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[Archived] Amoruso Would Love Rangers Return

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he comes across as really passionate, and really tried his best to do well in his time here. unfortunately, he's just not up to it. cracking goal at fulham last year though. if he played beside a rio or campbell, he'd be a cracking defender. unfortunately, souness saw him as our sol campbell, and that's where amo's been shown up. another inspired sour signing. get rid.

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He saw Fergy do it.. maybe he's hoping his agent will instigate a move (please !!)

All we need now is for him to refuse to play in a match.. hang on though, to refuse to play you first have to be picked don't you? blink.gif

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Thank **** he's out of favour. I was really scared that Hughesy would have some sort of brain-explosion and play the useless lump of lard. Thank god HE'S not as stupid as his predecessor.

The least pleasant experience of Saturday was seeing the useless lump

warming down with the rest of the members of the squad not in the 16. Till that moment I'd actually managed to put his existence out of my head.

Now I'm going to feel free to say what I've thought for a while. Andy Todd

(or anyone else in the squad- I'm not fussy- please crock the useless ****** until June. Then, if we haven't sold him by the end of the transfer window, crock him again until January. Repeat ad nauseam until he's out of contract.

God I'll be glad to see the back of him.

PS- can you tell I don't like him as a player

PPS- I'd LOVE him to go back to Rangers. Make Celtic's job even easier (As

the return of the small, useless one has).

PPS- Nice bloke- apparently

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Jan - you're a disgracful bigot, but we all knew that anyway. Really a sad, sad person. Anyone with a working brain wouldn't wish injury on someone. But I've said all this before. Cue 'witty' retort and "I've got lots of Rangers supporting friends blah blah blah..."

I saw the interview with Amoruso on the telly, and really how it went was (paraphrased of course):

"Would you like to follow Ferguson back to Rangers?"

"Well, yes, but it's not going to happen. I want to leave Blackburn because I'm out of the first team picture."

Which is fair enough really, he's being paid far too much to be a fifth-choice centre half. I'm sure he'll leave in the summer, but Glasgow won't be his destination.

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Saw a brilliant quote on the Rovers mb, on bbc website 606 service. On amo he said, 'He's got a mix of Darren Peacock and Tiny Taylor. Its a scary thought.' biggrin.gif Absolute classic and the funny thing is, he aint far from the truth either! laugh.giftinykit.gif

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PPS- I'd LOVE him to go back to Rangers.  Make Celtic's job even easier (As

the return of the small, useless one has).

PPS- Nice bloke- apparently

Amoruso's record v Celtic

5/4/1998: Rangers 2-1 Scottish cup

12/4/1998 Rangers 2-0

20/9/1998 : 0-0

3/1/1999 : 2-2

2/5/1999 : Ran 3-0

29/5/1999: Ran 1-0 Scottish cup final

7/11/1999: Rang 4-2

27/12/1999: 1-1

8/3/2000 : Ran 1-0

26/3/2000 : Ran 4-0

27/8/2000 : 6-2 Celtic

26/11/2000: Ran 5-1

29/4/2001 : 3-0 Celtic

30/9/2001 : 2-0 Celtic

25/11/2001 : 2-1 Celtic

5/2/2002 : Ran 2-1 league Cup semi

10/3/2002 : 1-1

21/4/2002 : 1-1

4/5/2002 : Ran 3-2 Scottish cup final

6/10/2002 : 3-3

7/12/2002 : Ran 3-2

8/3/2003 Celtic 1-0

16/3/2003 Ran 2-1 league cup semi

27/4/2003 : Celtic 2-1

Not too bad a record if we are being honest - enjoying his fair share of success against a team with the Larsson goal machine.

Since everyone is of the opinion that football is easier up here then it stands to reason that Amoruso wouldn't be anything as bad as his Rovers career to date - if he did return North.

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