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  1. I'd like to see a bit of pace in our squad. I've been saying this for as long as I can remember now. I'm in agreement with the lad above me dunno if we have room for Lambert and Graham unless Danny is off. Realistically what wages would Lambert be after as well?
  2. I can't see Mulgrew staying, he's surely got too much quality to play in League One in one of his last seasons as a player? Be a shame to see Lenihan go if he ends up going, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching him past couple of seasons, looks like he gives a @#/? and puts a foot in when necessary. I'm happy about the signings, I really am. I cannot stop thinking why though. Even with selling players it still seems extremely out of recent character to spend that much money.
  3. Can't get my head around the sudden spending of money, is it because he's been to India? Did they just happen to wake up on the right side of bed when he asked them? It's all so random I just diapair.
  4. So what happens next? Tone gets promised the world, nothing changes and he jacks it in about a week before season starts? Dunny takes over in a caretaker role all season?
  5. My missis who has no interest in football at all also hates Andrews due to the state of his hair... she's a gooden.
  6. Not if he doesn't play...
  7. That's the impression I have as well/hope.
  8. It isn't usual practice to bring in two of the big four accountancy firms. Something is happening, what? Who knows. I'm sure we'll find out at some point.
  9. Mulgrew surely is a dead cert to win this, how I'd love to see him in midfield every week.
  10. Exactly. If she's got any more lads sat on the bench with the talent of Joao @#/? sign them up and I'll worry about "morals" in the Championship next season.
  11. I know. The lads the agents signed and the manager then were absolutely Barry White and we massively suffered for it. We have a good manager at the moment and so far the one lad we've signed under Senior has shown he's alright in my opinion... Joao may or may not be an agent of Seniors wife and we may or may not sign more of Seniors wife's lads but if we stay up this season thanks to Joao then that's fine for me. If we hypothetically sign a few good players in summer who are clients of Seniors wife and we finish mid table next season with the manager still here is that such a bad thing? Big problem is Venky's, we all know that but if we can stay in this league until they decide to leave and if we have to sign a few of Seniors wife's agents to do that I couldn't give a @#/?.
  12. Why is this and what is the current climate?
  13. If they're any good does it matter who their agent is to you/others? Serious question not on the wind up.
  14. How many did we get allocated last season? Hoping to go with a friend living down London.
  15. At least it's interesting. Remember Kean Out at Wrestlemania. Every man and his dog was sharing that at the time.