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    Just on way back now. Good day out. A few thoughts... Hull could be a banker for relegation, very poor and it seemed the fans know it too. No atmosphere from them at all and out side the ground before and after was very flat. Allam Out. Surprised there weren't more Rovers fans but what were there made a good racket. On the game. Always felt like there were periods of the game were we could have upped it a gear. They were lacking in quality and we should have really punished them. The back 4 for me were class, Nyambe is so strong and quick, the lad could be a real player for us. I like his and Bell's pace at fullback. Lennihan and Mulgrew won everything and did a steady job, the way Hull played suited them though. Evans frustrates me. At one point he was pointing at Nyambe to do his job, he always seems to react too late to everything. He's not proactive enough to command and get us organised. I'm hoping Davenport lives up to expectations. Smallwood did an OK job, lad gets a foot in and I personally prefer him to Evans but they're both are too similar. He played a tidy little pass to set up the goal though. Bennett. Missed an absolute sitter it looked from where I was sat. Gave the ball away too much for my liking but always full of running and commitment, rather see him in DM because he doesn't have enough quality going forward IMO. They were frightened stiff of Arma in first half. His pace and movement was really refreshing to see and it should of counted for more. Palmer is a great find and really good in the air too, won loads of headers. His pace and trickery will be useful for us, capable of creating something out of nothing, was surprised TM took him off. Dacky obviously only really played in first half. Typical really, can hurt teams, always looks capable of creating something, certainly not out of his depth in this league, although he did give ball away in and almost landed us in the chit. His knock maybe came at a good time in hindsight, Graham made it stick up top which meant more possession in their half rather than ours. Graham was class when he came on. Such a difficult player to play against and they couldn't live with him. Unlucky not to get a goal really but exactly the sort of performance you want from a target man, was just missing a goal. Travis. Very decent, put himself about, never went hiding, always wanted the ball. You can tell he really wants it, by that I mean to make it as a player for us, didn't give the ball away, chased players down, tidy performance. In Rothwell we might have a gem. Looks a technically gifted player, walked his way past a few of theirs on a few occasions, very easy on the eye and has ability. Could grow into a decent player for us, certainly has something about him. Rovers as it stands could be a decent championship side but without getting carried away... Hull were very poor and we'll find out more about this group of players against better opposition. Always had a feeling a better side might have punished us on a few occasions today but... You can only beat the team in front of you and today we got the job done. Tony Mowbrays barmy army!
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    Fair play chaps. No complaints whatsoever from me. Better team won deservedly. Thought Reed played well for you lot. Not enough of ours at it. Beradi beaten at 2 set pieces I think not seen the goals yet. Phillips and PJ played for us. Ah well we move on. Thought the atmosphere was dire in our end. These 12 ko times are shite. Errrm ?? Thought the referee was shite. Got searched going in and the bloke who frisked me touched my cock through my jeans. He was lucky I'd only had 4 pints. Lot of rather attractive policewomen in our end. Tried blagging one but she wasn't having it. Any other time we would be in bed now. Na fair play lads. My cousin has just sent me a lovely piss taking message. ST holder in the BBE. As I said yesterday I hope you do well this season and hopefully we can both go up. Lot of time for Blackburn and always a soft spot for Rovers. Go easy.
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    My two penniths worth. Alot of positives to take from the game. What can I say about dack that hasn't already been said he's just a joy to watch and seems to get better by the day. After the second goal went in he was screaming at his team and geeing them up to go again. Fantastic attitude and was simply brilliant all night. The suggestion to play him deeper imo is ludicrous. Rothwell however looked comfortable playing that position and could be the answer. He worked hard , put tackles in and the drove forward or played accurate long balls to our front men always looking for the attacking option which was a breath of fresh air. Bell was a menace down the left turning their right back inside out and deserves a run in the team. Raya made a couple of wonderful saves but still has that ability of shattering my confidence in him with moments of madness. Nyambe Charlie and darragh also played very well. Armstrong proved he his a striker through the middle and was superb. Negatives Samuel is awful. His didn't control a thing all night. Nuttall just doesn't get in the right positions and isn't creative enough to make intelligent runs. Sadly Conway is past it at championship level but put a good shift in last night and finally (Tin hat on) . I do not rate Kasey Palmer one bit. Goal aside without the ball he is beyond niave and his positional awareness is appalling. He looks every bit the u23 player ,albeit with potential. His decision making is poor and whilst he's quick he's a yard slower than everyone on the pitch in his head. I would not be starting him against hull. For the odd moment of skill or the odd goal he pops up with he will cost us two. Maybe harsh after three games but tony has alot of work to do with him to get him up to speed. Overall though a wonderful night I thouroughly enjoyed. Their goal was sublime and was applauded by the traveling faithful and dacks second was recipricated by there fans. The highlight was outside the ground before kick off when an elderly couple in their early seventies wandered over to a statue of a Carlisle player. The lady bent down to read the plaque and smashed her head on the players iron boot. Slumped and in pain her husband , with his hand behind his back never flinched, paused, and looked at me to say that's a free kick. I couldn't help but laugh. She was ok and started what turned out to be a wonderful night of football.
