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[Archived] Jewell / Derby

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AESF, if we wanted to read about stuff like that then we would by the crappy newspapers that you do.

That's why I said that the story wouldn't be to everyone's taste and I've partly been discussing Paul Jewell's managerial career, as well as the lurid allegations.

I didn't buy the News of the World yesterday, I read the story online. Nobody is forced to click on any links if they don't want to, so there's no need for you to get upset and in a tizz about it Eddie.

When Graeme Souness left Rovers in September 2004, I remember that a few board members on here wanted Jewell to take over at Ewood Park.

I have to say I'm mightily relieved that it was Mark Hughes rather than Mr Jewell who took over. As well as the fact that Jewell is (in my view) overrated as a football manager, I would also not have wanted the name of Blackburn Rovers FC to have been dragged through the gutter with front page headlines about the sex life of our manager.

Have you an opinion of Paul Jewell as a football manager Eddie? I happen to think that no wins in 20 games is a disaster at any level.

"Paul Jewell safe at Derby"

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Jewel was stupid to even think this would never rear it's head at sometime, especially filming it as well which adds more to the story for the red top.

Somebody somewhere has made money from this and Jewel has got screwed again although this time he wouldn't have enjoyed it.

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The tabloid story yesterday is quite lurid and it may not be to everyone's taste. (Bondage certainly isn't to my taste).

But it appears as if Jewell has something of a rampant sex drive, a bit like our old friend Garry Flitcroft. Paul apparently enjoys slapping girls' bottoms and pulling their hair. (Each to their own I suppose, but it's not my cup of tea).

You might enjoy life a little more if you try it.....

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I don't want to sound flippant, but I'm actually getting quite concerned about Paul Jewell's mental health at the moment.

Watching an interview with him on Sky Sports the other day he seemed to be a man who is showing signs of depression and possibly might even be on the verge of a breakdown.

Obviously following on from Derby's humiliating 0-6 defeat at home to Aston Villa last Saturday, I didn't expect to see Paul Jewell smiling or doing cartwheels. It's understandable that he would be feeling down, but there was something about his demeanour in the interview which made me wonder whether he might actually be clinically depressed at the moment.

To say that this season has been a disaster for Jewell would be an understatement. It's been a complete nightmare for him both on and off the pitch.

On the pitch Derby are breaking records for all the wrong reasons - the defeat against Villa meant they have now gone a Premiership record 28 games without a win - and with Derby gaining only 11 points so far, it's looking very likely they will go down with the lowest points tally in the history of the top flight.

The defeat against Villa was one spanking that Jewell can't have enjoyed. He described Derby's performance against Villa as "heartless, horrible and unacceptable." Jewell said that he is suffering from "humiliation, pain and abuse" at the moment.

"We collapse like a pack of cards - it has happened to us all season," he said. "We haven't got enough leaders. You need people to roll their sleeves up, but as soon as things go against us, we collapse."

Jewell said that he was "hugely embarrassed" by his Derby team. "We can't match teams at this level for ability but what we should be doing is matching them for aggression, strength and fitness. We are falling down in too many of those categories. I think if I was to take this team into the Championship they would struggle. You can't put heart into players."

Derby haven't just looked abysmal when playing Premiership sides this season. They were also embarrassed in the FA Cup, losing 1-4 at home to Preston. Derby may not find life easy in The Championship next season.

When he took the Derby job in November, Jewell must have known that he was facing a mountain to climb for them to avoid relegation. But he surely can't have envisaged the true horrific extent of just how much Derby would be humiliated and embarassed this season. If somebody had told Jewell in November that he would gain just five points from a possible 60 and fail to win a match in any of his first 20 Premiership games with Derby, then he surely would have thought twice about taking the job at Pride Park.

Jewell's decision to join Derby as manager looks at the moment to be possibly one of the worst decisions since Dick Rowe, the boss of Decca Records, turned down The Beatles in 1962, saying "Guitar music is on the way out".

It's a myth that Derby have had no money to spend. Since winning promotion last May, Derby have spent around £15m and brought in 16 new players. They have spent more money than some other clubs in recent years who have gained promotion and managed to survive in the top flight.

I read one particularly damning statistic on Paul Jewell. Since December 13 2006, Jewell has been a manager in 46 Premiership matches with Wigan and Derby. During that time, he has only had 5 wins out of 46. A shocking and abysmal record for any manager. I mentioned in my last piece about Jewell in March that I felt he was overrated as a manager. People sometimes forget his disastrous time in charge of Sheffield Wednesday.

Off the pitch it's also been a miserable year for Jewell with the lurid stories about his "spanking" activities and sex videos with another woman. Jewell is reportedly struggling to save his marriage and he must be going through a horrible time at the moment.

I have some sympathy for Paul - but I also think he's been overrated as a manager in his career and he was a bloody fool to take the job at Pride Park.

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I read one particularly damning statistic on Paul Jewell. Since December 13 2006, Jewell has been a manager in 46 Premiership matches with Wigan and Derby. During that time, he has only had 5 wins out of 46. A shocking and abysmal record for any manager.

That's a bit of a twisted statistic, why count from December 13th? The fair way would be to go from August 2006 and include the whole of that season, which takes him at least in to double figures for wins.

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I'm already toying with idea of heading down to the bookies to back them as I'll be attendance:

My recent record at Rovers games:

Liverpool (A) - Defeat

Man U (A) - Defeat

Chelsea (Old Trafford Semi) - Defeat (AET)

Bayer (H) - Draw :)

Liverpool (A) - Draw

Liverpool (H) - Defeat

Liverpool (H) - WIN ...it was over 10 years ago mind :lol:

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I have actually lost a little repsect for Mr Jewell through this whole Derby fiasco. I think he has too often publicly lambasted his players publicly. I hav eheard little of him taking any responsibility but he has been quick to throw criticism at his players. Not right IMO, maybe once just to to get their attention but repated instances is poor management to me.

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