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[Archived] Captain Idol

So who do you want to be captain?  

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  1. 1. So who do you want to be captain?

    • Todd
    • Flitcroft
    • Tugs
    • Brad
    • Dickov
    • Savage
    • Emerton
    • MGP
    • Short
    • Thompson
    • Grooby
    • None it should be a communal effort
    • Jan

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Now Barry Ferguson looks set to leave Rovers.How would you chose for Rovers captain, and why?

Garry Flitcroft?

Lucas Neill?

Andy Todd?

Brad Friedel?

David Thompson?

Brett Emerton?

Paul Dickov?

or anyone else?

I would chose Andy Todd. He puts in 100% effort in every game he plays and takes no s*** from anyone. He's also not afraid to put his head in where some footballers would'nt put there foot.

Toddy for Captain.

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Got to be Todd or Friedel for me, perhaps Thompson if he can establish himself in the team. The other two are regulars and committed and seem to have the strength and potential leadership qualities that would be required, plus they arent going to up and quit on us.

Edit: Has a topic ever had more hits within a single minute?

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That mascot that was taller than midget previous Captain.

Makes Sherwood,Hendry,Shearer,Parkes,Clayton seem like Gods and Sir Bob Crompton the legend he will always remain.

Barrie Ferguson a stain and a pin-head in our glorious 130 years history.

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Neill or Todd both great players and are very vocal. Freidel must be in with a shout also.

neil? interesting choice. I've neve really seen him as being vocal.

thompson seems to have the respect of the players - could also spur him onto new heights

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What about Emerton?

Go with a young guy who is an up and coming star, make a statement that the team is ready to move forward! He's a regular in the team at all times. You are showing commitment to a guy who could be considered one of our most valuable assets...

That being said, I'd give it to Todd or Friedel, but I think Emo would be worht a thought

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