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    Congratulations on promotion Rovers. Two tough games to come for you's, but I'll be quietly willing you on, hoping you go on to nick the title away from Wigan. After what must feel like an eternity of rubbish dumped on you, it's good to see this great club finally enjoying some good times. Revel in this moment, you deserve it. Hopefully it won't be too long before we meet again (albeit hopefully at a higher level). Good luck for the future
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    Congratulations Rovers. Sounded like a nervy finish, after you'd squandered chances throughout the game. Sadly, this looks like the last time we'll play each other for a while. Go and win the title now!!
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    I just joined the site to acknowledge all the kind words in this thread about my dad Billy My sister came across it and sent it to me this pm. Dad sadly passed away on 21st following some surgery, it wasn't expect and was a shock to my mum Heather and all the family. It has been a comfort in many ways reading the kind words of strangers who knew him as a player or latterly as a landlord. He never stopped loving the game, in fact just a few days before he passed we watched his beloved Newcastle (he was born and bred geordie) beat Man U which cheered him up no end. I don't remember much about his BRFC days as he left Rovers when I was just 2 so I grew up watching him play for Pompey. Although I am a die hard PFC fan the second score I always look for is Rovers - dads other team and the town of my birth. Mum kept clipping which I archived for his 70th. I have stuck a couple of my favorite cuttings up as pics including his debut against Chelsea and a piece about playing Keith Newton in the cup after he moved on (we were next door neighbours!) hank you again for all the kind words - he was my hero and I will always miss him Up the Rovers and Play Up Pompey
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    Taking my little girl to her first Rovers game today and she's bouncing. I've been trying to teach her a couple of songs. Danny Graham and Richie Smallwood visited her school a few weeks back and she was in awe. Her mother is a pretend United fan and tried to get her to support them and she said "I support Blackburn Rovers like my daddy". Nearly welled up. Can't wait to show her a full Ewood and hope this is the start of her undying support!! COYB!!!
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    I have to admit I'm a bit of a part-timer. Being born and bred a southerner I probably shouldn't be allowed to be a Rover. It's a long story which I won't bore people with but I've always been a football fan. One Saturday, a few months after moving to Lancashire. my wife was working, I was bored and I decided to go to watch a game. Rovers were at home to Portsmouth. All I knew about Blackburn Rovers was Keith Newton. I went and stood on that funny bit of terracing between the BBE and Nuttall Street. PEOPLE TALKED TO ME!! Coming from the south this was something of a revelation and certainly surprising!! With my accent I must have been thought a Pompey fan. I'd never had a team to support till that day. It was around 35 years ago. I've hardly missed a home game since and done some ridiculous things to get match tickets. It's been a fantastic time. We've enjoyed so much. Yep the last 6-7 years have been horrific but even in these dark years there has been the odd day when no matter how bad I felt there would be a game which made the old, almost forgotten, passion and emotion well up, the pride return. I always say every football fan deserves a moment in the sun - truth be known most Rovers have been on the equator for the past 30-35 years. Be it Kenny Dalglish or Don Mackay, Steve Archibald or Alan Shearer. My eldest was with me at all our home title winning games and many aways. We were at Anfield. He says his one regret is he wasn't old enough to fully appreciate it. You have to laugh. I've reached the age when one discovers life really is too short. The only thing to do is enjoy the day. Venkys? **** 'em. The Blues are going up. I'm still at Ewood, they'll never beat me and I'm enjoying every kick this season. Just hope I can manage a couple of away games as every time I've tried tickets are sold out by the time I qualify. I hope your lad gets his moment in the sun and it lasts as long as mine.................................
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    The advantage of living in Holland as a Rovers-fan is that we're a bit ahead of you Englishmen in terms of time. Just watched Doncaster vs. Rovers, and we've won 0-1. Congratulations to everyone involved!
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    I think Bennett is the secret captain in the camp. He seems to understand, maybe even appreciate, what it means to play for Blackburn Rovers. He has been exactly what the fans need: someone who plays with his heart on his sleeve and is happy to be outspoken as a player. Whether on Twitter or in real life. He has made a connection with the fans at a time when we have needed one. One of my favourite players.
