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[Archived] Merry Christmas Rovers Supporters

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As it's Christmas Eve here, I, on behalf of all Rovers Supporters on this side of the world, wish all Rovers supporters everywhere:

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

All is not lost. If anything, the Rovers are resilient and will be there at the end of the season.

A few wins, and everything changes for the better.

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Whether you're Anti Sam, Pro Kean, Pro Sam, Anti Kean, a Nickoette, a paid up member of the “Scaremongers and Tittle-tattlers Union”, a Chicken, a Doomsday merchant, a glass half full type, a glass dropped on a stone floor person, an optimist, a pessimist or even a realist (we’ll have none of that round here).

We're all Rovers fans at the end of the day (apart from the chickens obviously) and I wish you all well a very Merry Christmas :brfc:

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