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  1. I go to the home games for the football, if I'm given something to cheer about I'll do my bit but I'm not that up for jumping about and singing on a Tuesday night after a 10 hour slog on site, mind you we haven't battered a team mid week for sometime have we? I go the away days for the day out and the football but usually the day out is coming first, I only go aways at the weekend for this reason. I doubt I'm alone in being like this. The atmosphere could obviously be better at Ewood park for plenty of reasons detailed above but I think the players should be beating what's in front of them regardless of atmosphere at our last couple of league home games.
  2. I'm not saying the results are good enough, I'm saying that they've happened. Let's see where we are at Christmas before the standard knee jerk reactions from Rovers fans.
  3. We weren't good enough throughout the pitch yesterday. One of those days when we wouldn't have scored if we'd played 180 mins. Home form is bad. Nobody would have expected us to lose to MK Dons and Wimbledon at home before we'd kicked a ball but how many would have expected a win at Bradford and Scunny? If we get a result next week at Shrewsbury is it that much of a disaster? A bad result is just a bad result, we've got an awful long way to go yet. Calls for Mowbray to go are foolish and personal vendettas against players verge on the bizarre especially if you haven't actually been to the game!
  4. Harper wide 442? Glad to see Mulgrew back, surprised Chapman has been overlooked.
  5. He's a cut above anything we have and he's our captain. I think the other players will understand.
  6. If Mulgrew is fit throw him in. Apart from that I'd keep the same team, send a message to players if they perform they'll keep their place. Strong options off the bench with Dack, Chapman and Graham. No defender in this league wants to see any those three coming on with 25/20 mins to go when they're blowing out their arses. I fancy we'll get a draw tonight myself, toughest test we've faced yet. A win would be fantastic.
  7. I don't understand how anyone has seen enough of him to really know if he's ready to play regularly in this league. Until he's thrown in when he'll either sink or swim.
  8. I'd be happy to see Chaddys team. How fit is Dack?
  9. We have to get promoted. Anything less is a failure.
  10. Apparently they also qualify if they've played over 40 games for the first team.
  11. Why not start Nuttall tomorrow if he puts in another good performance promise him some game time next home game? Dunno if throwing the lad on away is the best idea unless we're up by a few.
  12. Bloody hell lads stop overanalysing everything you'll drive yourselves insane.
  13. Order of players I'd least like to see leave. Mulgrew (think he'll stay, seems old enough to not want the faff and is playing for the shirt, didn't look like he wanted to leave yesterday when he put us in front. Twice. Irreplaceable at this level) Lenihan (convinced he'll leave, shame. We need another centre half to replace him, Ward worries me) Evans (good tidy player, really rate him when he's fit. Nobody to replace him in the squad) Graham (has looked disinterested for a while now, what's gone/going on behind the scenes we'll probably never know. I feel Samuel is our main striker now). Feeney (Can run fast. Idiot. Be glad to see the back of him) Think that covers it? I know QPR bid for Bennett but I don't think he's going anywhere.
  14. How long is some time? I thought he just picked up a knock?
  15. Gallagher at PNE knocked the stuffing out of me and I never really believed after that, doubt I'm alone