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  1. Seeing all these League One players linked... honestly I can’t remember any of them having much impact in games against us. I’m sure they played well in games I haven’t seen, but none of the names excite me much. The only player that sticks out in my mind from all of our games is Nazon. The striker at Oldham (on loan from Wolves). He scored 2 sensational goals which he created out of nothing. Looking at his stats he has something like a 1 in 2 goalscoring record for both club and country. Surely worth a look, as I doubt Wolves will use him next season.
  2. Tim Cahill is part of the Australia squad at 38. I’m sure he will at least get a sub appearance. Actually fancying Australia to have a decent tournament after that 4-0 friendly win against Czech Republic. Bert van Marwijk was a great appointment. Actually I was looking through the list of managers that will be at the World Cup and could recognise very few names.
  3. Against us he looked a real player, but not sure how much else he's done all season?
  4. I think we shouldn't underestimate the influence our experienced players like Mulgrew, Graham and Conway have on the squad and its mentality. I'd keep all of them. Surely worth another season at least.
  5. Where is this poor attitude assertion about Samuel coming from? He was excellent for us earlier in the season and simply hasn't been given much game time for most of this year due to Graham's form. He's worked hard when he's come on and gotten into good goalscoring positions, but has been missing too many lately. I can't believe people are already writing him off and wanting to get shut.
  6. Is tonights game being live streamed on ifollow by any chance? Or at least providing radio commentary?
  7. Just got my subscription and excited/nervous to watch my first Rovers live game since we were relegated from the Premier League!
  8. Surprised no one's mentioned Sin City, which was one of my favorite movies of recent times. Was V for Vendetta a comic book adaptation?
  9. Of course he's telling porkies. Every word that's come out of his mouth since he's become manager has been absolute garbage. As Sam pointed out back then, the fact that McDonald was sacked along with him, and Kean given the job is in itself dubious. It's just gotten worse since then.
  10. This is what I thought the second I read the title
  11. Brilliant movie, lots of shocks and funny moments. It's as much a mockery of suphero movies, as it is a portrait of a deranged, mentally-ill person. It was funny, but it's kinda disturbing when you think about the fact that there were so many allusions to a character that you would normally see as the 'antagonist' and psycho-murderer in a crime/thriller movie or a show like Law & Order. It's not for everyone though, but if you're actually comparing it to a teen comedy like Kick Ass then you've probably missed the point. This movie goes to extremes, it went from people laughing out loud to
  12. Getting rid of Benni was a masterstroke, no matter who did it, because our great form in the latter half of the season coincided with him leaving.
  13. When I still played football for a club in my younger days, I scored a similar goal where I dribbled past 4 defenders, then the keeper, but the ball went too far away from me, I got to it just before it was about to cross the line for a goal kick and smashed it across goal with my left foot into the top right corner. Best feeling I've ever felt, save for sex. I also used to score goals direct from corner kicks. Remembering it usually depresses me, as I can't play anymore
  14. Lol as if Sam has driven Benni out of the club, he's said numerous times how highly he rates him and how disappointed he's been with his attitude. If anything Sam's given him plenty of chances recently, but has accepted McCarthy's demands to leave and has allowed him to do so.
  15. I think Sam's selection for Bolton will be very interesting, and very difficult. He's going to upset someone in the squad at least with his selection. Going off the Portsmouth game, Di Santo, Dunn, Roberts and McCarthy, all should start.. but only 2 of them can. On one hand it's good that he has this selection headache because it seems we have good depth in the squad, but I can't help but think it will isolate some players and cause friction...
  16. If Andrews doesn't play it won't be because suddenly we have other fit players, but because he had 2 shocking games in a row and has now been rightfully dropped. Before that Andrews' form was on and off, so it would've been unfair to drop him. Andrews was dropped previously against Wolves as well after having shockers against West Ham and Everton. It's hard for Sam to play McCarthy and Roberts because Dunn and Di Santo have done well over a sequence of games, so it would be slightly unfair to drop either of them. I do think that we should be sticking with McCarthy and Roberts up front in a 4-
  17. Sam is trying to play players in their best/natural positions, if he has to do that then he can't fit McCarthy and Dunn both into the team. I think everyone here would prefer McCarthy got back to his best and stayed with us, but if we get results without him then I won't complain.
  18. They really did have some brilliant attacking play. You have to wonder what they'll be like when they get used to playing together...
  19. Has anyone seen the highlight of the Real Madrid game? Their first 2 goals were almost identical to ours against Villa. A long ball by a defender to Ronaldo to poke it past the keeper and a penalty. I thought it was an interesting observation
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