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  1. Season Tickets 2018/19

    I’m 26, left school at 16 to start an apprentiship moved out at 23 like many of my friends. If you have a job and want a season ticket you can get one. It’s less than a tenner a week over the course of a year.
  2. Rovers v Blackpool

    If you speak to other teams fans Rovers is known as a good away. As a club we should encourage that, not provide them the bare minimum we have to make Vinjay happy. Get a bloody grip! We’re a football club and a good one at that, we should take pride in our facilities and hospitality. Brian Clough also made sure his teams ground was in immaculate condition before the arrival of Leeds as he understood what it means to take pride in your club. 🙄
  3. LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    The wages we’re paying to Ward and Evans man alive. I hope Tony is looking to offload the both this summer give himself some room for manoeuvre. None of them have played a key part or even a real part in this season. Wouldn’t even have Ward on the bench for us.
  4. Bennell, Crewe and Gradi

    My mate showed me a thing where Fergie spotted him at a United youth camp and had him escorted away by security. People knew. They always do.
  5. Rovers v Bury

    I’d like to see that. Be nice to see us get at them from the off and put the game out of reach early.
  6. Portsmouth v Rovers

    I did not enjoy watching that one bit. Glad to see Armstrong get amongst the goals, I think there's plenty more where they came from. I thought Samuel wasn't up to much in his big moment tonight. Lenihan looked like he hadn't been away for long. Him and Mulgrew have to got to be first names on the team sheet until he end of the season injuries permitting now. Travis showed his inexperience with his sending off no doubt he got carried away, gutted for him because he looked like he'd earned himself a start and now he's banned for however many games.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Sorry for the assumptions but it is often the case with most people who seem to hate him. In your case it seems it isn't. You can hate what the British Army while drawing a wage in England, lord knows plenty of people who are English do. At the end of the day he's from Derry, I've got good friends from Derry they don't hate me but they hate the British Army. Can you blame them?
  8. Premier League Stuff

    Probably because he doesn’t wear a poppy 🙄 I have more respect for him for not wearing one than compromising his beliefs and wearing one personally but I seem to be in a minority.
  9. Portsmouth v Rovers

    We’ve got the ball player in Mulgrew we need a warrior, they’re out there it’s not like a big lump is hard to come by in this league. Could do with one up front as well, we don’t have a proper plan B. Every team that’s had some big lads has made life difficult for Rovers this season. We’ve all seen it. I’m looking forward to the return of Lenihan if for nothing else we’ll have a defender willing to give a bit back, we’re soft as shite and teams know it. I understand we’re going to get kicked and knocked about a bit but there’s nothing stopping us kicking back.
  10. Ideal starting 11

    For @#/? sake haha! I always seem to mess that up whenever I do it.
  11. Ideal starting 11

    Wanted to get an idea of what everyone’s ideal starting 11 would be if everyone was fit. I don’t think we know our best team or formation. So far this season we’ve had the most joy when we’ve played 4-2-3-1 so I’m going to pick my team based on that. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Smallwood Whittingham Chapman Dack Armstrong Graham That’d be who I’d ideally like to see start our home games. For aways you could look to stick Bennett in there in place of Whittingham or maybe in place of the wider of the players behind Graham for his work rate. I think you can make a case for Williams at left back, anyone next to Smallwood and look to fit Payne in there somewhere.
  12. The January 2018 transfer thread

    We don’t need to cover Mulgrew. You can’t replace someone that good in January! We’ll make do with Williams and Downing until the return of either Lenihan or Mulgrew. I’d like to see us in for another centre mid and a winger still. Don’t want Lowe to come back.
  13. Walsall at home 30.1.18

    Can’t disagree with that team. Obviously Tony had to play it smart and wait before throwing Payne and Armstrong in the starting 11 straight away, Samuel and Conway can’t say they’ve done enough to keep their place. Williams looked okay at centre half and I though Bell look really impressive, looked exactly what we’ve been missing at full back although I think Nyambe has vastly improved past few weeks. I expect a win Tuesday.
  14. Northampton

    Attacking players need to sharpen up. Plenty of good balls went into the box I counted 5 from Bell who I thought looked fantastic. We created enough to win yesterday the lads weren’t getting on the end of them. Very worried about Mulgrew. Can’t overstate what a big loss that is for us. I think that was the worst refereeing performance we’ve seen at Ewood this season he was absolutely useless, clearly left his cards at home.
  15. Jason Lowe

    Thing is with nobody wanting Lowe is he’s not even a bellend or one of these that skips training, he’s a trier and by all accounts a nice lad. It’s either down to wage demands it’s purely about his ability he can’t find a club.