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[Archived] Clarets Mad

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Sad lot those Dingles, they are obsessed with us. They think they are so hard with their hatred of us. I think its abit of an anger issue similar to a man who cant 'come out of the closet'.

It will be down to what their older brothers, uncles and father has done to them while their mum was at the bingo.

Theyre a Tinpot club followed by retards.

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They are undoubtedly obsessed with us.

They could get relegated this season, but if they scraped a win over us, their fans wouldn't care less.

Whereas I couldn't care less what some little backwards Yorkshire town club does or who they beat, as long as Rovers do well.

Maybe they need to start a more relevant rivalry, with someone like Leeds, Baaaaaaansley or Donny.

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