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Man Utd Man Of The Match Poll.



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  1. 1. MOTM?

    • Friedel
    • Reid
    • Samba
    • Nelsen
    • Warnock
    • Santa Cruz
    • Bentley
    • Vogel
    • Emerton
    • Pedersen
    • Roberts

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Everyone played well Vogel included, thought Rocky Santa Cruz was excellent for the team running back, tracking for the team superb stuff, hes a top top quality player for me.

But Brads save were outstanding kept us in the game, what else can you say about the guy a true hero.

The gay scarf waving Mancs were giving Brad plenty of abuse during the second half come the end of the game he certainly made it known his feeings towards them.

Well done Brad Friedel a giant amongst men.

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Few comments

Vogel looked sharper today - broke up play really well. Warnock was excellent and is so committed, Roberts played well and caused them problems, some sublime moments from Bentley, Emerton added some much needed energy to the midfield, calm finish from Santa.

Brad: simply world class.

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Every Rovers player gave his all today. I never expected to come to the end of the match feeling disapointed that we were not taking the 3 points, but that is the feeling I had at the final whistle. So near yet so far as they say. But having said all that Utd were the better side overall and did deserve to get something out of the match so I guess a draw is fair enough.

Very difficult to name a MoM though. Brad was brilliant and cetainly kept us in it right to the end. He made a few unbelievable saves. But then there were some outstanding performances from various others. Warnock was terrific and forced Ronaldo to swap wings to try and get more joy. Samba was right back to his best and made a number of crucial tackles. Reid was a revelation at RB and had his best performance since coming back to the team. The Admiral was cool and sure in everything he did. Bert was full of energy and a real handful in his attacking role, and put in a few good crosses as well. Vogel looked much more confident and did nothing wrong as well as making some good saving tackles and started a number of attacking moves with decent passes. Bentley was much better than last week, and did a few very good runs and crosses. MGP was probably still the weak link, but still much better than of late, and he also made a few crucial tackles. Up front both JR and RSC had plenty of good touches and movement and Rocky stuck his goal away very well. JR never gave up harrasing and got in some good spaces as well but unfortunately he never seemed to get the crucial pass until it was too late.

Very good show from all. If I am forced to choose a MoM I would have to vote for Brad because he more than any other made sure we did not lose the match.

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Must admit that Hughes did very well today with his tactics. Reid & Emerton doubled up well and helped to close down the wingers.

Roque & Pedersen won everything in the air against the full backs and Roberts did very well as a battering ram in the middle.

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MOM? Everyone. Terrific display against a very good, strong United.

Why can't we play like this in all games? I was still upbeat at the final whistle even though they had equalised through a dirty player who shouldn't have still been on the pitch.

I'm sure the neutrals all over the world had good value.

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Nice one, saves me repeating it. I couldn't agree more

Same here, everyone gave their all, that's all you can ask. Santa was awesome, so was Bert, even MGP worked his danglers off ! Samba & Nelson stuck to their task & their positions ! If I was really picky, I'd have fetched Robets off, but did we want more extra time (It felt like 20 mins!)

p.s. Starting to think Vogel is the real deal...

Well done MH & Team for restoring my confidence and making the season ticket renewal more palatable ! (In the bag)

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