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  1. Noticed they haven’t bothered taking off the ticks and crosses stickers put on seats when they thought it would be socially distanced seating last season.
  2. Nipped into the club shop before the game. Not an adult shirt to be found. I asked and was told; ’sometime in September’.
  3. Oh I don’t think he will change, neither will the owners. But there’s bugger all we can do about it.
  4. Try clicking on to any of the hospitality sections to see if you can make a booking or get a price… https://www.rovers.co.uk/hospitality/ Just a total shambles down there.
  5. Hardly said a word in public in his whole time here, the compete radio silence throughout the lockdowns was particularly striking… until the Brockhall disgrace emerged, and he was then straight on the club’s media spouting some mealy mouthed platitudes. Sums up his priorities.
  6. Unless TM himself doesn’t fancy it (I.e next season to see further budget cuts and senior player departures), I imagine, collapse to the bottom of the table aside, a new contract will be signed at some point over the next few months. Nowt we can do about if, so just have to hope he’s learnt from his many mistakes, pointless tinkers etc.
  7. Got to agree. I didn’t come across many at the Swansea game that had any particular issue with Mowbray, never mind wanting him sacked.
  8. Imagine expecting to one day be saying that as this lot rocked up…
  9. Swag tax is no more! Aren’t we lucky! Bargains to be had. Noticed this on the West Brom ticket page… ‘Supporters can purchase their tickets by clicking here, by visiting the Ticket Office in person or by calling 01254 372000. Fans should note that Under-12 tickets must have an accompanying adult. Supporters are reminded that purchasing a Season Ticket represents a significant saving against equivalent matchday ticket prices.’ On top of trying to rip off away fans, an obvious tactic to price out fans from match tickets and get folk to buy STs instead. Risky approach as plenty just can’t commit to a ST, so will buy neither.
  10. Think I’ve missed something here, most folk I know just continued with their old card. So unless you’ve lost your existing one or have moved seats etc, why then are they bothering with new cards, paper tickets?
  11. https://vimeo.com/589116926 🐯🍺
  12. Well he was living about 3 feet from Brockhall… he won’t have been able to believe his luck.
  13. Just under a 1,000 too. Can’t knock that for midweek and available on streaming.
  14. £32 to £38 a pop on Saturday will put pay to that…
  15. Reading the PNE board there’s certainly parallels. This is an ultra competitive league, with very little separating sides in terms of quality, rest on your laurels and you can plummet rapidly. On the flip side, a Barnsley march to the play offs is very much possible.
  16. Just getting his rest in before the September internationals.
  17. Think some midweeks are, but not all, something to do with Sky’s contract -doesn’t look as if tomorrow’s round of fixtures are being shown.
  18. But did he ever get those Chapman postcards back in stock? I was worrying about it throughout lockdown…
  19. I don’t count that peculiar Rob Young character, he was pressing for the sale of Brockhall earlier this year. Facebook which tends to have more locals commenting on posts than Twitter was particularly scathing.
  20. Club getting an almost unanimous slaughtering re West Brom prices on the various social media channels. I would say we are looking at our lowest league turn out in home areas for 30 plus years this weekend…
  21. Am I buggery. We’ll have many a four figure crowd this season, we’ve nowt to crow about. However, the quintessential ‘giving it large’ fanbase in days gone by have been shown up as the small time club we knew they always were…
  22. About 15,500 home fans yesterday for that lot. ’we’d have to tarmac Pendle Hill if we ever… ‘
  23. I said fairly regular, so as I said there’s a chance there will be a fair few this season.
  24. Peterborough v West Brom on Saturday 28th is 8pm too, so it looks as if it’ll be fairly regular through the season…
  25. ‘Doesn’t bring in a profit’. Neither does giving 4 year deals to the likes of Pears, or an extra year to Smallwood… or keeping Swag on 300k, but hey ho.
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