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  1. Mulgrew surely is a dead cert to win this, how I'd love to see him in midfield every week.
  2. Exactly. If she's got any more lads sat on the bench with the talent of Joao @#/? sign them up and I'll worry about "morals" in the Championship next season.
  3. I know. The lads the agents signed and the manager then were absolutely Barry White and we massively suffered for it. We have a good manager at the moment and so far the one lad we've signed under Senior has shown he's alright in my opinion... Joao may or may not be an agent of Seniors wife and we may or may not sign more of Seniors wife's lads but if we stay up this season thanks to Joao then that's fine for me. If we hypothetically sign a few good players in summer who are clients of Seniors wife and we finish mid table next season with the manager still here is that such a bad thing? Big problem is Venky's, we all know that but if we can stay in this league until they decide to leave and if we have to sign a few of Seniors wife's agents to do that I couldn't give a @#/?.
  4. Why is this and what is the current climate?
  5. If they're any good does it matter who their agent is to you/others? Serious question not on the wind up.
  6. How many did we get allocated last season? Hoping to go with a friend living down London.
  7. At least it's interesting. Remember Kean Out at Wrestlemania. Every man and his dog was sharing that at the time.
  8. Won't get on the tele though! The lad from The Horrors is a Rovers fan if they play we should send him a Venky's Out T Shirt.
  9. I think I'd stick to just Venky's Out myself but each to their own. I'll take a load to Glastonbury with me, I considered taking a flag but I just can't be arsed carrying it around all festival it's always looked a pain.
  10. Conservatives backed GoBro every step of the way. If we've learnt anything from recent politics it's that if you throw enough @#/? it sticks... Seems Mercerman is full of @#/?. I was optimistic for a draw before Neil got potted last night, I can't see us getting anything out of this. Hoping to see Graham start myself and maybe Mulgrew in the middle with Guthrie.
  11. He's from Leigh. Dunno if he's a Rovers fan, not many around here like.
  12. Didn't he just throw his name in the hat saying he'd work for a lot less money than Warnock and promising our naive at best owners the world?
  13. Quick question for those more in the know than myself, have any of you tried to get in contact with Balaji before and how did that work out for you? If you don't feel comfortable saying on this message board message me or email me on ''. The more I seem to find out from the scraps of information that come into the public domain the more I want to know, I feel that there is a lot more that's been unearthed that's being held back for whatever reason. It was upon stumbling across Glen's blog that I decided I should join this site and start posting as opposed to lurking in the back ground. I don't know what the end game is for the current ownership of our club (whoever is involved). Nothing makes sense.
  14. Does anyone have any idea what happens with the scrapping in JW Lower? Seems to come out of nowhere. Be interested to see how many of those that raised their games against United on the tele can raise it against Burton on Friday. Quite enjoyed today, was a welcome break from the appalling league form with the pressure off.
  15. @#/?ing hell it's all so see through. Until documents being leaked and Glens blog I thought we just had terrible owners who weren't interested. I even thought they'd turned a corner once we got out of FFP and appointed Lambert. I feel so foolish, there will be others like me and others who upon seeing all the information laid out properly will see it for what it is. We need to get the facts laid out plainly in the public domain as often as possible. Let the facts speak for themselves. If we've learnt nothing from recent times it's that if you throw enough mid it sticks, let's not throw mud just the truth at any given opportunity.