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    Jesus Christ, give the girl a break. Who knows what she's like? Having her character assassinated and reasons for being with her fella by a bunch of internet nobodies because of how she looks, pretty poor fellas, pretty poor.
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    Sometimes I forget whether this message-board is for discussion of Rovers or middle aged men role playing as teenagers girls
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    If I'd have been a Leeds fan watching today's game I'd have honestly felt that Rovers had done a job on us. Much the way I felt Sheffield utd did to us. We may not have been free flowing, but we were extremely professional and looked like wily opponents who had the measure of them and the league. Got to take my hat off to Mowbray. He's done an outstanding job for us. Really can't underestimate it. Rodwell is looking a shrewd piece of business by the way. We've got a keeper who pulls off miraculous saves. Bell looks a better footballer than Williams and our central midfield looks very combative. My only concern is his ability to spot a centre forward. I love Danny Graham. In my eyes he's the championship version of Glenn Murray. But Samuel and Brereton (thus far) suggest to me this is is Mowbray's major weakness. But on the whole, to take the reigns when he did, with the widespread doom and gloom, he has been nothing short of remarkable and is rapidly becoming one of those managers I will always remember fondly. All the charm and honesty of Bowyer but with the acumen to back it up with results. Football is starting to feel enjoyable again!!
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    Bristol City vs Blackburn Rovers, 02/09/18, 1.30pm, Ashton Gate. Following a win against Lincoln City in the League Cup last night and the unveiling of the worst kept secret in football in Ben Brereton finally signing, we take the hellishly long journey to the South West of the country and head to Bristol City for a slightly re-arranged league game. Rumour has it, it has been moved due to a music festival on the Saturday. As something of a music fan myself, it’s not something I can particularly complain about, particularly as I won’t be attending the match either….. In any event, it’s on Sunday at 1.30pm and if you’re departing from anywhere other than the South West of the country, the smart bet seems to be allowing plenty of time. So, what do we know about Bristol? Apart from it being incredibly far away from our East Lancashire home? Well, I know that some good music has prospered from a strong scene there in the past. What the media dubbed as ‘trip-hop’, with acts such as Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead (okay, they’re from the nearby town Portishead, but they made their name in Bristol, so allow it) were all pioneers of the so-called ‘Bristol Sound’, made popular in the early-mid ‘90s. It has also been something of a hotbed for drum ‘n’ bass and jungle, with acts such as Roni Size, Bad Company UK, Loadstar, DJ Krust, DJ Die, Danny Byrd and TC all hailing from the City (or at least nearby). Electronic music producers such as: Propellerheads, Phaeleh, Nick Warren, all come from Bristol as well. Cider is also very popular in this region of the country, with several specialist cider bars and therefore plenty of options, should you want to wet your whistle pre-match! Also, how could we forget, the former Lancashire Telegraph Correspondent Andy Cryer, who seemed to do a complete 180 on his feelings re Rovers, once he left the publication. (A Rover never forgets Andrew, FYI.) Bristol has also been well-known for its graffiti scene and it is believed to be home to Banksy. This belief was further reinforced by the opening of a Banksy theme park ‘Dismaland’ in 2015. Banksy has admitted he was heavily influenced by artist ‘3D’ aka Robert Del Naja (of Massive Attack). In addition to this, there had been rumours that Del Naja was in fact Banksy, thanks to the loose lips of Jungle/drum ‘n’ bass pioneer Goldie. However, these rumours have never been officially confirmed. A little bit about our opponents Formed in 1894, initially as Bristol South End, once they turned professional three years later, they changed their name to Bristol City. The club have played at Ashton Gate, since a move from their original home of St John’s Lane in 1904. In 1900, they merged with then rivals Bedminster FC and joined the Football League a year later, becoming only the third Southern team after Woolwich Arsenal, (now just Arsenal and located in Islington, North London) and Luton Town to join the competition. In their first league game, they saw off our Lancashire neighbours Blackpool 1-0 at Bloomfield Road. Fast forward to 1905-06 and they won the Second Division Championship, becoming the first team to win 30 out of 38 games played, as well as equalling Manchester United’s record of 14 consecutive wins, a record which stood until this year. They finished as runners up in their first season in the top flight, but by 1910-11, they suffered their first ever