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    I’m sorry Paul, but it really has bewildered me that running Blackburn Rovers sensibly has been made to look as arduous as sewing in sparring mitts, but that is how it has been presented throughout this near decade long malaise of desperate despair and unease. I just can’t see how the Raos can carry on this sickening pretence any longer. They have proven emphatically over the years that they do not have the wherewithal, the gumption, the vision, the acumen and most critically the contrition and sincerity, to ingratiate themselves with the good upstanding loyal folk who support this club, who have powered and continue to power this club for 144 years. The damage is there for all to see in the form of empty seats. Seats that are a legacy of a severe and unforgivable betrayal of trust. Seats that are now the subtle thief of those long lost feelings of unity and belonging to a club that we hold so dear. Seats that should have been filled with the next generation of enthusiasts. That’s a generation lost and for a club and town our size that is profoundly damaging, present and future. It’s the uncomfortable reality of the situation, but the existing conditions just make the whole club less and less appealing by the day. We all try to contend resolutely with this, perhaps annulling it until the next humiliating derby defeat, the next Ewood no show against newly promoted opposition, the next head-scratching managerial soundbite, the next stand closure, the next sale of a crucial player and so on. But who, in their heart of hearts, can say that they are even merely satisfied with the custodians of our fine club? Everyone of us can accept I’m sure that supporting Rovers will always be accompanied by its share of lows with the highs. Defeats, adversity and even relegation can galvanise a club. But nothing ever changes here; the anguish, the weariness, the bitterness, the helplessness, it never seems to decrease in intensity. Ewood is a totally despondent, forlorn and morose place and that is the owners biggest violation: They’ve removed the hope and the smile from that magnificent edifice on Nuttall St. and worse still shown no remorse in doing so
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    Congratulations we were very poor today and u played well Good luck for the rest of the season👍
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    Hi all, Two things, firstly thank you all so much for the good wishes, it genuinely gave me a huge lift when I heard about this thread. A quick update, I'm now home with the family and recovering. Both me and my wife (as I feared both working in the NHS) got Covid, it was awful for a week and both very poorly. I suddenly took a turn for the worse and was rushed into Hospital with a Temp of 41.2 and was admitted into intensive care. Covid, Pneumonia and Sepsis basically kicked the life out of me for several days and it was very much touch and go if I survived or not. I spent 5 days in intensive care in a pressurised oxygen CPAP hood (looked like a minion) and faced multiple organ failure. The Hospital had discussed ventilating me with my wife but luckily I started to respond to treatment. I spent a further 7 days on the Intensive care ward oxygen whilst my bloods where treated then 5 days on a general ward. I was discharged over 1.5 stone lighter (not a bad thing lol) Covids parting shot was leaving me with Type 1 Respiratory System Failure, which I should fully recover from in 6-8 weeks. Physically I feel quite well although very fatigued and get very breathless if walking about. My Oxygen levels are holding up well and my heart rate is lowering from dangerously high towards normal. Im improving day by day. ALL The staff at Royal Blackburn are immense & true heroes, I can never thank them enough or put into words how amazing they all are. They saved my life literally. I'm one of the lucky ones and I hope and pray for every one else struck with the virus.... Please all stay safe
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    Could people attending this meeting please raise with the club about having a match for Tony Parkes to raise funds for alzheimer's or make a match day Tony Parkes day and let him walk the teams out and give him the fans reception he very much deserves. Get some former players back as well on that day.
