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[Archived] Media Watch -> Bowyer confirmed as Rovers boss

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that's a leading question if ever there was one, the posts where self explanatory(to me anyway, sorry my gramma is so poor)

and actually, yes, considering brfcs has thousands of members and brfc has 10s of thousands (and Blackburn 100s of thousands) im pretty sure that its safe to say there are going to be a few of them that have other issues that factor into there hatred of having the venkys as owners, its a simple truth,

Gladly though they are the tinniest minority and most are just fed up with the venkys solely because of their disastrous running of the club thus far,

I don't think there's anything to far fetched or offensive about this what im saying.

p.s. im not specifically acusing anybody of anything, seems to me abbeyNco. are just trying to vilify me as per...they seem to think brfcs is just a popularity contest(and im well aware im not the most popular, its fine though, ill cope :(:rolleyes: )

You are backtracking again. What you said was that reading some of the comments prior to your post (i.e people who were critical of the decisions to appoint Bowyer) made you 'more sure' that people had non-football related issues with Venkys. You weren't saying the forum or fanbase as a whole. you were directly referring to the posters prior to yours on this thread (go back and check the context of the post as you keep telling others to do).

Therefore I could go through this thread and make a list of posters names who are disappointed with Bowyer. That wouldn't be a list of hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people. It would probably be about 10 or 15. You are stating that at least one of these people is making comments that makes you 'more sure' that some memebers of this board dissaprove of Bowyer due to racial issues with Venkys.

Next time you try and be provocative pay more attention to what you write if that's not what you really mean.

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yes, considering brfcs has thousands of members and brfc has 10s of thousands (and Blackburn 100s of thousands) im pretty sure that its safe to say there are going to be a few of them that have other issues that factor into there hatred of having the venkys as owners, its a simple truth,

Still not answering Hasta's question. If you are going to make accusations towards that minority at least have the courage to spell out what those other issues are. You are very quick to have a dig at any opportunity, with no cause other than someone posting their own polar viewpoint.

Now what are those issues?

And would you even care to put any names to 'the few'?

I'm a grumpy sod who currently see's nothing positive but I am far from what, I am assuming, you are referring to in relation to other issues. Unless the issues are stupidity, incompetence and ignorance the yes I'm prejudiced against stupid, incompetent and ignorant people (it may be why you get on my wick....ooh look a direct insult and not some vieled double speak)

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bawa- tired of answering the same questions, well done, you 3 really have blown my initial posts out of all proption, dm me if you must instead of clogging up gary bowyers(blue and white army :) ) thread up with this drivel(of which ive contributed to, sorry), oh! wait though, your dm box is locked(to me at least))wonder why that is!(coughatentionseekercough)

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'Racism' is what was inferred. And that will be my final word on that (hurrah!)

Sorry all. Now back on topic.

As for Gary's prospects they are probably going to be hindered by other influences but he can only make it easier for himself by making signings more of the ilk of Chris Taylor, or better, and less of the Eastwood's. Especially as HE IS going to have to slash the wage bill with not many takers, other than those we don't want to sell.

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Stop it now your are talking far too much sense, wonder what Jal thought when Nelson, Mokweana (spelt wrong sorry) and a French 2nd division nobody turned up, now where where we --- ah yes in the premiership.

Just questioning thoughts of promotion by picking lads from a lower level with no experience of playing at a higher level with a pretty inexperienced management team at a club thats being badly run, and is losing money hand over fist week after week.

Promotion pull the other one!

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Just checked in here after a couple of days and had to remove 40 posts over the last 3 pages to make the topic even remotely about the subject matter - no surprise the majority of the posts by the same handful of people again

Pack it in its making the forum a nightmare for people that actually want to discuss matter relating to Rovers rather than petty squabbling

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Fair play...I stand corrected. Those four have done well. To sound Monty Python esque....besides those 4 name some successful conversions from caretaker to permanent . :D

Also Bob Paisley was assistant manager for donkeys years. When took over from Shankly, he did ok...

Joe Fagan did ok as well.

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this Snobbery of towards league one is a joke...Has anyone forgotten Jordan Fricking Rhodes???? Our player of the year who came from League One? But I guess your right we should sign Etuhu's, Murphy's, King, Orr (QPR), DJ Campbell, Bentley all premier League signings who set our world a light, who were far better than Williamson, and Rhodes...Please wake up and smell the coffee, WE AREN'T A PREMIER LEAGUE CLUB!!!!! We are in the championship, we cannot afford these huge wages.

Chris Taylor is an absolute beast of a winger, people are criticizing him without having even seen him play! Millwall fans are gutted that he is going, I have seen him play pretty much for half of the season at the Den. He is better than any winger we have had.

Judge like Rhodes voted League One Player of the year.

Eastwood he has been signed as a back up for Kean or Robbo so what is this hole fuss about??? He is a young keeper who could develop into a solid one so no risk.

We have made 2 excellent signings as far as I am concerned, and you think people would of learned lessons from this season, but clearly not, and there are some who are living in lala land thinking we are still in the EPL.

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