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[Archived] Steve Kean Applies For Job


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I would think that Karl Oyston hasn't stopped laughing since receiving the application.

and when he stops laughing he will realise that other targets are dropping like flies and SK turns in to one of the only options he has. KO is daft enough to make the appointment, thats for sure.

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Why on earth would Kean apply for a job after Sir Alex, David Moyes, The Pope, God, Mother Theresa, Jerome Anderson, Billy the Kid, Harry Redknapp et al said he was such a dignified man and a top coach?

Surely someone of Keans calibre would be headhunted?!

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I would laugh so much if they appointed Kean but i would feel so sorry for them at the same time.

I wouldn't feel sorry for them. It would be in the back of my mind that he might actually do a job at a club, not that I think he's remotely capable more that the way we've gone another twist of knife shouldn't be unexpected.

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