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    The trouble is, this is a well-trodden route in the Copybook of Tony Mowbray. A week back, prior to Cardiff and following the utterly woeful and woebegone showings against Wigan and Barnsley, we needed to see a late and sustained charge. What did we get? Win one, draw one, lose one. In keeping with the season. In keeping with the managers record. That kind of infuriating and tiresome predictability just creates a detrimental staleness that engenders apathy amongst the ever diminishing fan base, and ensures that any player of talent and therefore ambition will not grace Ewood for long. Mowbray has done a solid job here but his usefulness expired long ago. The club needs an injection of something to really get it going again. We need some excitement and this familiar pattern of WDL is not going to create it. Let’s be completely and frankly honest here: you could have stuck a fork in Rovers’ “play off ambitions” before Mowbray uttered a word to the media about the seasons aims. Any notion that a push was on died like a louse in Roy Keane’s beard with any number of Walton’s catalogue of gaffes. A serious push cannot be built on such shifting sands. Last night was a disappointing, but entirely expected conclusion to a season that has been more grind than kind to us supporters. So much of the play churned out week after week is disarticulated and banal. Mowbray is a procrastinator and a manager with that habit is diametrically opposed to the club and indeed towns’ need for promotion back to the top flight. Tangible concerns have been flagged on here for a while now, which really does beg many pertinent questions. Primarily what are the owners hopes and aims for the club they’ve presided over for what must be its most lugubrious decade? Equally importantly, who within the corridors of Ewood has the expertise to deduce that the manager has ran out of ideas and indeed time? The answers, as ever, will not become clear, because it is abundantly evident that these questions are only on the agenda of supporters. The Rao family can be inculpated for many a sin against the club and us the fans. But these vacuums that they have created over the years, beginning with the power vacuum in the boardroom when John Williams was marginalised, through to today with the vacuum for just basic information about targets set, plans made etc. result in what we see on and off the pitch: a very cushy working environment where performance seems to be unquestioned, and fans are unsure what to even expect of their club anymore. There is not a trace of hunger for success at Ewood, and without that you have to ask “what is the point?”
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    The biggest influence on our recent form has been whether Nyambe plays at RB or whether Bennett plays there. Since the start of November: With Bennett at RB: W2 D0 L4 With Nyambe at RB: W5 D4 L0
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    This isn’t intended as a thorough summary of the meeting, but here’s what I took away from it. This is from memory, not my notes, please consider this my observation and interpretations. Transfer Window Disappointing window, what happened? Mowbray disappointed we couldn’t get anyone in. Wasn’t for want of trying. Spoke about the difficulties around this for 25 minutes. Shocked by wage demands and asking prices. Won’t break wage structure. Got close on some deals. Has to field questions from Venkys as to why he hasn’t bought anyone You said defenders are coming, while we got some loanees, why do Venky’s seem reluctant to spend on defensive reinforcements, but happy to spend elsewhere? Mowbray angry We’ve changed goalkeeper, brought in Adarabioyo, Lenihan is good enough to get us promoted, loves Nyambe’s attitude and believes he can make a top player. We can’t bring in an entire new defence, doesn’t know what people expect. Clarified point that it was not a question aimed it Mowbray, it was about long term strategy and a reluctance from the owners, money made available for expensive attackers We aren’t going to find a centre half who can, pass, tackle, head and read the game – they will be in the premier league. Its an important position, seemed to concede we could do with investing there, but stated it is difficult. Walton wasn’t a target, fell into our laps at the end of the window. Others fell away. Knows he makes the odd mistake like all keepers, had the option to replace in January. Are we not going to be back at square one in the summer as loans and contract expire? Yes. Mulgrew has another year (just an inkling, but he didn’t seem overly happy with the Mulgrew situation) Bell has an option in the clubs favour for another year Aiming for 2 keepers Centre halves massively important, would like to work a bit of magic with city and get Adarabioyo on loan again Budget was around £1.3 million, they can always ask for more Are defenders and goalkeepers a priority in the summer window? Yes. Commercial Why do we have a third kit? We are not Man Utd with faceless fans. It is exploitative. Waggott Angry – I would never exploit anyone Grey kit has sold brilliantly Sold out 2 runs of 3rd kit Mowbray looked at Slaven Bilic and neither of them