relegation. It would be 65 years before they eventually returned to the top flight. City would then go on to have a long stay in the second tier, before a ‘yo-yo’ period between the second and third divisions until they ultimately made their return to the top flight in 1976. However, between 1980 and 1982, there was a decline on and off the pitch and City ended up in the fourth division. Once the club eventually returned to the second tier in 1990, the club has been in the second and third divisions quite a lot since then. However, since 2015, the club has been in The Championship. The club’s main rivals are Bristol Rovers and Cardiff City. With whom they contest the Bristol and Severnside Derbies, respectively. The club are currently managed by Lee Johnson (son of former manager, Gary) and have been since 2016. Average attendances The club averages around 20,000 per week, which you’d expect from a City club, to be fair, but it’s a good number for a second-tier club in any event! The club draws support from Bristol and across the South West. Famous fans Tony Robinson Marcus Trescothick Jonathan Pearce Robert Del Naja John Cleese Justin Lee Collins Richard Scudamore Jenson Button Head to Head Overall They’ve just about got the edge over us, with 17 wins to our 14, with 11 draws. Played for both (A selection) Frank Fielding Keith Fear Andy Cole Bradley Orr Derrick Williams Elliott Bennett Ben Gladwin COYB!
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    What a bloody good afternoon! 3 points in the bag and won £555 on the half-time lottery! 😁😁😁
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    I do love Chris Sutton; Chris Sutton‏Verified account @chris_sutton73 11h11 hours ago Thanks to Burnley supporters for all the kind words tonight....thoroughly enjoyed being back in the North West where I had lovely memories of winning the Premier League with Blackburn Rovers
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    N'Zonzi helped us get relegated from the PL. He's just won a World Cup. Players are different beasts under different managers.
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    I've not read the messages on here yet, I don't want anything to blinder my emotions....but my god, I couldn't fault a single one of those players today. I've been a critic of Evans and Smallwood together in the middle for a long time but I thought they were excellent today, superb even. Hats of to Tony, looked more like a 442 at times with Dack up front and I thought this let him get more involved with Graham in an away game. The usually suspects were solid and immense, the high press pressure was an absolute pleasures to watch, my god have we had some uninterested dross over the last 7 years but today was the cherry on the icing on the cake, it may sound like an over exaggeration (winning 3-2 in a championship match) but jeez how good does it feel to watch players perform like they love and want that shirt. I've a huge smile on the back of those performances. It's what we all want and have craved for years. Players looking to win, tracking back, putting effort in. It gets me on to the main man, Danny Graham. What. A. Performance. Up against some giants at the back. He won everything. He held it all up, he makes Dack look better (if that's possible for our most classy player). Can't praise him enough right now. I left that stadium just wanting to continue clapping him, he was superb. Brilliant Rovers, brilliant Mowbray. We made it nervy as we always do, but were savvy in the last 5/10mins. Enjoy it lads. Stoke looked like us 5 years ago. It's a delight to have the lads and manager we do now. COYB
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    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/july/new-deal-for-darragh/ the twitter account taking the piss out of Nixon made my morning;
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    Hey guys, not sure how you receive opposition fans, so could be my first and last post... I'm a Forest fan. Just came along to see your thoughts on Ben Brereton. Allegedly Jim Whyte of SSN has said today on TalkSport you're now willing to pay up to £14m for Brereton and are confident of it being done this week. So thought i'd give you my thoughts on BB. He's a very mature player for 19yrs. He's a strong lad, he is a very willing runner and his movement gives centre-backs a tough time. He is much better centrally than out wide (can also play wide in a 3) where he moves into channels to win balls and drags players out of position. He is not afraid to go up against defenders and can beat them when facing them up. He is also very good at picking the ball up a bit deeper and driving at defenders, cutting inside/outside and going past them. His movement finds him in good positions to score. He's not particularly fast, but the way he likes to run at people means he is usually facing them up so he knocks it by them and goes, he moves as quickly with the ball than without it. In a straight sprint off the ball he's not the quickest. But he loves to run with the ball at defenders. What he needs to develop