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  1. Irrespective of league position etc, if there's an opportunity to get someone in who's substantially better than Mowbray, then they'd be fools to not at least consider it.
  2. So what if John Park was influential in the Khadra signing? That's his bloody job after all.
  3. Negativity or realism? I fully intend to enjoy it .. while it lasts.
  4. I totally agree. Reduce the prices to say £20 and, short term, we may not get many more through the gate than say charging £30. We may also not make as much money. But....the potential for increased numbers at £20 is greater than it is for £30. ie the opportunity is greater. Assuming the product is right, of course.
  5. 5 of the 7 sides we've played are in the bottom half; 3 of which are in the bottom 5. Hardly 'better sides'.
  6. If one of the big clubs comes in for him, he'll be off like a shot. Twas ever thus.
  7. I read it as someone (PB) just making a statement to which Wagott did not respond, or if he did it wasn't minuted. Pathetic.
  8. The same could be said for Mark Hughes, @chaddyrovers. Weren't you promoting him not too long ago?
  9. I don't think he has jettisoned his wide striker fallacy. Rather, due to his abject failure in replacing Armstrong, he's been forced to shove Gallagher or Brereton into the central role as he has no other choice.
  10. It's basic supply and demand economics. The number of people who are willing to pay the price Maggott is asking to watch the football served up by Mowbray, is decreasing. i.e. it's expensive and doesn't offer value for money.
  11. Open your eyes man. Aside from him goal, Brereton was absolutely dreadful.
  12. Aside from his goal - which was very well taken - he was a liability. Constantly fails to control the ball and hands back possession.
  13. It grates me. On one hand, the club is fleecing supporters with OTT price rises on food, drink Blues Bar etc. On the other hand, they waste thousands on nonsensical signings. Anyway, I wonder if the aforementioned 'King Of Ewood' will make his return this evening?
  14. Only Mowbray would agree to pay the wages of someone else's player whilst they spend weeks recovering from a pre-existing injury.
  15. I'm a big believer in football going round in circles. Sooner or later, clubs like ourselves, Burnley, Stoke, WBA.... will have a good season and get promoted. Similarly, sooner or later such such clubs will have a bad season, things will conspire against, and they will struggle. It's only a matter of time before Burnley have one struggle too many. Dyche has done amazingly well, but it won't last forever.
  16. ...and some people believe that we have the players to cover off Armstrong's goals and that we'll end up in 9th position!
  17. Evidence of what? 6 whole games? OK then. Let's give it the benefit of the doubt, and see where we are by say Christmas. I hope that I'm wrong.
  18. It's one thing saying that the rest of the team need to contribute more goals. Whether they are capable of doing so is another thing entirely. I'd say that the evidence suggests otherwise.
  19. The why's and wherefore's as to why we didn't sign a striker matters not a jot. It's just excuses. The simple fact is that we didn't sign a striker; that lies squarely at the feet of Mowbray, Waggott et al.
  20. Let's turn it around then Chaddy. What makes you think that we'll improve over last season with Mowbray still at the helm and with a weaker squad? Just one thing.
  21. I'd be delighted with 9th place. However, I'm a realist. Last season's form guide absolutely does matter, for the simple reason being that nothing has changed for the better, in fact it's got worse. An improvement in form and results won't miraculously happen just because we're in a new season. That's just wishful thinking.
  22. Do you honestly believe that if nothing changes, we'll end up anywhere near 9th? The form guide - stretching back now over 30 or so games - says quite the opposite unless something radical happens.
  23. One win in five now per the form guide. After what seemed like a good start upon which to build, Mowbray is already - and unsuprisingly - reverting to type. For a whole myriad of reasons, he is simply not capable of winning football matches with any level of consistency. Every day this carries on, is another wasted day.
  24. With Phillips, Barnes, Pike and Lenni all missing, the defence was up against it all night. Our two full backs got a roasting.
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