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    Haha some folk honestly, don’t have anything to prove to anyone, been spot on the money with a good few leaks yet aye I’m making it all up. Give yourself a rest. I’m not claiming to be anything special either, I know a few folk that have low level jobs within the club, they don’t get told everything for obvious reasons. They also could get into bother should a secret deal be leaked so iv no intention of getting them into bother. I pass on what I can. I can tell you a keeper will be signed before the start of the season. They didn’t let raya go without one pretty much done, there have been reasons it hasn’t been confirmed yet but it’s still going ahead and there is options should it not. More than one. Nobody is more annoyed than mowbray that it’s taken so long. Also after Man City lad comes in- as I mentioned weeks ago- there is another defender hopefully following. Up to 5 deals still to go through before end of window. Just way it’s been that deals are taking long
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    Just keep posting mate. It appears to be a minority who are questioning you, the majority seem fine with your information. And anyway it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, it's a message board of which a few are losing sight of.
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    What is this drivel about picking his ‘own man’? It was Mowbray who gave Joe the chance, signed him in the summer of 2017 AND gave him an improved contract ffs! 🤣🤣🤣. I wish you could ask Joe what he thinks about Mowbray and Rovers. How TM saw his potential at a really bad time for Joe personally and how Jonty and the club used their resources to develop and build him up. Earning him a new contract and some financial security for him and his mum. Joe would tell you that he owes everything he’s getting to those people. Samuel was injured all last season!? So how on earth did he keep Nuttall out? Brereton struggled for form too so the only competition for Joe was DG. The fact of the matter is that he just isn’t good enough. If he were then there would be Championship clubs banging our door down at 6 figure fee for a goal scorer. There’s no hard feelings. It’s truly a win, win situation. Man management - The ability to motivate and inspire a group to meet a collective goal. Everyone does it differently but if he had poor man management skills then there would be unhappiness around the squad. Poor morale. Stories of arguments leaking out. All of the evidence points to the opposite. Tell me the last time you heard anything adverse about Mowbray. In the last 12 months we’ve signed Arma and Gally from PL teams who’ve taken wage drops to play for him. Dack and Rothwell have been on record as referring to him as a father figure. There’s so many more.
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    At 90 minutes I stuck a fiver on us to win in normal time @150/1. Thank you Joe you have just paid for my holiday.
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    I've been as pessimistic as any since Venkys took over but the negativity on the footballing side of things I find pretty amazing at the moment. We're about to sign a young English centre forward who's proven himself here before and people are dissapointed? I mean fair enough and each to their own but who do we think we are anymore? Being miffed about International title winning keepers joining? Centre forwards who have scored double figures for us coming in, still have Dacky, Rothwell with his best years ahead and a full season as a starter, Chapman and other exciting young players breaking through... Yeah we need defenders and a keeper but give it time. Things aren't looking too bad at the moment.
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    Apparently Sky have a "countdown clock" for Bury and Bolton. What a set of absolutely detestable cretins they are.
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    Interesting comments from a lot of Hull fans: “Williams in defence for Blackburn looked a class act. We were second best in every single position. Dack ran the show from the front.” “Thought their defence handled us very well.” “Blackburn looked a very decent, well drilled team. Losing 1-0 to them doesn't mean our season is over by a long chalk. They will do well this season. I thought they looked every bit as good as Sheffield United did when they came here last April/May.” “Credit to Blackburn who didn’t even need to get out of first gear.” “They looked a proper established team with tactics and cohesion, and we looked what we are- a work in progress and a bunch of players who don't really know each other yet.” “BRFC looked extremely solid and comfortable on the ball all over the pitch. Mowbray has quietly put together a very efficient unit.” “Blackburn are walking it looks like men against boys” “Quite simply they were better than us across the piece. Organised, focused and playing with a plan.”
