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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Maybe I’ve confused myself then. I’m positive I read that Mowbary said he planned on starting him regularly after he got injured?
  2. Premier League Stuff

    I can’t think of many teams who’d give this City team a good title challenge. My old man is a City fan so I see plenty of them tbem. They’re incredible.
  3. Rovers v Charlton

    To be fair he started him then he got injured. I’d habe guessd he was a starter from then on.

    I saw N’Zonzi coming a mile off I thought he looked class for us and at Stoke. Always decent when I saw him for Saville.
  5. Transfers Part 3

    If he was my player on loan and he was injuried I’d want him back at my club being looked after by the medical team who have his best interests at heart and not their clubs. Nothing to see here lads.
  6. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    I’d be very reluctant to play Mulgrew, would give Wharton a game. He looked decent of what I saw from him Crewe at home.
  7. Transfers Part 3

    I got the impression we wouldn’t be bidding for him in January. Maybe one for the summer if we go up?
  8. Transfers Part 3

    I’ve heard from a good source Mowbray is a fan of Jon Taylor at Rotherham. He doesn’t think we’ll bid on him in January because he’s been injured though. Says he’ll be back by Boxing Day so fit to play us. What do people think to him?
  9. Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    The Roses had a groove influenced by Funk, Soul and Reggae as much as the Psychedelic pop, Led Zep stuff and Punk influences in my opinion. It was the combination that made them so great. I don’t like a lot of indie or britpop or whatever you want to call it often associated with them personally. I think we can all agree the music played at Ewood is aimed at the masses but I guess ultimately satisfies nobody it’s so rubbish. A little bit of my post win buzz is killed when I hear the Black Eyes Peas. We could play Blue Monday who doesn’t like that and well blue.
  10. Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    I honestly think In Rainbows, Kid A and HTTT is their best work. The Bends is good but I don't love it like a lot of blokes seem to. OK Computer is a masterpiece. If we all got our heads together I'm sure we could find a good 20 songs themed around Rovers and chants that are currently doing the rounds. My Mam is from Blackburn I'm from Leigh myself but she went to youth clubs when she was younger where a broad range of what I'd consider good music was played, obviously she wasn't alone in attending these. Can't they play some of the anthems from youth clubs of one generation then say like the warehouse anthems from another generation? Do we have to be subjected to this X Factor style shite. Does anyone really enjoy it?
  11. Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    But it isn’t. I’ve seen Radiohead twice this year once at Glastonbury and once at LCCC they were brilliant as they always are. I’m not for a moment suggesting we play Radiohead before a game by the way. Why don’t they for instance plan September by Earth, Wind and Fire in light of the Smallwood song? There should be someone at the club paying attention to these things. Also while we’re on the subject playing goal music can @#/? right off in my opinion.
  12. New CEO at Ewood

    I don’t have a clue what’s is going on with the CEO rumours but i’d like to point out that people don’t disclose their sources at the drop of a hat or they’d soon stop being a souce. If Alan Myers, Nixon and BEB are all singing from the same hymn sheet and the LT are reporting it I’m happy to accept it’s happening and I see no reason why anybody else wouldn’t.
  13. Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    The music at Ewood Park is absolute shite but there’s no need to make it worse with Shed Seven and bloody Cast. Other clubs invite famous fans to do a playlist. We could at least offer to invite fans or supporters groups. Would give the club more of a community feel, far better than whoever the @#/? is in charge now anyway.
  14. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Harper is clearly a sending off he didn’t even attempt a tackle he pushed him. If he’d have tackled him and made a hash of it he’d have gotten a yellow.
  15. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Three terrible decisions. Whoever passes to Harper there is an idiot. Why Harper tried to do what he did on the edge of the box I don’t know and as for the soft push over we’re 3 up you daft bastard. Isn’t ready for first team football yet if that was a league game i’d have booed the lad off. I don’t think the pen is harsh, a cynical push in the area giving the lad a reason to jump on the floor. A cynical foul making no attempt to win the ball when it was a clear goal scoring opportunity is a red. It’s not harsh he’s an idiot.