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  1. In last 9 games of that season Fenton scored 6 goals including those two against Newcastle. If England hadn't such a great amount of strikers at the time he'd have made a late push for the squad 😂
  2. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Anyone not able to attend can listen to commentary http://livesportsfm.co.uk/player.aspx
  3. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Thought I remembered someone asking about him, I've just seen he is now at Curzon Ashton, was released by Rovers, in his own words it didn't work out....
  4. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Sounds like it will no longer be U21s but U23 league to be named Premier League 2 however would expect fixtures in next few weeks Still waiting for Rovers to confirm their EPPP audit result also to see if we are still Cat 1
  5. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Looks to me like a very busy and imaginative agent, whilst he may have been injured he has still struggled to make U21 squads most of the season
  6. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Good summary there Bazza. I thought Mols was our man of the match, Luton whilst pressing towards end of each half didnt really sustain any pressure on our goal till last 5mins of the game where it got very nervy In response to Chaddy - Mols is quite small but very athletic, likes to play high up the pitch from centre midfield, ball to feet and slip balls behind the defence, can spread the play quite well also. Hardcastle played CM but most defensive of the 3 normally, he reads the game superbly and from this think you can tell he has played first team football, even if at Salford. He started slowly but grew into game Don't like to criticise the youngsters but for me Rankin-Costello and Nyambe were the worse two for us, slow on and off the ball. Also thought Grayson looked good when he came on, seen him a few times now and he's looked good each time, has a very big strong physique for a lad his age, does help but he has a good left foot and decent delivery
  7. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Rovers have been boosted by the news they have made Top 4 in the league. They now face the other top 3 teams from the North division and the top 4 teams in the South. Rovers join Man City, Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea, Reading, Fulham and West Ham, some big teams with big academys so should be seen as a massive success. We have beaten Man Utd, Boro, Newcastle and Sunderland to get top 4 so should be proud and hopefully shows signs of some promising talent in the ranks at the moment. Should be a good game tonight.....beating Villa and Leicester shows we can raise to big games even if at the last minute however Luton done very well in their own league having finished top with a record of W17 D 2 L3, they've not had as tough a route to this stage but obviously here on merit and will be up for causing an upset.
  8. hollowsr

    Where Are They Now?

    Macclesfield I think
  9. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    From watching the other night, he isn't fit for 90 minutes in the first team, whilst he played for 70+ mins the other night the pace of that game compared to first team games is a world of difference.
  10. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Went to go and watch the U18s Saturday and U21s last night U18s got good 2-1 win against Everton who were undeafeated, 4 wins and a draw, before the game. Rovers have now only lost to Man City this season. Mansell looks a handful up front and scored a very well taken goal. Rovers looked fairly comfortable throughout and when Everton went down to 10 men after an hour Rovers pushed forward but kept getting caught out at the back through counter attacks before deciding to stop being so gung-ho and they saw out the game. Fisher looked decent in goal, Mols and Grayson in midfield look good with their passing and you can tell they've played together for years. U21s were very comfortable against a very poor Brighton side. Taylor and Mahoney stand out players for me. Mahoney was a constant threat and deserves a chance on the bench for me but as O'Sullivan hasn't had any real chance then I do fear for him but hope he can at least go out on loan soon as think he could do very well in League 2 at least. Raya needs to improve his kicking to move onto the next level but he pulled off one brilliant save.
  11. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Don't think anyone would have been surprised if that had been 4 0 beforehand. Great effort from the lads, performance they can be proud of and small signs of hope for future
  12. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Don't care what commentators say we don't draw with Southampton over 2 games unless we're decent also Hopefully we've got the legs to carry through in next half hour. However that Sims who has come on for them looks handy from what I've seen this season
  13. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Too right we should be glad to be there, only reason Southampton aren't winning by more is that we are rough and dirty team Bloody commentators You can almost tell their disdain that we are on tv, our U21s have now been on Sky as many times as first team this season.
  14. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Brilliant cross.....and a good header too
  15. hollowsr

    Academy & U21s

    Good showing, Southampton showing more as half went on but as we are quite a bit younger than them a very good first half. 5 of them I think could still play for u18

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