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    Some of you may know I'm not a Blackburn fan, I have a real soft spot for them through family connections and work I have watched the young players come through for the last 4/5 years (I watch more youth football than 1st team football across the board) and I can honestly say the group on the verge of making it into the 1st team are up there with best around at the minute, Butterworth, Buckley, Rankin-Costello, Magloire and Grayson could be the start of something special, add to this Travis who for me has to be up there as the most improved youngster in the football league, Joe Rothwell who has all the makings of being a £10mil pound player in a few years if used right, Gallagher, Brereton, Davenport, Nyambi, Lenihan, Hart etc all still the other side of 25 and it excites me, keep the faith and hope TM uses these lads right and the future is very bright IMO for Rovers
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    No matter what your opinion of Gallagher is I think you need to give him some credit for holding out for us when he had other options available. He could have got better wages and stayed nearer Southampton rather than uproot the length of the country. Any player that shows dedication to the club deserves some credit from me. Personally I quite like him, think he will do well for us. Loans to pick up from next week. Believe gk is closing
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    So you wouldn’t clap Mulgrew on his return? Our captain who nearly jeopardised his international career to stay with us in league 1? He was one of the hero’s of that promotion campaign, scored a record amount of goals and got the winner to send us up! He’s as much as a hero for what he did that season than anyone who played in the premier league glory years. That season in league 1 was as important and equally as enjoyable as any in our long history. I agree with their being no room for sentiment in football and I concede he didn’t look great on Saturday. However give the man a bit of respect! I know it’s off topic but the fickle nature of some Rovers fans in terms of quickly turning on players who recently they revered really annoys me. Whilst it’s clear the likes of Mulgrew, Smallwood and Bennett have struggled recently, these players stood up to be counted in that very important league 1 season, and this shouldn’t be forgotten.
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    I'm not one for commenting much these days but I'm always about.I'm on holiday in Jersey right now. I took the family to visit Uncle Jacks resting place. It's a very modest plot at St Brelades. Brought tears to my eyes though. It's a very large graveyard. If anyone ever needs direction then ping me a message.
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    Behave. He’s explained his mate is a lower level club employee who hears bits and tells him. If his mate has asked him to keep it to himself he’d be an absolute dick to rush straight off and post it all over a forum... I doubt there is much worry about scuppering a deal, more about upsetting a friendship. We aren’t talking here about someone with any other agenda than just wanting to discuss transfers... no links to his blogs or anything like that which we’ve seen from other apparent ITKs. Similarly, I’ve got a mate who gives me bits of info... and I’m not going to say who it is as it’s not my place. I’d also never post anything he asked me not to or that could be unequivocally be traced back to him. He’s quiet at the minute, so I appreciate any info I hear from others and base how reliable it is on a number of factors. If I decide it’s bollocks I’ll ignore it or maybe argue the likelihood. The whole demanding of more info and revealing of sources is pointless. The digs are out of order.
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    I wasn't particularly excited about Hanley when he was initially linked, but right now it'd be like signing Virgil Van Dijk.
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    I was a big TM supporter even after the collapse in form last season. But this summer he has absolutely blown it. A new defence and GK was needed and if anything it’s gone backwards. We don’t play our best RB, we’re starting with the defender who was purposely dropped, and let’s not get started on bell. Then to the GK, we sell Raya a keeper with massive potential along with the pull of coming through our own academy, and replaced him with a worse/same ability keeper (hope he proves me wrong) and most importantly a player who isn’t even ours. We spend 5m on a striker who is 6’4, which gives his 7million signing of BB very little chance of any impact this season. Furthermore 6,4 strikers are not wide players. Crucially for me, TM has gone back on his word with the famous line ‘defenders are coming’. The only signing who has made sense is Johnson, and fair play to him he is exactly what we need, but it isn’t enough. Also, cannot see one out and out wide player in our entire squad aside from chapman, and let’s be real TM isn’t gonna regularly start him. Our squad is incredibly unbalanced. And if we were starting the summer now I would think there was a lot of work to be done to get it ready to even challenge the top 10, let alone get promoted. I’m telling u now this season is nothing but midtable for us. We’ve blown it before it’s already begun. It genuinely pains me to say because he has done a lot for this club and he clearly has the club in his best interests but i want him gone, I just cannot understand his thinking. Our transfer business has been awful. We’ve got a great crop of players who are at a really good age, with the right gaps being filled we could really challenge and I hope he proves me wrong but I just can’t see it. Furthermore the venkys seem to really trust him so can’t see him going anywhere Ok rant over. Apologies for the negativity, still don’t think I’m over the disappointment of Saturday.
