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[Archived] Rovers vs Boro


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Well it’s nearly half past midnight and after celebrating our famous victory against Barnsley tonight, I’ve just decided to start the Boro preview. I’m wondering why I put myself down for this preview because it appears I know very little about Middlesborough. So this is just going to be a collection of useless facts, trivia and stuff stolen from the internet.

100 Years Ago Exactly…

The game on Friday night will be exactly 100 years since Rovers played at Middlesborough in 1912. Surprisingly there is very little detail on this game (shocker) except for it finished 0-0. I can only imagine that our defence was much better than our current rabble!

Cup Fever in 1935 from British Pathe

The game finished 1-1, but I think the coverage is better than what we can get now on Football League Show on a Saturday!


http://www.britishpa...lackburn rovers

Highest Win Margin

Rovers beat Boro 9-0 on the 6th November 1954. Thanks to the brilliant books by Gordon Ormerod I can tell you that our scorers that day were Quigley (3), Mooney (3), Crossan (2) and Langton. The result saw us top of the 2nd division and we had a crowd on of 29,189!

Must Be Love

Tim Flowers and Jan Aage Fjortoft get to know each other in 1995. Boro won 2-0 with goals from Hignett and Barmby


Juninho and Co & 3 Point Deduction

In the late 90s Middlesbrough went a little bit mental and started buying exotic footballers for lots of money including Ravanelli, Emerson, Beck and Gianluca Festa. But my favourite was Juninho, I always wanted him to sign for Rovers! Alas all these players didn’t really go together and Boro had a pretty disastrous season in 96/97 – getting losing two cup finals and getting relegated.

It gets brought up every time but the reason why Boro got relegated was because they didn’t fulfil a fixture at Ewood just before Christmas because they had 17 players out leading to a 3 point deduction. It seems to be something that still really narks Boro fans - http://miniboro.com/...-gibsons-letter

Players for Both

I think we’ve got a fair few players in common but ones that I can think of off the top of my head include Stuart Ripley, Craig Hignett, Yakubu, Alan Wright. Any more?

Other random links

Jeff Stelling’s Rant about Middlesbrough

Missing Men – Rovers 3-2 Boro in March 2006. I got a time of 3 minutes 12 seconds for the first 10 players, then another 5 minutes trying to work out the double barrelled name. http://www.skysports...2838569,00.html

Very random fact to finish

Middlesbrough is twinned with Oberhausen in Germany, which is where Paul the Octopus (http://en.wikipedia....aul_the_Octopus) lived. I’m sure if he was still alive today he’d go for a 3-2 victory for Rovers which is what I’m going for too.

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This one is on telly in Norway. Looking forward to watching the famous blue and whites while having a beer after an exhausting week!

Love football on friday evenings.

Fun fact: I am related to Jan Åge Fjørtoft :)

Fun fact x 2: One of my clients know Nuno Gomes and his Mom from their place in Portugal :)

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Good preview.

Due a decent home performance and as will be appropriate for almost every match this year, ''If we play to our potential we will win.''

I'd bring Nuno Gomes back in for Rochina, also bring Bruno in for Orr and Fabio Nunes in for MGP.




Nuno Gomes-Rhodes

Subs - Sandomierski-Henrique-Dunn-MGP-Rochina-Orr-Lowe

Also, whilst were on the subject, not a fan of the Friday Night kick offs.

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I can see Middlesbrough being a tough test, they've got some decent players.

Leadbitter, Kevin Thompson, McEachran, Marvin Emnes and Woodgate are all very good players at this level imo.

Can see a draw here I meant to say....although it wouldn't surprise me this season if we scored 6 or 7 in a game in this division, so who knows?

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