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  1. Steady on lads Coyle was @#/? @#/? for quite some time. Let's not rewrite history.
  2. Be nice to win this convincingly and calm everyone down. We were absolutely terrible last Saturday let's hope the manager and to a lesser extent the players have learnt from it. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say we'll win this. If won't don't win this and we get a hiding from that lot I worry about the reaction.
  3. Some are more equal than others!
  4. Hope we get a Prem club draw myself hopefully one from the North. Thoroughly enjoyed playing United in the F.A Cup last season.
  5. I think at least one is going. I just think that though I have no information just like the rest of you. Unfortunately we're just going to have to wait.
  6. What if we've in 3rd with 6 wins?
  7. What is the bare minimum you expect from 10 games then?
  8. @#/? hell. You've not seen any of them play a competitive match for Rovers yet. At least give them 5-10 games if you can't be arsed giving them half a season.
  9. Raya is our number one, I'll worry about the other lad if he gets injuried. Onto striker, centre half and a winger.
  10. Exactly. Striker has to take top priority surely
  11. I'd go with the team above but with Nyambe instead of Caddis.
  12. Mulgrew if he stays with Bennett as vice or Bennett as cap if Mulgrew goes.
  13. My Bolton supporting friend from Leigh who used to go swimming with him as a young lad has said it'll be weird watching him, he's heard he isn't very good but tries hard and he loves a yellow card. Sounds about right really doesn't it?
  14. We all saw Raya last season towards the end and we all saw Steele during the course of the season. We all know who looked the better keeper, we all know who gave the defence confidence and who didn't. Raya is good enough to be our number one this season in a season we should be aiming to win the league. Until he does something to show he isn't that's fine with me. We need another striker, we need some pace, we need a left back and we might need a centre half. Can take or leave a back up keeper personally, we've already got one.
  15. Some team that. Wonder how they'd get on today.