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[Archived] The Rovers 5-a-side Challenge


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Friedel - no comprimises, the best there ever was

Nelsen - will get in the way of everything

Tugay - god

Duff - will run rings around all

Benni - knows where the goal is and king of the backheels, ideal 5 a side forward  

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Friedel - self explanatory

Samba- hate playing five a side against defenders with long legs

Tugay - dictate the game and hand out the half time fags

Duff - good luck getting the ball

Rhodes - clinical from half a yard

A pound to spare for a bottle of lucozade or parking


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Robinson (2) Brilliant keeper a steal at 2 quid.

Hendry (5) you need someone to sit in 5 a side and nothing get past them.

Savage (3) you need someone to be everywhere all at once, like a dog with two dicks. 

Bentley (2) As long as he was interested.

Shearer (7) he’s gonna be the best player on the pitch every week!

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Friedel (4) - Best Rovers keeper I’ve seen.

Samba (3) - Strong with lanky legs to block everything (although wasted somewhat with the head height rule)

Savage (3) - Pains me to leave out The maestro but you need at least one work horse.

Dunn (3) - Skillful, play maker and would score bucket loads.

Shearer (7) - An absolute animal upfront. 


(Good thread btw)

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