could believe we had been allowed to play in those kits as it was difficult to tell the grey and West Broms kit apart. So many teams in this league play in white, and grey is close to white Didn’t ever want to have to borrow a kit Mowbray doesn’t decide who wears what kit Waggott, the kit men, people from umbro and people from marketing sit down and review kits and decide on them Might use same 3rd kit next year Steve, you made a comment, "We couldn't have done more, where is everyone?" How do you think a remark like that is received by supporters, who already feel they have been treated with contempt for a decade? No disrespect intended – it was meant to be a rallying cry We fell short of the target (10k target, sold just over 8k season tickets, £325k shortfall) Went to bat for the fans with the owners to ensure no price hike Tries to understand economic pressures within the area Oxford game was an event, not a match. People haven’t been back – not core support as highlighted by them going on the pitch Scrap the Waggott tax. Planning around catering People come to watch the game, not because of pies and Bovril. It’s a barrier. And expoits fans and stops spur of the moment decisions I don’t see it that way, we have the 1875 membership, that helps limit the cost of category A+ games Lots of discussion round this – would consider it Can’t make every game a tenner Needs signoff from the owners on pricing issues and initiatives Speaks to people at away games who still wont set foot in Ewood – understands why, hopes to re-engage The 10k giveaway was a bad one wasn’t it? It can’t have lead to a single sale. Yes it was a bad idea. Almost done as an afterthought Why is their primary use of the electronic advertising boards to promote Venky’s brand? What commercial value does this have to the club? Not the primary function Much of the advertising remains unsold so can account for this – it has a value. Same with the Riverside. Answered concisely and well. If and when we sell advertising, we will see less of the Venky’s logo Stadium Can we move away fans into the lower tier? Fans forum have been relentless on this issue Lots of discussion on this – opinions mixed Marginal gains V loss of atmosphere Opposition fans can sometimes seem to suck the ball into the net Looking at getting home fans behind both goals Refillable glasses and greener options Sodexo looking into it. Aware of H&S issues Lack of suitable allergen friendly options, and limited knowledge of catering staff Disappointing. Will raise with Sodexo. Improvements to lounges mentioned in the intro. Finance/Ownership FFP position Over to Cheston – As it stands we are FFP compliant. We don’t have to report this yet, our accounting period is at the end of June so there is time to fix any issues if needs be. Wasn’t giving anything away or getting into specifics. Almost defensive. Clarified the three year period FFP relates to Has there been any talk of a sale/buy back of Ewood? Cheston: No Waggott interjected: Not at all happy! This has come from the fans forum. I’ve been misinterpreted. We said we were aware of all options available to us and suddenly we are selling Dack and selling Ewood. Had to field calls from the EFL as this got out and hadn’t been discussed with them They are aware of the ACV status So while its not imminent, is it something that may be looked at down the line should we need to remain FFP compliant? That’s hypothetical at the moment We’d need to sit down with all stakeholder. There are legal ramifications. We are a long way off that point. I’m very concerned about the levels of debt, and the recent losses reported are unsustainable. The owners are committed. They can’t do any more. We are very tightly audited, and the accounts cause no concern. They have made guarantees to continue funding, no reason to expect any change any time soon. Desai made a promise to "absolutely respect Jack Walker's legacy." As we approach the Venky's 10 year anniversary, what is your assessment of her delivery on that promise? Waggott not happy We are working with the trust on securing a heritage grant. This club has great history and needs to be celebrated more. We’ve maintained the statue. Disappointing turnout for a well publicised plea to clean the grave, which Waggott was one of only 10 people to attend. He is all about respect. Part of his ethos. All employees have to subscribe to it. If anyone feels he has disrespected them, please approach him. They can take it offline. I think the disrespect to Jack’s legacy is more around how the we have gone from being the model example of how to run a town club, took us to the top of the pile, and we’ve had a decade of decline and never got near promotion in that time. Can’t comment on what went on before I got here Humble people etc etc We want to get promoted and so do the owners Tony Parkes There was a great deal of understanding around this. Rob Coar and Lynsey Talbot had both been looking at fitting tributes and been in touch with the Parkes family. Bayes did a good job of explaining Tony’s current condition. He has recorded his acceptance speech for the next hall of fame class already. Tony will be at the game tomorrow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something was announced