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[Archived] Season Ticket Arrival

Has Your Ticket Arrived Yet ?  

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QUOTE(B @ Aug 13 2007, 12:04 ) 536984[/snapback]
I have just realised that with the Arsenal game less than a week away it suddenly dawned on me that I had not recieved my season ticket!

Has anyone else got theirs or has anyone got any news on their distribution!

Worried Rover!

Mine arrived Saturday.

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It's been on 107 The Bee about this too.

Talk about leaving things to the last minute!

On the Rovers website it says 'throughout the summer we have kept fans upto date' blah blah... well I can only remember one announcement which was last week saying they would be sent out before weekend!

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Mine arrived Sat just to edge the panic levels a little bit higher for those of you last in the pile!

Sorry to be moaning but this is poor, yes the club clearly have extra time with us being away first game of season and our first home game getting postponed.

But why have people even thinking about this? It only makes people question the club? Why did they need the extra time? What if our first game had been at home? What about those season tickets that will genuinely get lost in the post, not exactltly a lot of time for it to be rectified is there?

The club saw they had some extra slack and took it, which has left people wondering whether or not they will get thier tickets in time or indeed if they will get thier tickets at all. Not really neccessary in my opinion. Its no good blaming Ski data (or for that matter Umbro) these are issues that the club management need to be on top of.

The club is fantastically well run, but they have let themselves down a bit here and created worry where they really didn't need to be any.

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Mine arrived the last week, Thursday i think.

I hope this isnt going to be a cock-up, the likes of which mean 1st game of the season , MASSIVE queues at the ticket office, 1000 shut out, OR dont getting in till half time or after.

Come on Rovers, MANAGE this properly

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