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  1. I’ve absolutely no issue with whatever it is he’s doing, hope it comes off. I’ve also no issues with the little cryptic tidbits posted by the likes of 1864 or Rev, or whoever. It’s no different than a bit of transfer gossip, livens up the board and you can take it or leave it. I do have an issue with 1864 calling ‘negative’ those that don’t believe they have changed just because they haven’t had the dubious honour of a sit down with those that have said a lot this past decade and delivered the square root of feck all. If he wants to take what is being fed to him at face value after a decade of BS then good luck to him (especially after he’s been stung before) but I and others reserve the right to be just a little sceptical.
  2. To be fair to you Rev, you’ve seen the positives in this ownership throughout, which has been a very lone furrow at times on here, so no issue with your optimism, it just rankles to be lectured by others who have been far more militant in their anti-Rao beliefs than most on here (until they were flattered with some tea and cakes and platitudes in recent times, by the sounds of it) but now are decrying those as ‘negative’ that are still wary of this lots ability to change. ‘Fool me once… fool me about 36 times’.
  3. Some kool-aid swallowing here 1864. You’ve viciously and consistently slagged these owners off for years and now you are decrying those that haven’t yet had your St Paul conversion as ‘negative’ or ignoramuses that just ‘don’t understand’. After this disgraceful decade, said fans have every right to be sceptical about a few cryptic clues on a message board. Oh and it must have been a pretty shit decade if not getting stranded in the third division is something to savour for a club that was a PL stalwart when they got their hands on it.
  4. We may, but doesn’t look like it’s a priority for the club hierarchy.
  5. Standard pricing (Cat B.) for Coventry, so of course, no thinking out the box to try and capitalise on the start. And I doubt we’ll see much of said thoughts all season. Yet, small mercies, at least it’s not an ‘A’ game… though still £27-£30 in the JW Upper.
  6. Feel sorry for Lowe?! He’s had a cracking career on the pitch and financially considering just how poor he is. Very lucky lad.
  7. *Checks messages* Twenty years of toil on brfcs… all for nothing. 😭
  8. Looks like a typical Burnley season, poor start, then come to a bit, and start winning enough games from October onwards. (Sigh). Though maybe more of battle than previous years due to the number of goals they are conceding.
  9. I imagine so rigger, there’s £32 to milk off a couple of thousand travellers. Yet that means £34-£38 in the most popular stand for walk ons (JW), putting off thousands at a stroke and it will prove that Swag’s only concern is short term cash flow and no actual strategy to re-engage the fanbase.
  10. In what way lucky? It was us that almost threw it away in the run in. United went on a storming run post the Cantona ban.
  11. Then you are needing a floating fan to commit to two consecutive weekends, there’s often a reason why they aren’t a ST holder in the first place, I.e demands on their free time, work commitments, other hobbies. Why not just £15 a ticket anywhere in the ground for one of the games? Coventry being a great example as they are riding high too.
  12. Interesting how that will go down, because away from that very top corner of a hundred or so who stand throughout, the rest of the block is packed with long standing ST holders, many ‘of an age’, quite a lot of small kids and families too.
  13. The Championship is a much of a muchness. You really can spring out of nowhere to challenge. We’ve had a team of grafters with a good team spirit throughout, but have been let down by muddled tactics and a constantly unsettled defensive unit. If it was having his hand forced by a squad clear out (plus a couple of top players signed at this level in Kaminski and Ayala) and small budget or a road to Damascus moment on the fundamentals of what gets results at this level, who knows, but TM has finally got us back to basics and we can see the result. For me, it won’t last due to the thinness of the squad, but let’s hope he sticks with it and we can ‘give it a right good go’ until the inevitable injures hit.
  14. It wouldn’t have lasted once the oil/nation state money came in, Jack would’ve been blown out the water. But certainly for the rest of the 90s we should’ve been up challenging, the mistakes we made with recruitment and managers in the couple of years following Anfield meant we lost ground and never got it back.
  15. Surely not. There’s a new dawn coming, a letter on poultry themed headed paper said so…
  16. Without the takeover, I’d agree. However, after they were sold last year they are now owned by US private equity, who bought them using debt secured on the club, and they purely own businesses to use as a profit vehicle. They stay up, the money continues to pour in, whilst keeping a tight ship, the model can work, they go down and there is a big hole in that plan…
  17. Sure I read that the Championship is re-starting a couple of weeks into the tournament.
  18. Happening a lot, looked like only Man Utd published crowd figures last night. They are often still buried away on club websites. Burnley generally look down to about 15k-ish home fans. Obviously won’t be getting Tarmac in to sort out Pendle Hill just yet…
  19. The cup form has been pathetic throughout Mowbray’s tenure… a long way from the mighty Michael Appleton and Gary Bowyer getting results at Arsenal and Liverpool and into QFs.
  20. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19597399.immense-objection-sees-blackburn-rovers-shelve-training-ground-plans/ “The pitches at the STC are unbelievable and (Head of Academy) Stuart Jones said they’re the best they’ve ever been down at the Academy. “The investments have been worth it.” So we need to flog it off and move somewhere smaller in BwD because…
  21. Good idea, but I imagine this club won’t bother; ‘cost makes it too prohibitive’ etc etc… though ground improvements aren’t impacted by FFP and we have owners that ‘never refuse a cheque’.
  22. Yeah let’s sell three of our senior pros for buttons in the middle of a season!
  23. Excellent post Jimmy. I won’t ever forget the absolute idiocy of a sizeable proportion of our fanbase as they cheered him out of the door…
  24. Barbara Magee. Bloody hell she’d survive a nuclear blast at Ewood 😀
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