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[Archived] Blackburn Rovers vs Tottenham Hotspur preview

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If there are, I'm ashamed to be a rovers supporter. The team deserves praise for this performance, defeat or no.

Protests arn't against the team buddy, the protests are against the moron in charge of it.

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Im expecting Kean to say something like this " It would have been a clean sheet but for the 2 goals they scored, so that's a positive we'll take to the next game"

He won't be able to use the 'we do well against london clubs' rubbish. Listening on radio london, they actually say we are playing ok.

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He knows the secret ingredients in Venkys Chicken.

From the smell of I've got a good idea what the secret ingredients are.

Norwich away after this (got to hope for a point?) then Chelsea at home. If teh score stays as it is, we'll be bottom tonight. QPR currently winning, and Everton won earlier. Bolton away to Swansea next week and Wigan play host to Fulham. If things go against us next Saturday, we'll be looking at a small gap opening up.

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Come on guys. We are battering them, spurs are hanging on for dear life.

The selection was good, the commitment from the players as good as anything since the Hughes era, tactics good, subs mostly good.

Kean will no doubt sprout the usual post-match positivity but for the first time I will actually tend to agree with him.

We played well, better than in any match this season. Play like this in every match and there is no way we will go down.

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