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[Archived] Loyal Supporter Dies.


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I am sad to announce that my Dad died this morning. He was 86 years old and had a season ticket on the back row of the Riverside stand right up until last season. In fact he was originally taken ill during a match. For anyone who knew him he had seat no 43. He will be missed.

RIP Dad,


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Sorry to hear about your loss Al.

Probably not the right place for this comment but if it can bring even the slightest of smile's to your face Al then it would be worth saying;

It would be nice to think that your dad as a loyal fan of so many years, now has a season ticket in the sky next to Uncle Jack, what great banter they'd be able to have together watching from above.

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Very sad news Alan, my sympathies are with you.

Was your dad an Ewood regular his whole life? He must have seen some incredible ups and downs in his time.

For as long as I can remember I have gone to matches with my dad. He didn't have a season ticket when you could pay at the gate but got one as soon as they became all ticket.

May I take the opportunity on behalf of my family and myself to thank all of you for all your good wishes. It has been a source of consolation at this sad time.

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