still.. Is his finishing/composure. He was our main man the second half of last season and the pressure didn't help him as a then 18yr old. He missed quite a few very good chances where he seemed to lose his composure. He has previously scored a lot of goals at youth level with calm finishes, but he couldn't really get it together at first team level yet. He also struggles with his back to goal, he's not mastered his first touch yet with someone up his backside, and it can bounce off him, or he tries to win a lot of free kicks and gets in some trouble for diving. I think it's just a bit of naivety and if he can learn to not get occupied with a battle with stronger players, he can focus on winning the ball more than beating the man. In the main, I think most Forest fans would be sad to see him go, because he is a talented young lad who can come off the bench and change the dynamic of a game. Not sure he's totally ready to be the leading man just yet, as he has some important parts of the game to learn, but he sure has the potential to be a very good no.9 with development. Not sure he's ever going to be a 20+ goal man, but he can contribute more than just that. In terms of a fee, we don't sell too cheaply nowadays. It's been mentioned we won't accept less than £12m. Which is probably right, wouldn't expect it to be all up front, but if he goes you can expect it to be a deal worth over 8 digits in total, with a sell-on included. Not sure what your financial situation is, or how true Jim Whyte's £14m rumour is. But we do currently hold the record for biggest fee between Champ clubs (£15m for Assombalonga to Boro & biggest teen received fee £13m for Burke - that was too cheap too as Fawaz was desperate to recoup a fee all up front). I think whilst he'd cost quite a bit for what he has done in the game so far, he does have potential and he could be someone who'd be a great foil for Bradley Dack, as he moves defenders around very well when on song, which could earn Dack some more space. Be interesting to see how it all plays out none-the-less !
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    I've never really liked Leeds as a team. Growing up in the late 60's, early 70's, Chelsea were always more glamorous. Rovers were in the Wilderness. Their "style" of football under Revie was at times brutal. A bit like their stadium and (without generalising) their horrible fans. I've been to Elland Road a number of times, and have always felt intimidated and unwanted, as we always seemed to be in that bleak corner. Ahead of our match against Norwich, and Leeds at Villa on Sunday, they currently sit top of the (Christmas) tree, with 45 points, whilst we are becalmed in mid-table, 14 points adrift, it won't be plain sailing.......okay, enough of the watery references. Head to head: Leeds were late developers, only really coming to life in 1919, the mighty Rovers having already won the FA Cup five times. However we haven't done that well against them. The full results (all competitions) are Rovers won 32, drawn 23, lost 44. The first competitive league game was the 25th October 1924, in which they triumphed at Ewood 3-2, the last at their place in the league was a 2-1 defeat on the 13th September 2016, where 19,009 saw Leeds win 2-1, Marvin Emnes scored - where is he now? We have current bragging rights though? Recent players in common: Robbo - he was alreet. Matteo Kilgallon Grayson Wilcox - legend! Batty - oh, you and Le Saux! Fowler - well he did play a few games for us. El Hadji Diouf - expectorate extraordinaire. Graham - please score. Achievements: FA Cup: Rovers 6, Leeds 1 League Cup 1 x 1 League 1 2 x 3 PL 1 x 0 Fairs Cup (Does anyone even care?) Populations: Leeds is apparently (behind Londinium and Brum) the third largest Metropolitan borough in the country, with an estimated current population of 750,000, as opposed to BwDBC at just under 150,000. So soak that up you arrogant Yorkies.....or Loiners, as the folk of the city are known. We are undoubtedly THE BEST TOWN TEAM IN ENGLAND! For such a large city, their ground holds 37,890, but is rarely full. They average just under 32,500 this season. Oh, and they charge too much to away fans, robbing basta*ds! Leeds, the facts: M&S sort of started there, we have one too, so what? Leeds purloined Real Madrid's strip in the 60's, our strip is far superior. The mouse trap, the Little Nipper, was invented there. What about animal rights? There are quite a lot of rats living behind my office in Blackburn though........ Keith Lemon......twat.....need I say more? Jelly tots......never liked them. The last flat cap manufacturer closed their doors in 2000. I never trust a driver in head wear........why, because you have a roof silly, although I accept open top cars might be exempt. Things in common: Since Jack......sh*t owners? The game: I applaud the Rovers who will pay the extortionate prices and attend regardless, probably worse for wear after Christmas Day. I will return on Saturday, as I've promised my son an early present (and it's £28 for both of us in the JW stand, take note Maggot?). I won't comment further as I leave that to others about the game itself. Just a general overview of the past. 23rd October 1993, my mother-in-law had just passed after a battle against cancer. The family were all massive Evertonians. I had a ticket, and they said go, as there was nothing else I could do, I did. Alan nearly beat them single handedly in front of over 37,000. Footy eh? Whilst no longer married, I will always thank them for their blessing! Whilst I sit and type this watching the League Cup, football is something that binds us all on this message board. We should all agree that the members of this forum, whilst not always in agreement, are first and foremost ROVERS through and through. May I wish you all a fantastic Christmas, and let's hope we have an exciting New Year and transfer window! WE ARE ROVERS!
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    If he's "pacey" - he shall be known as Candlin "The Wind"
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    He has a couple of options apparently Rovers and Rotherham being the main 2 he is thinking about as they will offer 1st team opportunities he also has options in the premier league but these will likely be reserve team more than 1st team and also foreign interest mainly from Germany (the Germans can’t get enough of young English players at the minute) there is a possible trump card in Rovers favour though, he has been friends with Joe Rankin-Costello since they were nippers and went to the same school etc, played in same school team and so on they also socialise in the same group of friends and from what I’ve heard he wants to join Rovers firstly But there will be a transfer fee involved and he isn’t on peanuts coming from City, so it’s not a certainty if he does sign Rovers are getting a tough tackling holding midfield player who is technically very good, he hits a decent free kick to, he’s left sided also and can play left back, he won City’s academy players player, and coaches player of the year as a 1st year scholar and is apparently only one of 2 players in this age group at City who has been offered a contract to stay at the club, which it seems he has turned down to further his career, so fair play to him for that so I thought I’d share what I know and give you an idea of what you will get if he does sign
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    I know it's a bit late in the day for post game reaction but here's my tuppence worth. First of all that was a disappointing number we took up, I expected a few more to make the journey. Lambert went on record as saying he'll pay for 50 of our fans to travel up, for all I know that may just have been all we took today. Didn't see the game and missed highlights (Colin Murray's grating whiny voice sounds like seagulls fighting over breadcrumbs on our shed roof and the game was crap by all accounts so no great loss) but read reaction from our TWTD pages and while people accept we're going down they still provide Lambert with a number of plaudits and something on a level not seen since Sir Bobby Robson. Somehow, I don't think he's all that. Scores and performance haven't really improved since he's come in but everyone lies the blame at Paul Hurst's door or if it isn't him it's Marcus Evans or the tearoom assistants. Never seems to be Paul Lambert's fault despite being solely responsible for team selection and "motivating" the players we possess. Came out recently with a "I'll stick with the club even in League One" : I mean what's he supposed to say "I made a mistake coming here and will leave at the soonest opportunity.. ?" Point I'm trying to get across is he's just another manager trying his hand here, you would have had the same thing when Lambert was with Blackburn. Not one to live in the past but seems ridiculous right now we were a hair away from winning the treble at the start of the '80's. There's - or was - a certain pride in supporting this club, we did something incredible for a short time not to mention supplying the English national team with it's two most successful managers but since around 2005 we've been in near total wilderness and rarely have looked like making it back. Biggest concern with me is how long it could take to regain second league status if we fall out this season. We struggle often against lower league opposition so how the hell it's going to be facing these teams on a regular basis over nine months. All the time Marcus Evans hides up his own arse and won't invest in the club and even when he does bother to make a public appearance only comes out with half-hearted disingenuous claptrap. Yes it's a mess and there's an awful lot to do. People talk about being patient but have been just that for around 17 years attempting to make it back to the Premier League. I mean how much patience do you need. Anyway, seems Rovers could still make the top six by end of season. You have some good players that can make that happen and would be some achievement after coming up from League One last summer. As for ourselves that's just where we're headed but in truth it's been looking that way for a good many months (perhaps years) now.