then. Happily there seems to be a real willingness for the club to do what ever they can for Tony. After the meeting Spoke to Waggott – he was amiable and professional, and as always appeared open to discussion. Stated that a lot of the questions were aimed at Venky’s and they weren’t there to answer. Mentioned links with HSH (see previous posts of Venky’s welcome or not thread) Knows of the three and their links. Understands why this would be a concern. Isn’t a fan of agents. Won’t go above a 5% agents fee and has lost out on deals because of this stance. Always pays them last and prioritises local contractors, PAYE, HMRC etc. Has been pulled up about it in audits but will continue to keep them as last priority. Mentioned a couple of particularly bad agents and deals. If and when the time comes to replace Mowbray (the way he worded it was ‘If Tony comes to me and tells me he’s had enough’) he will go to market, do his due diligence, and get the best man for the job. I pointed out it wasn’t his integrity or judgement I was questioning. Ultimately they are the owners, I’m doing what I can to make this club successful. Spoke about the attendance issue We spoke at length last time about this too. Mentioned the podcast I did with @Herbie6590 on here, and how positive I was after that. There are a small number of fans reluctantly not attending because of Venkys, a bigger number not attending due to league position and falling out of the habit, and a massive number of potential fans who see football as a TV or streaming experience. Its difficult and there is no magic formula. He is aware of a guy on Facebook who has started his own streaming service where he charges people to watch Rovers games. Spoke about Venkys I said their long term view is unclear. There seemed to be a lot of understanding about what had gone on before. He asked if I thought there was anyone still there from those times before he arrived who I was concerned about. I said yes. He asked me to elaborate. I said obviously people like Lynsey Talbot and Rob Coar were fine and part of the furniture... and then there was Pasha. All he really said about Pasha was “I certainly wouldn’t call Suhail a low level employee.” And something along the lines of ‘He is the owners man and long term business advisor’. He keeps trying to get them to come to a game. I was in the minority of one in the small group of fans involved in this chat who thought this was a bad idea. He mentioned that they were reluctant since they get pelted with a snowball, everyone acknowledged the fanbase had softened. There would be some negativity displayed towards them, but they (me included) would likely be shouted down. I said I didn’t feel they were humble. Waggott said they he had told them “They don’t need to turn up in helicopters or a convey of Rolls Royce’s, just a Mercedes 7 seater with blacked out windows, just come in quietly and watch the game.“ Balajio’s son is football mad. He will be the one signing the cheques one day. They want to get him along and involved. He’s the one at Reading Uni. Other bits and pieces that came up Heritage project sounds great – he wants people to get involved Chapman walks around with a hang dog look on his face. Doesn’t want to play for the u23’s… “Well, if Danny Graham can play for the U23’s you bloody well can!” We could do with that pace he brings. Its his head that’s stopping him. We raved about Nyambe and Travis a bit Brereton hasn’t worked out as we’d have liked It would be great to get promoted even just for a season. He’d want to invest in the infrastructure, get a hotel or something at the back of the Riverside – do something exciting with it, not increase the size. Safe standing a possibility Summary From my point of view, I really want to be able to distinguish between them and the club, and Venky’s. I recognise my refusal to buy a ticket is futile. It harms my enjoyment more than its intended target. When I didn’t go the criticism was ‘You aren’t supporting the team’, when I take up the offer of free tickets it’s ‘You aren’t supporting the club’. I don’t like doing either, despite what you may think @Paul Mani My intention is to buy a season ticket again and sit with my family and friends, providing there aren’t any idiotic decisions taken in the coming weeks. In my opinion Waggott and Mowbray are likeable, committed and honest. I think they have the best of intentions, and that’s not something I’ve been able to say about some of their predecessors. So yeah, I need to make that small commitment. Plenty of positives to take away, but plenty will remain unanswered as long as Venky’s remain remote. These meetings aren’t fit for purpose.
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    My Dad is going through a similar thing, albeit in his early eighties, and it's so sad to see ... Tony should be so proud of his daughter ! Watching things like this puts all the " silliness " around local rivalries in it's true perspective. All Clubs have their legends and favorite sons, and Tony Parkes truly is one of Blackburn Rover's finest. The " Up the Clarets " board has a post about Tony this morning, and there's much best wishes and sympathy being expressed, to which I should like to add my own. Good luck, fella !
