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[Archived] Welcome Back! (plus merging accounts, profile pics and email notifications etc)

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It's great to see so many old faces rejoining the forums and I'd love to welcome every single one of you back personally. I know some of you are back because you like the new ambience, some because the site feels like it has a new lease of life and some because the club is in one hell of a mess and the need to both do something and be with like minded sufferers is great.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of people are having to re-register new accounts, which isn't surprising as many people will have forgotten their password and have changed their email address in the last decade or so. So, if anyone would like their old and new accounts merging, just drop me a private message and let me know the old and new account names (and ideally the old and new email addresses) and I should be able to sort it.

Also, whilst we'll never mandate people set an avatar picture, it does enhance the view of the place, especially on mobile, so I'd encourage everyone (old and new) to take a few minutes out and set one. 

Finally, if you're using the "notify me" options, some of the default options are to be notified by email. PLEASE can you check your email address is up to date, as generating hundreds of bounced emails a day makes us look like spammers.

Anyway, enjoy the new revitalised BRFCS. This is just the beginning!

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I think I've done all the requested merges now, my apologies for not responding personally to everyone's PMs.

If anyone is now having problems logging on, let me know via email on admin@brfcs.com or on twitter @GlennPegden 

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Evening all! Have followed Rovers for many years now, visited this site for a while and have always thought  it came across with fair balanced views and had good debate. Reason for joining being that I need a place to vent my frustrations all things Rovers! Hope I can contribute to the group.

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Just thought I'd use this opportunity to check and make sure my sign-in & stuff are all still working.  The sun is shining a little brighter today anyway with Arsenal's "relegation" from the Champions League. 

It's about time, the @#/?s.:D

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On 2017-5-22 at 00:29, Iceman said:

Sure you can


India's Fat B'stard

"Let me make you a deal. You get the mojo, and you can keep your money. And I'll get your bay-bay. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs. Get in my belly"

"Of course I'm not happy! Look at me, I'm a big fat slob. I've got bigger titties than you do. I've got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I've not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead."

"This diaper's making my nuts rub together. It's gonna start a fire. Oh great. Isn't this magical?Ahhhhh! Ma titties! "

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