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    I went for a kickabout this afternoon in Pleasington Fields with my son. He fancies himself as a keeper and I still hanker after a Rovers call up at the age of forty seven. Whilst slotting a few penalties past him in the admittedly huge nets on the pitch over the (once) blue bridge, I noticed a sprightly dog walker of pensionable age taking a keen interest as my lad repeatedly made the thirty yard dash to retrieve the ball that I had smashed past him in fatherly fashion. After a few minutes, the old boy ambled over and said hello. He asked if it would be ok to pass a tip onto my son to help him when facing penalties. He then spent a minute or so doing a bit of coaching with him which my son clearly found interesting. I formed the strong impression that he was an ex pro and when he came back over I asked him. "Bobby Svarc" came the reply. I didn't start watching Rovers until well into the 1977/'78 season so I missed him by a few months but the name was familiar to me. I shook his hand and had a lovely chat to him for 15 minutes or so. He is 72 years old now but clearly in good nick. He told me that Rovers was his last team, he retired at 31 with knee problems. We talked a bit about players of his era and, me being me I mentioned my all time hero Garns who he said he rated highly. He started at Leicester as a boy and played with the likes of Gordon Banks. He said he had played with or against all of the '66 World Cup team other than Jack Charlton and Stiles. He told me that Jimmy Greaves was simply the greatest striker he ever saw. All in all a really good day for me and I was chuffed to talk with him. My son won't reveal the penalty tip though.....
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    Whether you like or loathe Venkys or whether you think we should be grateful for their continued (mainly self-inflicted) financial support is irrelevant for me. I've no time for Venkys at all and as I've explained many a time on here I'm reluctant to believe that a corner has truly been turned off the back of 12 months of positive progress. Having said that I think we can all agree that the last 12-18 months have been better than what came before that, and most people feel better about things than they have in a while. With that in mind I don't think it is wise to start hurling abuse and insults the moment one of the Venky group turn up at Ewood. Whilst they are owners of the club it is likely to be better that they have some sort of involvement or interest rather than absolutely none and the more personal relationships and interest in the club at their end the better our prospects. I certainly think it would be counter-productive to start hurling insults at this bloke as soon as he appears at Ewood. Rather than achieve anything positive it could well cause more damage as these are the sort who will pull the shutters down and the drawbridge up if they feel like it. I can learn to tolerate them as long as the club seems to be run in a professional manner and they are clearly providing financial support to enable us to compete beyond what other clubs are able to do. This is by no means a Venky supporting post, I still don't really trust them after what went on with Bowyer, Lambert and Coyle, but I fail to see what possible good it will do to start being aggressive towards a bloke who could well be owner in years to come, especially when Mowbray has spoken of the need to try and build bridges and get the owners engaged.
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    He presented for every throw in. He moved the ball forward from defence to attack for the entire game. He presented every time Lenihan or Mulgrew had possession. He made an important foul when they were three on one. He continuously made two yards of space for himself to take the pressure off the defence. He did all that and only gave the ball away once all night, when he crossed over the back post. But yeah, disgraceful.
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    There should be no excuses and no cliches imo. The window so far has been...underwhelming. Do I think we’d go down with this squad? No? Is it better than the one which went down? Yes, I believe it is. Just about. I do know one thing. You have here one of TM’s staunchest supporters BUT if we don’t sign some pretty decent players on loans with a view then I smell a rat. That just wouldn’t add up. It’d mean that he’s ‘refused’ to spend his budget for two windows in a row.
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    Chris Brown signs 3 year deal. "I've got unfinished business"
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    https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/tony-transfer-dealings-bubbling-away-nicely/ 8th June - things progressing on a daily basis, pretty sure activity will increase over the next few weeks https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/tonys-transfer-update/ 28th June - lots going on, ideally we sign as many as we can to build the club (rather than loans), we're getting closer to signing more players. Those sort of comments, made 4-6 weeks ago, are the reason people are getting concerned.

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