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    As I said in the build up, I’m numb to rovers at the moment, nothing excites me about the team currently, from manager, first team squad, potential January signings, style of play. It’s all so... meh. Run of the mill, going through the motions. Season died when dack got busted. Mowbray is nothing, not inspiring or tactically astute. I am just struggling to get into it at all. Sounds like today was a reflection of my feelings. Need a change, the fans need a change
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    Anyone of a sensitive disposition should look away now... I’ll preface what I’m about to say by saying that Buckley’s goal was a fantastic moment, and the most I’ve celebrated at Ewood for a long time. That’s a massive 3 points that we really needed and I was genuinely delighted. But... sadly, it has probably just removed any hope of a managerial change until it is too late. If today’s result is to count for anything then Mowbray must be sacked. Tonight. With immediate effect. Or he should have the decency to walk. Today’s win was in spite of Mowbray and not because of him. When Sheffield Wednesday scored Mowbray was just about to bring on Corey Evans to protect a 0-0 scoreline and hopefully take a point. His petulant outburst - throwing the bottle on the pitch - shows he is still passionate, or under huge pressure, but his decision making shows he not up to the task at hand. As it was Murphy’s 83rd minute goal forced Mowbray’s hand. There was no way he could bring Evans on at that point. Painted into a corner he sent Evans to get changed and brought Buckley on instead. The young lad the game was crying out for and wouldn’t have been on the pitch if Mowbray had his way. We would all have been robbed of that - Buckley included. Almost released from the shackles of another depressingly negative substitution, the players responded and we got one of the best finishes to a match in the last two-and-a-half years. This team, this squad, this club, is capable of so much more and the current manager is now holding us back. “We’ve won stop being so negative/miserable/churlish” I hear you cry. But I’m even more resolute than ever that Mowbray’s instincts are now stopping this team from reaching its potential. The player huddle after the final whistle showed the spirit is there. I have always credited Mowbray with producing that. But in a division like the Championship we need more than that. We need bold decision making and to go out and get 3 points instead of settling for 1. Yes, it was a decent opposition side but we have lost to Luton and Charlton too and with an attacking ethos rather than negative one, our boys showed we can live with them. Thanks for everything, Tony. But that substitution debacle felt like a watershed moment for me, it’s time to go.
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    Downing - what a professional! Murphy, take note you wanker.
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    I haven’t posted about Rovers fortunes for a long while. It’s so hard to believe in the current ownership and it’s very easy to become disaffected and disillusioned with the way in which the poultry barons in Pune have breathed life into our nightmares. However............ On the subject of their 7th permanent manager in 9 abject years, it is hard to escape the fact that any judgement of Tony Mowbray was always going to be distorted by the folly that preceded him. He followed Owen Coyle, who was a farcical appointment that could only have been entertained by fools looking to torment an already mistreated fan base. Therefore the unsuccessful battle against relegation was overlooked and Mowbray’s contribution from Feb-May was, rightly or wrongly, viewed largely as a valiant effort. The promotion season was enjoyable for the simple reason that for the first time under these wretched owners, a winning team was being turned out most weeks and, to Mowbray’s credit, he projected a palpable authenticity and came across as the “proper football man” that so many of us dearly craved. That said, for me personally, the football was unconvincing, but I was (like most of us I suspect) carried away with this euphoria of winning, which had become so alien. Last season again seemed to be considered a “free hit” by many, but for me this is where significant concerns began to manifest themselves on a consistent basis. Chief amongst them, the “marquee” signing Brereton, the porous defence and Mowbray singularly failing to integrate the talented Joe Rothwell until it was too late. This summer was not only a missed opportunity, but for me actually inflicted more weaknesses in a squad that so badly needed augmenting in crucial areas. The goalkeeping situation has completely bemused me. Raya was far from faultless, at times painfully naive, but the necessary promise was there to be nurtured and developed. Walton is not an upgrade and more significantly is not even our player. For me the sale of Raya is symptomatic of this manager, his handling of youth players has left a lot to be desired, as both Nyambe and to a certain extent Travis demonstrate with their performances, which have to me displayed confidence issues and an anxiety which were non existent 9-12 months ago. The acquisition of Gallagher is fast becoming as big an albatross round Mowbray’s neck as Brereton and the striking department is beginning to look worryingly bare. The team, much like the club itself, is drifting in a mode of complacency and that is when sides are at their most vulnerable. A real motivator and tactical innovator is what the club needs and has needed since the needless jettisoning of Allardyce. 9 years have nearly passed, very little fun has been had following Rovers in those times. The Raos have had 7 go’s at getting it right and simply have not, only proving that their heads are as empty as Ewood Park. Mowbray has probably come to the end, but the sad and frank truth is, I have no faith his replacement will be any greater suited to deliver the needs of our football club
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    Update on our friend... Great news, folks. Thanks for all of your well-wishes - all of which were passed on to Paul (and his very worried mum).