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    On the train back to London right now after my first Rovers game. Are all the games this entertaining? Good value. Generally I thought some of the passing was very poor at times, especially from Shrewsbury. And the referee was a disaster! Bennett seems to be more suited to play in the role that he did today than on the wing. He is a workhorse and likes to tackle. More useful for us in that position. Nyambe had a decent game as well, just need to get better on his passing game and decision making. Had an important block in the second half. Overall I enjoyed it, good atmosphere and a good game. Hopefully I will come back some day, and hopefully then we will be in a higher division.
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    Hi guys just a quick one from me.. First of all I would like to say I thought your fans were excellent in terms of noise and numbers..best seen down here for a while so fair play to you on that! As for the game I thought you deserved to win overall and were the better side for about 60-70 minutes..we were so poor in the first half even by our standards that we pretty much gave you a 2 goal head start before we even attempted to play..I thought we had the better of the second half but you visibly dropped off...good luck for the rest of the season,head and shoulders above anything in this league in my opinion! Have a good one.
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    1. Everything Bowyer did indicated he had the final say on everything to do with players and had the trust of the owners to do things his way. Bucket loads of evidence on that. 2 years of 'stability' in which the owners went quiet and Bowyer assembled a quality squad that did the club proud after the rotten eggs were removed. What's different now other than it is Mowbray that they trust rather than Bowyer? 2. Investment in the team - by my reckoning they've spent up to £1 million on Dack, Samuel and Bell and possibly turned down a few hundred thousand for Mulgrew. Since 2015 they've sold upwards of £30 million of talent and spent, at the very most, about £1.2 million. The club made a 'concerted effort' under Bowyer to 'get back to the Premier League' and look how that ended up. 3. Paying our bills - perhaps the only thing they have consistently done - we all know the alternative to that is either administration or liquidation which would mean Venkys lost control of the club. They've not got much choice on that one. 4. Appointment of 'experienced staff' - who? To my knowledge the only senior staff arrival since last year has been Steve Waggott. Said all the right things to date but talking a good game has never been the issue here with the succession of various people they've brought in to work at the club. Its actually doing the job properly that they struggle with. On paper his CV is no better than Derek Shaw's. We've still got no commercial director and the suspicious presence of Pasha. I'm genuinely not trying to be hard work here, I just see a lot of parallels with 2013-15 under Gary Bowyer and for that reason I'm not going to get sucked in by it all. Things are undoubtedly 'better' than they were under Coyle because people like Mowbray and trust him and we're winning a lot more football matches, but I'm not sure how much credit Venkys deserve for that and even if they do deserve credit it counts for nothing if they stab him in the back like they did with Bowyer and sell everything off again in 12 months time.
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    Someone with a lisp who is obsessed about UFOs.
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    Mowbray was not far wrong. He said we needed to score 80 goals to get promoted. Charlie got our 80th league goal tonight. Spot on he was. 👍
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    Very rarely have I felt completely deflated this season, but after the final whistle today was one such occassion. We didn't play badly, had enough chances to win the game, but it wasn't to be on the day and sometimes that happens. We never lost, are top of the league and well placed to go up, we shouldn't be so down hearted. The players and manager have done us proud this season and will finish the job off I'm sure. Just a word for the traveling support, and in particular the ones that aren't Blackburn born and bred, don't have 'The Heritage' whatever that means......You're a credit to the club, and despite critisizm aimed at your from some quarters, I bet you're hurting just as much as every other Blackburn born and bred supporter this evening. Dont let the occasional village idiot divide us, we're all Blackburn Rovers supports regrardless of where you're born. onwards and upwards.
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    I am coming over for this one, will be my first ever Rovers game.