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    Basically, anyone that provides us with any information that we wouldn’t otherwise have needs to be appreciated, not vilified. I’ve been out this afternoon and just trying to catch up, but it seems some folk don’t listen, so, I’ll say it again a bit less discreetly: ‘Please can you stop being dickheads with each other?’ In case any more light needs to be shed, as in general life, a dickhead is a dickhead, it’s not just a belief system, it’s a way of life. Personally? I’d recommend logging off and going to the pub. I would absolutely not recommend the consumption of alcohol and logging back in. We’ve enough issues as it is! Thanks again.
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    And each time this happens there will be fresh outrage. Jim White is one of the most remarkable case and points I have ever seen; he stands in front of a deadline day clock, reinvented to count down the hours until a club over 100 years old goes out of business, literally tearing the community apart. Then the next day he sits on his radio station defending it, claiming he has done more than any other to highlight the plight of the club. Well, I'm sorry Mr White but it simply isn't enough. Much like his brief cameo in our situation regarding poor ownership it's all too little, too late. Discussing the plight of a community over a 2 hour talk show, in which you charge fans for the privilege of phoning in, doesn't begin to break the surface, particularly when next week you will be back to discussing the mega-transfer of Alexis Sanchez or Neymar etc. Next week it will be "business as usual" in the Sky, BBC, EFL, PL, TalkSport, BT HQs. Bury will be a sad reminder of the past, when football was a man in the street sport and success wasn't determined by the bank balance of a clubs owner. MPs will today call for regulation, for a degree of responsibility to be taken by the EFL for the plight of two fine, historical clubs. Then next week they'll be back discussing other issues, and rightly so because football isn't everything, and the rallying calls for reform will be swept away by another claw-for-votes cry for more money to the NHS or the like. Nobody will pick these issues up again in a week because everybody is so engrossed in the glitz and the glamour of the Premier League/European elite. When we are in a situation where Alexis Sanchez's wage over the past 2 years is enough to save Bury/Bolton then we are sadly past the point of no return. Much like society the gap between the haves and have-nots is increasing at an alarming rate. Yet, much like society, our reliance on private business and foreign investment has also left us without a community anchorage; when back in the day you either attended the game or watch no football children would fall in love with their local team, now they can watch City on tele once a fortnight minimum. Whereas before we'd have local people running clubs, with the interest of the club at heart and the accountability of the local community in mind, we now have distant foreign investment, with no consideration for the people. What was once a game for the local working man is now a battle of egos between the super rich, or an addition to a portfolio to brag about in their yacht parties, or, in the saddest of cases, a business in which losses can be offset or assets can be stripped to make a quick quid. Modern football is dying. In a weird way I have a slight envy for Bury - they will reform, and they will do well due to the backing they will have, and for a brief few years they'll escape the monotony of the football league. However the only thing that awaits them is a return to the depths of the football league, where smaller town clubs wait to feed from the scraps of the elite. Then, though, much like AFC Wimbledon, at least the club will be theirs. The best thing that could possibly happen to English football is the break away from the PL that will inevitably happen. We are better off without the bastard system that has led to this point.
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    I agree with Stuart tbh Nathan. Mowbray been here over 2 1/2 years now and at no stage has he looked like he is close to being tactically aware or knowing how to set a team up. We have shipped soft goals almost from the start of his tenure and lost or drawn games through silly goals conceded/poor game management or daft substitutions that wreck the shape of the team. I find it incredible that the shape of the team and ''style'' of play goes out the window repeatedly when he makes his subs. This happened in League One though generally teams weren't good enough to exploit it. In the Championship they do. He has been ultra conservative since he walked through the door and had he been bolder he might well have prevented relegation to League One. He remains ultra conservative. He has publicly commented on 'defenders coming' and knows full well that we can't ship goals like we do. Yet in god knows how many windows , the defensive structure of the team is no different and in some cases neither are the personnel. His obsession with utility players knows no bounds and continually we have players in wrong positions . I genuinely think he is a decent bloke at heart but has been pressured into some very strange outbursts of late and in my opinion , I think he is simply struggling at this level to compete tactically or organisationally. He is too old school and as some have said including myself , I think he is a decent chap but a managerial dinosaur . I don't think he has it in him to radically change and deal with the demands and footballing intelligence of a fast moving football world . He is naturally conservative and a steady hand which initially was needed but if you cant progress from that then you start to go backwards and that is what is happening here. He has nothing more in his locker than we have seen. So it is possible , god forbid, that he frustrates and infuriates us even more in the coming weeks. But The whole Club looks to be behind the curve operationally at many levels , notably our scouting, and the owners aren't savvy enough to see it and therefore we bumble on as a club because he's a decent bloke and appears to be trying his best. The fact that his best isn't good enough is likely to mean that we will need a sequence of horrendous results before anything changes because nobody within the Club will rock any boats for fear of their own positions. The Club is a cleft stick of mediocrity which most on here can see and which is why there is so much outrage at the claptrap comments they come out with which basically insults our intelligence. Most on here know what they are talking about in general (though there will always be differences of opinion on specific players etc) .We have lived through decades of this Club and know its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses all too well. The people in power at Ewood are largely people who don't have that depth or history with the Club and which is why we find it pretty offensive when they come out with the tripe that they do. I don't see change coming early; it might happen if we have a total nightmare run of results .The owners wont want the hassle or the cost and the present incumbents won't want to put their heads above the parapet. Conclusion: Stalemate, tread water at best. Flirt with relegation again at worst. Why? because we are badly owned and poorly managed.