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    I contacted Alan Shearer via twitter and he agreed to sign my shirt for me, im over the moon. I’m in Ireland so posted it to the UK with a return envelope and I had it back inside a week. He came across as a really nice guy, even sent me this emoji in a message when I thanked him on twitter for the memories and the goals 🙋‍♂️ Lol
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    Really? You think the pressure would be less if he had gone public and aimed for midtable? Who on earth aims for mid table in this garbage division? Look at what Neil is doing at Preston or what Warburton is doing at QPR. Ambitious managers who set out to win every week. Even if the aim was top 10 we aren't even going to get near that. Mowbray is getting stick for a number of reasons none of them to do with his aims for the season. We are regressing. We are awful to watch. We collapse every time we go ahead. We are entering a relegation battle. His transfer dealings are awful. He's had a bigger net spend than most managers at this level. No more excuses. It's not good enough and Mowbray is responsible.
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    I suspect what’s happened here is as follows... Brereton has performed poorly, again, and been subbed off. A few people have made ironic cheers, maybe the odd couple have booed, and a few people probably shouted something along the lines of “get off, you are shit”. The majority of the supporters there will have stood up and applauded him with varying degrees of enthusiasm. He probably looked a bit disappointed in his performance. Which he should have been. This whole scenario has since been reimagined with our fans as a baying mob hurling disgusting abuse at an apparently crushed and inconsolably sobbing Brereton as he trudged off the field. Criticism and abuse are not one and the same. Referees are human, all of them undoubtably try their best, yet they are barracked from all corners in every single match, and their performances scrutinised and criticised whatever they do. Why doesn’t the virtue signalling extend to them? Branding any criticism of a footballer as abuse is really problematic. I’ve seen fans vilified and bullied disgracefully via social media for simply voicing an opinion (the situation with Bennett on twitter earlier this season being a prime example). There is also a risk of it threatening to trivialise real issues like racism. Also, please let’s not try diagnosing Brereton’s mental health. I expect the support network He has around the club will do that far more effectively than any of us are capable of. Obviously I hope he is ok, and wouldn’t wish any abuse or mental health illness upon him. I do however think he has been an abysmal signing, and one which is more than a little fishy.
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    Abysmal. We're an absolute shambles. A squad with more deadwood than actual potential, a manager who is inept beyond comprehension, an astounding ability to play football without any effective tactics, an executive level who either haven't got a clue all this is happening or are the reason it is happening, and all the while an air around the club as if life doesn't get any better than this. It's so frustrating. You know straight off the bat three things will happen in our games at present - 1) we'll have a wealth of chances we don't convert, 2) we'll concede some piss weak opener, and 3) we'll have no response, and if anything will actually implode. Quite how Samuel missed so many chances so glaringly I don't know. Quite how we have so many strikers at our disposal, yet only two of them are ever been prolific (even one of them - DG - is on the turn now), I don't know. Quite how we go from playing absolute blinders one week, to looking as if we have never met the next, I don't know. The sad fact of the matter is that the only reason everyone else and I get so frustrated is because we care, to whatever degree. You look at their social media profiles and everything's rosy, having a laugh and messing about. You look at Mowbray churning out excuse after excuse. You look at those high up obliterating everything that made me fall in love with this club. None of them give one. Players will move away to elsewhere, the exec likewise, Mowbray will get a nice amount in his coffers for a rainy day and Venky's won't even clock how much they've spent. It is the hope that kills you. After Bristol City I thought maybe, just maybe, we might get somewhere. We've been in this position so many times and have always made a hash of it, but Brereton looked like a new man, Travis, Nyambe, Arma etc showed they were still in fine form, JRC was encouraging and we sauntered to a very comfortable win when in all honesty anything could have happened. Even coming into today, a win would still have had us in the mix. Instead we got had by the side bottom of the league, let a bloke about a foot shorter than anyone around him score a header, tried to remedy this by removing our only actual goalscorer, and, like Wigan, got done again because we have no answer in the slightest.