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    There is some absolutely ridiculous criticism of Mowbray. I think a fair bit of common sense is in order. Dack has clearly been off the boil since he was taken off 10mins into the game the other week and had hamstring issues earlier in the season. Bennett has absolutely run his nads off and stamped them into the ground, Williams has looked very fatigued, Raya, a young keeper, has been under massive mental pressure and been clawing balls away from every part of the goal and it transpires that Conway has a broken foot - would the sulkers and stroppers prefer they all sustained long-term injuries now that the only job that matters has been done?? We dragged ourselves over the line this last few weeks - mission accompished. As a supporter I've felt nervous and mentally shattered at times - God knows how it must be to be right in the thick of it. In my opinion, to win the Pie and Pea League would be much less a priority than having a fit squad ready and raring to go for pre season. The fans have more than had their money's worth out of Mowbray's boys this season. He's picked up the scraps and thankfully, we've got a manager who has started a proper rebuild, players who give a shit, a club with a heart and a landslide majority of very satisfied supporters. Enjoy it.
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    I have talked to a journalist who was at the presser. The context for the quote is that Tony said that Rovers face an embargo in a few years time if sponsorship, sales of merchandise and people attending matches do not rise. So the quote is genuine but the Sun have taken it completely out of context and used the first part of it to make it sound like it is imminent.
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    Elton John was going to play the fanzone, a 4 hour gig, but he cancelled. In a surprise move Venkys are now going to do their Ramones set instead. I Wanna Be Sedated indeed. Ryan Nyambe will be in stocks outside the club shop from 9.00 until 5.25. 50p a do, wet sponge job. I expect we'll have enough to bid for Messi by the time you've done. There's also going to be a BRFCS Nuttall Street Enclosure Revisited Bouncy Castle outside Blues which I doubt will be very popular as it'll either have too much air in it, not enough air in it, don't see why I have to take my shoes off to go on it, and why didn't they introduce a BRFCSNSERBC earlier in the season when I really wanted to go on one, it's too late now. It'll also be criminally over priced at free. Enjoy.
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    Confirmed by his only other club Pompey that Billy Wilson a popular Rovers fullback of the 60s/early 70s passed away this week at a relatively young age of 71 Billy was a smashing player. The first Rovers player I ever saw sent off too I think although how he managed it I can’t fathom as he was a cool, classy player in an age you had to literally commit ABH to get ordered off He may hold a curious record - in around 270 games for us he never scored. I can’t recall any other outfield player who played so many without scoring. Took a couple of pubs after playing including at one point The Fratton which was virtually attached to the ground I remember he lived on Langdale between the Hordens & The Beechwood where many players lived & his wife Val (I think) was receptionist at Star Paper. As lads we would knock on players’ doors at Christmas, carol singing, or asking for any firewood pre Bonfire Night - you would usually get a few bob and an autograph or something. Thoughts with his family and those fans like myself for whom a little part of our childhood has also died.
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    When you seem like the type to believe your own hype, That's Amari'i ? ( sorry!)
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    Just did the weekly shop with my 7yr old daughter down here in Gloucestershire. She sang " we're Blackburn rovers, we're on our way back " the entire time When we got to the till the fella asks her what she's doing this weekend "we're going to Ewood " she says proudly That's my day set up nicely 😁👍
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    One of your problems Chaddy is you try and change what you said instead of just admitting you were wrong. You didn't write him off? You didn't write him off !!!!!! So why did you say:- "Graham was pathetic. Lazy tonight. Time to get shut" https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/33069-rovers-v-fleetwood/&do=findComment&comment=1801669 "Graham needs to be sold or released in January" https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/33032-blackburn-rovers-fc-v-plymouth-argyle-fc/&do=findComment&comment=1797757 No ifs or buts in there. Sorry, but that is writing him off. The comments were over 2 weeks apart so hardly knee-jerk.
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    Danny Graham this morning donated £2500 to the Save Hartlepool Untied fund. Despite having no ties to the Pools apart from living in the Teesside area thought i'd make you aware of what a top bloke Rovers have got leading the line. He said "Good luck Hartlepool United hope you reach your target ... I’m sure you will hopefully the whole of the north east get behind u and all the football fans out there" If any of you Rovers fans would like to help in any way please find attached a link below of the fund. Boro fans are close to helping Pools sell out their home game on 20th January V Wrexham at Victoria Park after they saved us from Liquidation in 1986 by letting us play there, if any of you are in or around the NE, come along! Save Hartlepool United
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    Message to Venkys: SELL.

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