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[Archived] Next Rovers Manager

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Well it looks like he is leaving, but where to isn't yet decided.

Who would be realistic potential candidates?


Suggested (some a joke, don;t worry, Stevie Cotterill isn't coming out of exile :rolleyes:):

Billy Davies-------------------------- 1

Stevie Cotterill----------------------- 1

Simon Grayson----------------------- 3

Sven Goran Ericsson----------------- 4

Paul Ince------------------------------ 8

Steve Coppell------------------------- 3

Bilic--------------------------------- 13

Martin Jol------------------------------ 5

Alan Shearer-------------------------- 7

John Collins--------------------------- 1

Chris Coleman------------------------ 4

Gary Johnson-------------------------- 2

Mike Newell---------------------------- 3

Tony Mowbray------------------------- 7

Dick Advocaat--------------------------8

Gordon Strachan-----------------------2

Jose Mourinho---------------------------2

Roberto Martinez------------------------2

Tony Adams-----------------------------1

Phil Brown-------------------------------1

Paul Lambert----------------------------1

Michael Laudrup-------------------------3

Fatih Terim-------------------------------1


King Kenny-------------------------------3

Gerard Houllier---------------------------1

Manuel Pellegrini-------------------------2

Mark Bowen------------------------------1

Big Fat Sam------------------------------3

Gus Poyet--------------------------------2

Carlos Queiroz---------------------------1


Roy Hodgson-----------------------------1

Aidy Boothroyd---------------------------1

Henning Berg-----------------------------2

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This topic should be cloesd immediately!! He hasnt gone anywhere yet, just because he is talking to city doesnt mean he is going!!

Suspect it does although Harry talked to Newcastle and decided the grass wasn't greener

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That is why I said assuming.

I hope he doesn't, but if he does, we need to have somebody on a metaphorical shortlist. :rolleyes:

My guess is that the deal has already been done and we are just arguing about the compensation..

Now is Billy Davis still available...? Stevie Cotterill anyone? ..What about that nice Mr Grayson..he played for us once!!

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A manager who got a team promoted, won a cup the following season and then a 6th place finish in the league is free :)

I wonder if Jose would like a challenge?

I dont know who I would like, but here's a list I dont want

1) O'Leary

2) Dowie

3) Souness

4) Big Fat Sam (but Im not holding my breath over that one)

5) Chris Hutchins

6) Avram Grant

7) Ian Holloway

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This topic should be cloesd immediately!! He hasnt gone anywhere yet, just because he is talking to city doesnt mean he is going!!

I would tend to have agreed under speculation alone but rovers have released a statement and it seems very unlikely that Mark Hughes will be in charge by the end of the week.

Bilic would be top of my list.

Paul Ince, young and hungry and English

If he is hungry we can bribe him with a sandwich

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This thread is a good idea because then the others don't get clogged with suggestions during the period of uncertainty (and who knows how long that'll last).

This is my criteria for the ideal next boss (please add if I've forgotten something obvious - and I've already done the Sturrock gag on another thread so - PRE-EMPTED!).

- A contemporary football man: Up and coming OR established - i.e NOT someone from a bygone age (not a Kevin Keegan type appointment).

- Promotes a passing style of football - i.e NOT a hoofaphile like Boothroyd or Allardyce.

- Has a record for recruiting talented foreign players - i.e NOT Boothroyd

- Has a record for developing young players - NOT Allardyce.

- Has the gravitas to impress high profile players - NOT a weak Gareth Southgate type

- Has a record of working under a tight budget - NOT McClaren or Sven the Fraud

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Would love to see us go and get an up and coming manager again, but can't see many candidates in the UK.

Bilic would be my first choice, he seems keen to get his foot in the door at the Premiership, but he's only just signed a new deal with Croatia.

Have a horrible feeling the club will play it safe and go for Big Sam :unsure:

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John Williams said he had 40+ candidates they seriously examined and considered last time- and we were relegation candidates then.

The Euros will be over four weeks from now and quite a few of those Managers are thinking about where next. There are a number of interesting young Managers in the Championship, League 1 and possibly in Scotland now, there are current and ex-EPL Managers around, Rovers could have the pick of all Managers in the Spanish, French, German and Italian top divisions bar perhaps ten of them and then there is the Dutch League.

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Coppell's just got a team relegated for crying out loud!

What a daft suggestion.

He's shown he is good at signing players.

He is well respected.

His achievements in getting them up and what they did last season deserve respect.

He's worth a look.

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Slaven Bilic

John Collins

Paul Ince

Chris Coleman

Gary Johnson

If we went for an up and coming manager with a decent reputation, and with the experience of not having oodles of cash to play with being a bonus, but I'm sure we'll be reading about the usual suspects getting trotted out by the media being linked with the position - should it arise.

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