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[Archived] An Evening With Alan Nixon

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Alan has kindly offered to appear at The Hordens without charge to hold a Questions and Answers evening and obviously offering the chance to meet the Messageboard icon !

Would people who would be interested in attending such an evening please register their interest so we can judge whether it would be worth Nicko making the trip to The Hordens and the effort that would take place in hosting the event.

If there is enough interest Alan and I will liase about a date and put this to the Messageboard

A donation would then be made ( a % of the takings) to the brfcs site to maintain its upkeep and healthy running.



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You are a sad, sad man.

Won't be around but I'm sure it will be good, plus maybe nicko could say a few more interesting things at an event where his words won't be in print for the world to see?

:lol: Coming from you of all people! :tu:

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Nicko should I have the lager or bitter? Plain or cheese and onion? :D

Mystic modes says you always drink Bitter, so stick with that!

An evening with Nicko may be entertaining. However i am sure i am busy that night..... :tu:

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That was the situation then, but since last night things have changed and now may be that, which was planned, might not happen now, but for confirmation please come back at 11pm when we may or may not be able to help or not help with any further information that may or may not be forthcoming regarding this man.

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