say ings was £25m. 29, England capped, proven at prem level. Must surely make Arma somewhere between 15-20m.
  23. Surely just a case of buying a larger size when it's a smaller cut.
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