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    Still some odd comments: TM on going with Nyambe (who came off with cramp): “We played him because I think Benrahma is one of the best players in the division, he’s a special talent. When you set Nyambe a challenge to stop someone he’s pretty good at it. I’m delighted for him and for the team.” #Rovers So Nyambe plays to stop one of the best players in the league, then why can’t he play every week?
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    Natural level based on historical League occupation - top flight Natural level based on trophies- top flight Natural level based on where we were before Jack Walker came along - top end of 2nd tier. Re-writing the record books in an effort to dumb down and reduce expectations is a familiar trait of this regime.
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    There is a game on Saturday at 3pm. We are in it. Reading are also in it. This is an absolute must-play game. It's crucial that we play this game. For Reading also, it's extremely important that they play this game. Mid-table mediocrity bragging rights are on the line. If we don't field a team that can play this game, we will have no chance of achieving our dream of fulfilling our fixture list. The stakes are now very real. I'm hoping we can field a team that definitely includes Bennett. This hope is the best way to make sure I'm not disappointed. It might be best if he plays in goal, as I think it's the only position he hasn't been crammed into, with Walton as a false 9. I expect Tony to field a never-before-seen formation so that we can have a talking point. With the playoffs and relegation no longer on the cards, we should probably try out more of the youngsters and players with a future who need to keep developing. So the out-of-contractors and the loanees will definitely play in our 2-6-1-1 formation, with 6 CMs, Gally RW, no LW and Walton as the false 9. I can't emphasise strongly enough how excited I am that we are in with a great chance to play this game. Anything less than 0 points is just unacceptable.
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    As always with Rolo! And he touches on why I just don’t bother getting wound up over managers with this regime. Nobody at the club is striving for it to be the best it can be, so why will anything change? We are a zombie club, from time immemorial we have been run by what I saw as ‘Rovers people’, even if they weren’t local. From John Williams, Jack, of course, and before that decades of the butcher, baker and candle stick makers of east Lancashire. All understood the club, the town, the fanbase (debacles like 1960 aside), making the very best of what we had, even if the club was that skint it had the manager himself fishing balls out of the River Darwen. Yet now, with the richest owners we’ve ever had, I look at it and the club feels something like a forgotten bowling alley franchise, a neglected part of some big corporation’s portfolio left to slowly rot away (quite literally when you look at Ewood). I see no drive, no vision, no passion for Blackburn Rovers. Club management akin to the brewery appointed ‘pub manager’ who ticks things over until he goes somewhere else as punters drift away and the landlord down the road sees his pub boom with his innovations and passion. This pandemic is an existential threat for this club, a club that had already lost half of its match going supporters in recent times is now pretty much the only club in the league going into August with 0 season ticket holders on the back of a poor season end as we enter a once in three centuries recession. We are in a big hole yet who in the club even realises, never mind is going to get us out of it? To paraphrase... ‘I’M committed, but are they?’
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    This. Along with 4000’s post. Why buy two strikers for so much money if it was never the intention to play them both, in their normal position at the same time? Why buy so many midfielders when apparently there isn’t one amongst them that can play the Dack role? Fully understand that you go with one up front when Dack is fit, but don’t we “need to have different ways of playing”? Putting Brereton and Gallagher out wide does neither of them any favours - evidently. I’ve said it for months (not on here admittedly!) but no defence would fancy playing against Graham and Gallagher with a team whipping crosses into the box. Or Arma, maybe even Brereton would benefit from playing with a strike partner (why haven’t we even tried this?). We just don’t have that in our locker it would appear. Downing can cross a ball though. Rankin Costello? Chapman? But your limiting your options when there’s only one striker to aim at. I’d go 4-4-2 and to hell with it. Get organised, disciplined, stick to the system and let the other team worry about us for a change. Wide men drop back in when we don’t have the ball and help the full backs / midfield.
