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  1. Garage Flower

    World Cup 2018

    Harry Kane.
  2. Garage Flower

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

  3. Garage Flower

    Homophobia in football

    Racism, homophobia and sexism are rife in football as well as society. Pathetic. You should judge someone on how they are as a person and for no other reason. I have absolutely zero time for it or the standard “you can’t say anything these days, it’s PC gone mad” mask that these cowards hide behind. You can say what you want just expect to be called a dickhead when you’re behaving like one. While we’re on the subject few of the peoole who sit in the Darwen end ought to have a look at themselves over the chanting towards Brighton fans last season. You can say it was “banter” but it wasn’t even funny, just made you seem a bit thick.
  4. Garage Flower

    Season Tickets 2018/19. Are you getting one?

    Does anyone know when the deadline is to renew your season ticket before you lose it? I’m going on holiday in two weeks so I’m in no rush to be shelling out 350 quid.
  5. Garage Flower

    Darwen End Closure / New Singing Section

    How many actually stand up in Darwen End? Never more than two back rows. We’ve gotta be talking under 200 people. Can’t they just go in the corner of Riverside/Jack Walker?
  6. Garage Flower

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    No you’re quite right let’s see what happens yet. I can’t see him walking he wants a full season in Championship. We need a good few players, we need lads ready to come in and be starters. He’s mainly been good in the transfer market.
  7. Garage Flower

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Increase again? Already went up after relegation. Price freeze would have been best bet in my opinion.
  8. Garage Flower

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Not jumping the gun or owt but I hope we don’t come up, spend @#/? all, sell Dack in January, Mowbray walks then back down we go. It’s the hope that kills you isn’t it genuinely thought we’d see a bit of investment. Gonna be horrible this summer.
  9. Garage Flower

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Is it just a Rovers thing or do all clubs do it? Big world out there like let’s get some lads 23-30 years of age in, mixed bag of experience and potential and build a semi competitive squad. You don’t have to spend absolute fortunes. Raya is more than capable of being our first choice keeper in league one. Haven’t seen enough of Leutwiler to make a proper judgement but he’ll do for back up. I’d expect to see Bell starting at left wing back next season as I think that’s why Tony brought him. I’ve seen enough of him to say that suits his attributes. Williams can always fill in when needed. I think Tony will be happy enough with Lenihan and Mulgrew at centre back with either Williams or Downing joining them, I’d like to see us sign a proven Championship centre half who’d start every game. Wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t. I’m not convinced by Nyambe at right wing back in the Championship starting week in week out, I think we could do with signing someone to be first choice with Nyambe as back up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bennett cement that place as his own and us not sign anyone. Smallwood will start in the middle for us but I’m not the biggest fan of him with Bennett and Evans next to him. We need a bit of quality next to Smallwood. Probably my top priority signing is a good centre mid to compliment Smallwood. We need proper width. At the moment we’ve only really got Bennett and Conway. For me Conway’s legs have gone and he isn’t the player he was a couple of seasons ago, I would keep him as a squad player but he cannot be starting for us in the Championship next year. I’d like to see Chapman return depending on how he’s recovered from his injury. I think we could have a chance of permanent signing of Armstrong or at least try him on another season long loan. Our squad is very lacking in pace. Dack is Dack he’s our main man. Don’t fancy Payne on a permanent deal even as back up. I think we can sign a better back up for Dack maybe someone who could genuinely slot into playing centre midfield or out wide not someone who looks like they’ve been cast out there to squeeze them in. Graham deserves the chance to be our main forward leading the line after his second half of the season. Samuel isn’t up to it. Need good competition for Graham a player in a similar style. Hopefully we’d have Armstrong to play a different way with his pace. If not we need to sign a forward pace. I just don’t know what to make of Nuttall only young the lad can’t see him being on mega bucks keep him around I guess. I’d send Antonsson back to Leeds. Works hard has played his part but I don’t see the potential for him leading the line or becoming a genuine thread from out wide. Already covered Payne and Samuel but I’d also show the door to Whittingham, Gladwin, Caddis, Hart, Ward (keen to see back of him on his obscene wages!) and Feeny seems a bad egg and will no doubt want out. Cant decide on Evans he’s had his moments and isn’t that old really. I think we could get someone more reliable for the money he’s on though. The squad needs a lot of work for the big step up to Championship next season, a few lads are on quite high wages who we don’t really need. I think there are better players out there we could get for the cash we’re paying.
  10. Garage Flower

    Whats your highlight of the season 2017/18

    Enjoyed Shrewsbury at home, Peterborough at home and Rochdale away the most.
  11. Garage Flower


    Wish we’d have gotten off to a winning start. You’ve got maybe 500-1000 of those that turned up to first home game but not second who were considering getting a season ticket.
  12. Garage Flower

    Bradford City (home)

    Really impressed by Evans tonight, hopefully a sign of things to come. Dack was class as usual and I thought Williams had a good game too. Massive performance and result with Mulgrew and Graham missing. Cannot believe he didn’t give a red card.
  13. Garage Flower

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I’m 26, left school at 16 to start an apprentiship moved out at 23 like many of my friends. If you have a job and want a season ticket you can get one. It’s less than a tenner a week over the course of a year.
  14. Garage Flower

    Rovers v Blackpool

    If you speak to other teams fans Rovers is known as a good away. As a club we should encourage that, not provide them the bare minimum we have to make Vinjay happy. Get a bloody grip! We’re a football club and a good one at that, we should take pride in our facilities and hospitality. Brian Clough also made sure his teams ground was in immaculate condition before the arrival of Leeds as he understood what it means to take pride in your club. 🙄
  15. Garage Flower

    LEAGUE 1 2017/18

    The wages we’re paying to Ward and Evans man alive. I hope Tony is looking to offload the both this summer give himself some room for manoeuvre. None of them have played a key part or even a real part in this season. Wouldn’t even have Ward on the bench for us.

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