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  1. All for it. Red and black, yellow with blue trim are the quintessential away Rovers colours. But surely the yellow should’ve been held back for next season?
  2. I find listening to the likes of Souness, Hughes, figures from the 90s etc quite difficult to listen to. As I do watching old clips and matches. It just brings home to me what has been thrown away. Of course, the nefarious characters of the past decade ‘can’t take your memories’ and it’s only myself that I’m denying, but there you go.
  3. Lenihan has stagnated, though perhaps second tier clogger is simply his level. Travis has certainly not improved over the past 18 months, though he has a few injury problems, big season for him.
  4. Always had their number… https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/21810265
  5. In what way is it a ‘joke cup’. It’s one of only three top level competitions in the country. Apart from being newer, so doesn’t have the heritage, I’m not seeing how it is much different than the FA Cup, you may as well call that a ‘joke’ too…
  6. 6,000. There won’t be much more in the ground (if even as many) for night games in the league this season… but I suppose you’re right, there’s not many left to care whatever the competition is.
  7. Interesting that it was our biggest opening EFL Cup crowd (Burnley aside) since relegation from the PL. not saying a lot it was just under 6,000 (but we’ve had some 3/4k gates in the 1st round previously), but I imagine a decent number of non ST holders will have walked up in the nice weather, summer hols etc - they certainly won’t be looking for £400 odd quid down their settee after that…
  8. You break the £30 barrier and it psychologically turns off a good percentage of fans, home or away. As an aside, the Waggott tax and the 1875 club seem to have bitten the dust…
  9. The London Branch supporters club usually meet up in decent numbers for south east away games. Not sure if any members are on here?
  10. All because West Brom fans can be rinsed, the hope will be that they’ll sell a couple of thousand match tickets at £32… yet any increase in revenue from that will be negated as you’ll put off your own fans from buying them (pissing off that customer base whilst you are at it). Beggars belief the thought processes down there.
  11. Let’s hope folk buy a season ticket because you can wave goodbye to many walk ons if half the games are going to be priced like this (top notch proofreading prior to publication too!) …
  12. I’m got taking it particularly seriously this season with that squad. But as Jack said, though fair enough if you didn’t actually mean that one of only three major trophies in this country is ‘pointless’.
  13. From my seat in NO1 of the Blackburn End, the metalwork between the BEnd and JW was absolutely covered in grime… the Totally Wicked devil that hangs between the stands has been infected too. Just looked generally very shabby… ‘furlough’, obviously. Though not sure what the excuse was prior to March 2020.
  14. Yep, 12 (ten outdoor, two synthetic) to 6 (5 outdoor, one synthetic).
  15. ‘Two sites’, they are down the road from each other. No different than many a workplace, my own, for example (though WFH now saves the walk for meetings). Really disingenuous statements from Waggott et al that tries to make out they are in different time zones.
  16. Yeah, just spotted that, good to see, however it is buried in the standard ‘Back to Live’ article that gets re-posted on the website every few days, you imagine a lot of floating fans won’t pick up on that. So hopefully they will press the point on the official social media accounts, plus another email and mail shot will go out. Not often we’ve actually got a bit of momentum after the opening day, need to take advantage.
  17. So we’ve just under two weeks until the next home league game. Saturday saw a good performance… and an actual win on the opening day! The club should now be all over anyone on the database, especially those that bought a match ticket on Saturday offering STs, price reduced to take account of only 22 games left. Won’t hold my breath.
  18. Even the Price of Football podcast that is usually up the arse of the Raos sees the ‘merger under one roof’ ‘state of the art’ etc as spin and it is obviously a way of reducing costs and grabbing sizeable real estate income.
  19. I’m not arsed either, couldn’t care less about either of those two. We are in agreement, because judging club’s size on the town itself is no longer relevant in a transient society… ergo T’other Paul stating we should expect smaller sales (though we never have before this summer) than the two examples, merely because the borders of the town of Bolton contains more people than Blackburn was an outdated notion.
  20. Still amazed at the balls of CPFC claiming that their ‘origin’, and therefore blue and white halves, is from 1861 (making them the oldest club in the world too), though that club went bust in 1876, modern iteration not forming for THIRTY YEARS until 1905… and have played in a totally different part of London (Croydon not even being part of London until the mid 60s’) for the most part.
  21. It was already cutting up around the JW/BEnd byline.
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