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    Having tried to add appropriate news from that event into each thread I've decided to post all the info I gathered from the day into its own section. £1.3m refurbishments of all the hospitality lounges to take place over coming months Over £2m spent on Category One status for the Academy (further £1m was a grant from government) Significant amount (in the millions) spent on infrastructure at STC (analysis booths/scouting software) Premier Suite being done first after first international break, ready for third home game of the season European scouting network to continue to grow The new Sodexo food in the concourse is a little more expensive than the old stuff, but significantly more option Loaded fries one of the many new options available New LED/TV screens in food concourses and brand new EPOS till system Match/event themed prices and promotions on food due to new system will take place We've got a brand new pie manufacturer, smaller niche business in the local area All the concourses will be completed by Friday in time for Charlton game Elliott Bennett says Tosin Adarabioyo hasn't been introduced to the squad - they don't know what's happening with that one either Charlie Mulgrew says team are quietly hoping for a top 6 finish, and spoke specifically about his mentoring of Dan Butterworth and JRC Little mention of specifics but ideas still snowballing about The Riverside and plans for the future of the stand Plan is to have several 'One Rovers Day' type events like Stoke (H) last season and have lots of kids coming in for free again And finally, for anybody who does attend hospitality/boxes at Ewood, the new Sausage Rolls are ridiculously nice!
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    Good news: Reading boss is unsure of Rovers' system. Bad news: Rovers boss is unsure of Rovers' system. 1-1.
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    THERE`S ONLY ONE JACK WALKER‘I have never written a poem before, I don`t see any point in rhymeIt never appeals to us working class, it`s just a waste of time.Well now it`s a bit different, I need to tell you how I feelAnd in some small way pay tribute to the Blackburn man of steel.It`s vital not to miss the point, footballs not just a bit of fun,It`s pride and passion, skill and strength all rolled into one.It`s not about Man Utd, Chelsea or some foreign fancy Dan,Its Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, that`s where it all began.Where what you see is what you get, but don`t show how you feelBut I`m making my exception for the Blackburn Man of Steel.I really need to thank him for the pride he gave us backJust for a while we were the best, Thanks to Uncle Jack!Few people have the vision to make a dream come trueThe beauty of Jack Walker`s was – We got an invite tooSome saw him as a rich old man who bought a winning teamBut for me they miss the point, he gave us all our dream!!I think its maybe true to say it could not last foreverBut then again I`m sure, its better once than never!And even if those winning ways never do come backThey can`t take away our memories, Thanks to Uncle Jack!!Hendry, Sutton, Batty, Shearer – the names run off the tongueBut ‘THERE`S ONLY ONE JACK WALKER` is still the Rovers songSo forget the players` agents and smart Armani SuitsRaise a glass to Uncle Jack, A man who knew his roots’
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    Tomorrow on twitter 4:55... @rovers 👀✍🏾 4:57 @rovers Hanley Returns! 4:59 @rovers Tony Mowbray is delighted to welcome Raheem Hanley back to Rovers on an initial 12 month contract
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    Successful clubs get it done Chaddy. Losers make excuses, winners make it happen. We need a new mentality at the club if we really want to push on.
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    In terms of place in the Championship table, we may not have progressed under Mowbray. As Blackburn Rovers Football Club, we have. We really have.

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