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    Spot on and like jim I'm starting to get very irate and the ongoing ineptitude of Mowbray's tenure. I think people are muddying the waters by suggesting Mowbray's only fault is that he chops and changes the team too much. That's true as far as it goes but he's a rank bad manager who can't inspire the team to play with any passion or commitment. A half decent manager would also be able to establish an identity, a pattern or style of play which would enable any squad players or new signings to fit in relatively seamlessly. Not this manager. He's also been at the Club nearly three seasons now and has had ample time to rebuild the squad and give us optimism going forward. Instead potential new signings are looked upon not as players who might improve the team but like aliens from another planet that will only upset or displace players already at the Club. This lack of enthusiasm for bringing in new blood has translated into disastrous transfer dealings with most permanent moves centred around people at the end of their careers or development projects rather than experienced players who will come straight into the team and improve it. I was just thinking the other day about Jacob Davenport. I couldn't remember his name at first as I 've never seen him. Does he even exist? What a joke. Brereton, Chapman and Holtby to name but a few must also be wondering why they bothered joining the Club round about now. As a result what a state we are in. Mowbray has spent 15m on three strikers and there's not much so far to suggest there's a decent one among them. The other option is a player who is completely past it and who should never have been awarded his last new contract. In midfield Mowbray appears to have coached all the life and enthusiasm out of Travis who is turning into a clone of Evans who in turn sails merrily along collecting new contract after new contract whilst all the while barely breaking sweat. The less said about Johnson the better, an overweight Danny Murphy on one final pay day for me. In defence you could argue that our best defenders are on loan and don't belong to us. The insistence on Bennett being shoehorned into the side isomewhere s beyond a joke, surely no-one except the manager and the player himself think that that's a good idea. Despite being desperately short of centre halves our own youngsters like Wharton (in particular) and Magloire cant get a chance and don't get me started on the keeper situation, Mowbray singled out scapegoated and sold an extremely promising up and coming young keeper and replaced him with a big useless lump on loan who is the worst first choice keeper I've seen in 49 years of watching us. Running into severe FFP difficulties and we don't even own our keeper. The whole mess needs someone with a fresh eye, who has no emotional investment in these underachieving players to come in, be ruthless and sort it out. Otherwise we face a fairly swift return to League 1. I don't suppose that what I or those of a similar mind think will make the slightest bit of difference as Mowbray has cleverly made himself bulletproof by installing his mate Waggott as his boss who anecdotally we hear thinks that the manager (and the man who got him his job) is the best thing since sliced bread. There's a surprise. Whoever would have thought it. I do however feel slightly better for venting my spleen.
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    Incredible how much time has been and gone under their ownership. At my age I was too young to really enjoy the golden era of the early to mid 90s and wasnt old enough to be able to go to the European games abroad in the 2000s. The point at which I was able to travel and immerse myself in Rovers was in the late Hughes era of 2007-08. Unfortunately for me 9 of the 12 years since then have been dire. Bad timing. As for Venkys - I can't think of a single thing in 9 years that they have improved at Rovers. 9 years and god knows how many millions of pounds and not a single element of the club is better than it was when they arrived. Financially it is a disaster zone. Footballing wise we are nowhere near. Comercial/Corporate - regression Infrastructure- zero investment beyond essential maintenance and it shows Boardroom- almost an insult to compare to what it was. All the while smaller clubs without the 'benefit' of billionaire owners and Walkers legacy have caught up and overtook us. Simple question for Waggott at the start of the next consultation meeting - Steve, please can you name one single thing at Rovers that has benefited from Venky involvement in the last 9 years? If not, why should we be grateful at being £150 million in debt to them for it?
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    I don't think anyone at Rovers nor many of the fanbase yet realise the severity of the situation. This isn't a comfortable position where we can just sit back and wait for January or next summer to reassess. As others have correctly pointed out, results since this time last year have been just about survival mark, and that includes 9 points from dead rubbers against Bolton (struggling to even fulfil fixtures), QPR and Forest. Take those bonus points out and it is bad reading. Not mid table. Not play offs. Not comfortable. Barely survival. No room for error. That's reality. From what I've seen so far this season we look at best the same as last season and on occasions worse (our home results have deteriorated). The football remains dreadful to watch the majority of the time so we can't really cling to progress being made on that front. Nor has the defence really improved despite a few clean sheets in September. The penny will drop soon. It might take another couple of defeats or places down the table but soon the urgency and seriousness of the situation will become clear.

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