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  1. Garage Flower

    Flag ideas and 'New Order' connection

    Brilliant. I’m only 27 so sadly never had anything to do with the Blackburn Warehouse scene. Kind of blows my mind Sasha has played around there. Seen him and John Digweed at Glastonbury last time was class. Maybe next time we promote a promotion challenge you could have “Heaven knows it’s got to be this time”.
  2. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    I think it’s fair to say we don’t have the money to sign strikers and wingers who are better than what we have so we’re in the loan market for those. If we can stay up this season using loanees that’s fine by me, we’ll look to bring in the right person next summer. We’ve signed two midfielders which was an area we were clearly short in, both are young enough to get better and Mowbray has improved several players since his arrival. If he feels he can spend what bit of a budget he does have on quality defenders as they’re cheaper than attacking players then we’re making progress. We’ve been an absolute mess for years, finally someone comes in with a long term plan that isn’t throwing money around we don’t have and people are getting all negative again. He’s said time and time again it’s a slow build and he wants the right kind of players at the right age to build a better squad. Give the bloke a chance he’s only had one full season here and get got us promoted. For me this season is about staying up. If he keeps us up maybe he’ll get a better budget next summer, unfortunately for us there’s fuck all we can do except wait and see.
  3. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    I think that’s more due to you aren’t going to find a striker with top quality in our budget but could well find a top quality Championship centre half. If we aren’t going to be banging them in for fun like we did in League One, we’re gonna have to be hard to score against.
  4. Garage Flower

    Pre Season Matches

    What position did Samuel play up top or out wide and how did he do? He scored a decent finish.
  5. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    Started every week for Huddersfield when they went up. Great signing.
  6. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    I couldn’t agree more. He never set the world alight but he did a job and without his contribution we might not have gone up.
  7. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    He was on Jamie Vardys non league academy on the tele. I remember watching it out of curiosity thinking it was a bollocks PR stunt but the lad did sign for Stevenage and I’d see him crop up every once in a while on Sky Sports News with a goal. I was quite happy for him he came across a decent lad. All I remember about his game was he closed down and ran around an awful lot. I must admit I never thought I’d see him in a Rovers shirt but happy to see how he gets on. Look at Vardy or Lambert. Lads out there who can score at higher levels than they’ve been given a chance.
  8. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    I think my major concern with Samuel and Nutthall is they ain’t grafters. You’d think with being out the team last season when they got on they’d run themselves into the ground but no. If/when Graham picks up and injury you’re gonna have one of the two moaping around up front thinking there’s only one other player fit to take my place anyway, I’ll be starting next week. We need someone in at least as good at Samuel and Nutthall to keep them interested.
  9. Garage Flower

    Thursday deadline.

    Challenge who? Conway haha?
  10. Garage Flower

    Season Preview

    We need a striker and wide men. We’ll stay up.
  11. Garage Flower

    World Cup 2018

    Walkers in there for his pace. He won’t drop him and I don’t think he should.
  12. Garage Flower

    Jacob Davenport

    4 years is quite the deal as well gotta be said. Hopefully he turns out to be a good one. He’s only 19 so some sections of our fan base would do well to bare that in mind.
  13. Garage Flower

    Championship 2018-19

    Exactly. Lenihan is already a good Championship centre half and he’s still a young lad. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him playing Prem level in his later 20’s.
  14. Garage Flower

    Joe Rothwell

    Joe Rothwell is the right man for the moment.
  15. Garage Flower

    Joe Rothwell

    I wanna reserve my judgment until I've seen him play a good few games but on paper seems exactly the kind of signing we should be making.

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